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May 14, 2009

John & Kate Can Suck It

Ok so the whole world is all up in arms about John & Kate & their extra-marital affairs. Who gives a shit? It just kills me that she's acting like this is such an invasion of her privacy...well, when you put your entire family on TV & berate your husband on a weekly basis people take an interest. I've watched the show a handful of times & if I were married to her I would have left her a long time ago regardless of how many kids we have. Her poor husband is only 30, 30! What 30 year old non-Mormon has 8 kids? Not too many that's for sure. I don't know how old she is though I know she's in his age range but in all honesty she looks 40/41 & her whack hairstyle isn't helping either. She was in MI today talking about her book or whatever it is she's on tour with her "bodyguard" for and she said that when they had all those kids & John was working she missed him because he could change all the diapers in 7 minutes...anyone else see something wrong with that? She didn't miss him because she wanted him around, she missed his diapering abilities. Anyway, I love the drama but think that John should wise up & move on, he'd be a better man for it. For the Us article(titled Kate Gosselin Scares Fans at Michigan Meet-and-Greet) about the speech in MI click here.
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