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Jul 31, 2008

Bye Bye Moley Mole

Looks like SJP had her famous mole removed. Her publicist said that she did not have surgery but it's pretty freaking clear to the naked eye that it's missing from her face. I highly doubt it just fell off. Of course another source says that she did have removed very recently. I know it was a bit of a trademark but I have to say that I'm thrilled she had it removed, it really was distracting since it was 3-D! Due to the style of the mole it is not believed that the removal would have been cancer related but rather a personal choice because those types of moles are like ears...they continue to grow forever so maybe it was just getting too big & she decided to have it sliced off. Who knows the real story behind it & I'm sure we'll hear from her sooner or later as to why she did it but until then, I just want to say that I don't care why I'm just happy she did.

Jul 30, 2008

Drew Barrymore in the D!

Drew Barrymore was spotted at a local bar in downtown Detroit last night. She is apparently here working on that movie that has been filming all over the tri-county area that I believe is being directed by Clint Eastwood. Anyway, I heard she was really nice & the people who informed me of her presence at said bar didn't attack her or demand pics, they were perfect gentlemen which I'm sure made it much easier for her to be nice. They did however say that she looked like she had a long day so I don't know if she did in fact have a long day or her breakup with Justin Long is really taking a toll on her, who knows but I would like to say welcome to the D Drew, hope you love it as much as I do!!

Spencer & Heidi Spend $15Mill on House

See this article about Speidi buying at 15 Million dollar home!!! I am so sick of these two I swear! First of all I don’t really understand why they are even still on the Hills since the Hills is technically about Lauren and her & Lauren are no longer friends. I don’t know about you guys but I’d be happy never seeing her mouse face again. I just don’t get where in the hell all of this money is coming from, especially since Spencer is unemployed & was living on his sister’s couch not that long ago. Spencer is just a manipulating piece of shit and damn is he good at it. He’s an unemployed loser and is using his girlfriend and sister to get by…how is this ok? How dumb are these women? I’m sorry but if I could afford a 15 million dollar home and my boyfriend didn’t work then guess what? That’s right kids, I’d be living alone! I really don’t think that MTV is paying them all that much considering that stars on Celebrity Fit Club only get paid $14,000 for it so what is Spencer making $20K (which would be way too much)? That’s not even enough cash for a years worth of food in LA especially when you eat out what appears to be every day! I would like to know when my life is going to be optioned for a TV show so I can make millions just by living...oh that's right, it won't be optioned because I'm NOT crazy!
photo courtesy of watt-up.com

Jul 29, 2008

A Big Thank You

I just wanted to extend a big thanks to my company for giving us gift cards for gas. While times are tough and gas prices are raping us all it really made my day to know that my company does recognize that it's employees are hurting. We have all been complaining about how these prices are affecting us & my biggest cut has been food & socializing. I used to buy way more fresh fruits and veggies and now I can no longer afford to do so. I also used to go out 1 night a week which I can no longer afford either. Having a free tank of gas will really help me to stock up on some food, pay other bills, and spend some time with my friends and family that have been neglected by me due to this rough economical climate. We had tried to get the office to go to a four day work week but that obviously was not feasible and receiving these gas cards just lets me know that making our concern known to management really did make a difference after all!! So if you are struggling at work to make ends meet because of the price of gas, maybe it won't hurt to voice your concern and see if your employer might be willing to help you out too. After all, a happy employee makes a healthy working environment!!

Shark Bites & Bad Reactions

So, it looks like there is all kinds of drama in the entertainment world today kids. Looks like Ms. Winehouse was hospitalized again, but this time apparently for an adverse reaction to medication that she was on although I don’t know just what type of meds they were nor was anyone giving any info out on that. She was rushed into the hospital Monday night & kept for observation & then released Tuesday morning & is now home resting.

Kelsey Grammar was also hospitalized in New York because he felt faint. This is also believed to be a reaction to meds that he was on following his recent heart attack that he suffered in Hawaii about 2 months ago.

Ryan Seacrest was apparently bitten by a shark over the weekend, he decided to go for a dip and ended up getting bit, but it couldn’t have been too bad because he was yapping about it on the air & complaining that there were 1,000 people in the water & he’s the one to get bit. I wonder if the shark had veneers too, maybe that’s what cushioned the nibble.
Photo created by me using photos from omg.com

Jul 28, 2008

Eyes & Body week 2

Ok kids, I didn't take any new photos but I figured I'd jump in just to let you know that there has been no change as of yet on my aged eyes. I'm still using the cream twice daily (morning & night) and so far I have seen no change but I didn't really expect crazy results overnight or anything. After week 2 I'll take & post new photos of my wrinkles & hopefully they will be much smaller.
As for the weight, I was able to work out 3 days last week but that was it, I was too busy any other days & my chances of being able to work out more than my 15 minute walk at work this week is pretty slim as well. I am still conscious of what I eat (other than weekends) and am continuing to take my supplement once a day, only on weekdays. I'm extra bloated this week so I'm hoping by next week I'll be able to see if there has been any change but as of today my weight is exactly the same as it was last week so I guess that's a good thing right, I mean, I didn't gain any weight :)

I'm A Quitter!!

Jul 25, 2008

The Herp

Ok all you college kids & grown drunks, it appears that oral herpes are up 200+% in college age kids & it is believed that this is attributed to Beer Pong. There you stand at your end of the table chugging beer from the same cup as that nasty skank that you will realize after the drunken haze has passed has a huge cold sore and then guess what? That’s right, you are a skank now too as you will also be sporting a similar and equally unfashionable cold sore yourself, as will all of the other peeps who were also on your team. You need to be careful when beer bonging as well, I know it’s a hassle but whomever is manning said bong needs to sanitize the bong tube in between each use and for the ponging it is recommended that you do the “waterfall” method of just pouring the beer in your mouth rather than putting your lips on the cup, or play another game such as flip cup/boat races, quarter bounce, quarter spin, or anything else that involves personal beers. Happy alcoholing!!

Jul 24, 2008

Great Bumper Sticker

Just got a text from my girl Megan with this great bumper sticker "Never Thought I'd Miss Coleman Young" and isn't that the truth! So sad, so sad.

I'm A Winner!!!

So, my dear friends Megan & Rob along with Megan's dad Chuck got a new boat & they had a boat naming contest so I decided to jump aboard (get it?) and come up with something clever. I'm terrible at thinking of things like this but I was in the shower (which is where I do my thinking) and trying to think of all these boating terms & phrases I could make from them & everything I could think of was so lame or not accurate word play so suddenly, as I was lathering up my hair I thought of something perfect I was all excited & kept repeating it to myself so I wouldn't forget. I was notified today that I indeed won the contest with my 1 clever idea, so everyone...please welcome to the Petersen/Throm family, Shaken Not Stern!! If you want to see pics of the boat check out www.detroitr.com. For those of you who didn't win...thanks for the stellar competition!

Jul 22, 2008

Fond Farewell to a Real Golden Girl

Estelle Getty died around 5:30 this morning in her Hollywood home. Getty had been suffering from advanced dementia for some time. Estelle will be best known world wide for her role as Sophia Petrillo, the spunky mother of Dorothy Zbornak on the hit series Golden Girls which followed up with the spinoff of Golden Palace which also starred Getty as Sophia. She was by far the most memorable character on the show with her burning one liners, her Sicily stories that always started with the memorable "picture it", and of course the fact that she never went anywhere without her beaded purse. Keep Estelle's spirit alive and don't forget to catch your favorite reruns on Lifetime!

photo courtesy of mylifetime.com

The Eyes Have It

Ok everyone, I am embarking on a product trial to attempt to remove the lines, bags, and dark circles from my eyes. Wendy purchased a new product & said it was great so I looked at her eyes & didn't see any crows feet! I immediately jumped online & purchased the product Bliss, All Around Eye Cream from one of the greatest stores in the world Sephora. Well, I just started using the product and am going to track my progress to see if my results are as great as Wendy's. See Wendy is Russ/Asian so her skin is completely different than mine, she is darker complected & has Asian genes (they don't age!) not to mention the fact that she has no arm or leg hair which has nothing to do with her eyes but I think it's bull & completely unfair that she doesn't have to shave. So, I will be taking weekly photos of my eyes to see the progress, if any, of this product & I will be posting my results here so stay tuned to see if this stuff is worth the $28.

Kwame, Kwame...

So now Kwame is saying that the text messages were sent by hackers, come the eff on, he is starting to sound like a little kid blaming the dog when the lamp got knocked over and broken. This guy is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen, you are the mayor of Detroit not some West Side thug dude, so rolling in Navigator’s, rockin big ass diamond earrings, making it rain at house parties, partying with hookers, throwing bashes of the century, none of this makes you look good as a political figure.
The main reason you keep getting reelected is because the vast majority of the city of Detroit is poor & they look at all of your bling & think that just maybe if they keep voting you in to office they too will end up all rich & powerful, but we all know that will never happen. They don’t realize that it is their money that is paying for those vehicles, parties, diamonds, hotel rooms, hookers, dinners with Christine…etc. consider yourself lucky to be the mayor of a city that really has it’s head up it’s ass. The city still looks like shit, sure the downtown area is looking a little better, but what about the actual city where the residents live? Every other house on most blocks is either burnt up, missing, or foreclosed on and boarded up & who wants to look at that? I’m guessing the family attempting to live in the 1 remaining house on the block just has to deal with the drug dealers & squatters living in the boarded up houses down the road because you wasted millions of dollars in that whistleblower trial that could have been spent to clean up these run down neighborhoods. I’m not a resident of Detroit, basically because I’m not going to pay an extra city tax when nothing is being done to improve the city! I really hope that the city council comes through & Kwame is dethroned, because in any other country he would have been immediately arrested and thrown in prison for perjury since it is a felony! That’s the one thing I don’t like about this country, if you are a public figure the law just simply doesn’t pertain to you, you have no legal drinking age, you can lie in court and not be punished, if you are sentenced to prison time you only have to actually serve out 5% of it, and you can usually buy yourself out of anything else but Joe Blow who gets in a bar brawl has to do hard time? I would like to ask that you be a real man & step down because you look like a fool walking around like nothing is going on, I would also like to ask your wife to step up & leave your ass because you are a dog & have made an absolute fool out of her!! Please enjoy the following video of Kwame's Mommy...looks like it runs in the family!

Jul 21, 2008

Brenda? Dick!

So it is, Shannen is returning!! So far she's just a guest star as Brenda Walsh of course for a few eps, but keep your fingers crossed & maybe she will stay for good. Hopefully everyone has gotten over the past & her and Jennie Garth won't go back to the cat fighting twosome they were a decade ago. For more info check out this yahoo article :)

Aboard the Ovation

Just wanted to post a photo to illustrate how great it is to be Deon! This was taken at the party we attended on the Ovation Yacht on 7/11 for Deanna Alfredo's birthday (the demon coming out of Wendy's mouth is an issue with the photo). Everyone had to wear pink, the party was a blast...premium bar, good food, good company, good DJ, all around good times! Thanks Deanna & happy b-day once again!! Feel free to check out the professional photos if you like.

Tipping the Scales

As many of you may already know I quit smoking 6 months ago (on the 28th) and I’ve been feeling great ever since, but within the last couple/few weeks I’ve started gaining weight. This makes no sense to me that I would gain now & not say 3-6 months ago. So, today I’m starting a 2-week intensive weight drop to see what happens. Normally I work out on average of 60-90 minutes a week, which is definitely not nearly enough, but this has not changed in over a year. I quit the gym when I moved because A. it was too far away & 2. I needed the cash to have electricity so now I work out at home which sucks but I have no other choice. When I used to go to the gym I didn’t do much cardio I did all weight training & for a while there mama was looking hot, but after Vegas round 1 I lost interest in the gym & would go steadily for 6 weeks every 6 months or so & get my body back & then quit. I have no plans of changing the way I eat, other than the fact that when I have low fat/fat free ice cream for dessert I will be measuring to make sure I’m only have ½ cup (1 serving). See, this weight gain is a bit of a mystery for me really…I know that I’m now 30 & my metabolism isn’t what it used to be but come on, since I moved I eat way better than before. I’ll do a top/bottom comparison for you of food intake living with Doug 1 year prior to the move & then intake living alone.

Living with Doug

Breakfast: Special K cereal bar
Lunch: Michelena’s frozen something or other
B&L are the same 5 days a week
1. Burger King Chix sandwich & onion rings
2. Subway chix teriyaki sub w/ sun chips & 2 cookies
3. 1/3 slab of ribs from Westpoint with French onion soup, fries & tasty garlic bread
4. Jet’s deep dish pizza with bacon & onion
5. Miller’s cheeseburger & onion rings
Living Alone
Breakfast: Special K cereal bar
Lunch: Michelena’s frozen something or other
B&L are the same 5 days a week
1. Whole grain pasta with marinara sauce with zucchini and side salad with feta & veggies & low fat dressing (this salad will be with each dinner)
2. Can of Chunky (healthy request) chicken noodle soup and crackers.
3. Kielbasa & sauerkraut with onion
4. Baked pork chops with potatoes in a tomato sauce with green peppers & onion
5. Tuna casserole with peas & onions
Snacks before would include chips & chocolate but snacks now consist of fruit, veggies, and cheese.

For dessert while living with Doug we would have B&R ice cream or king size candy bars or Ben & Jerry’s or Subway cookies but there was dessert every night.

For dessert now I have fresh berries with light whip cream or low fat/fat free ice cream or 100 calorie candy bars.

On the weekends I eat whatever the hell I want & don’t feel guilty about it either, mostly because that’s when I eat leftovers & stuff or I go out to eat & if I’m paying for a meal I’m not getting something healthy. Plus 1 day a week I usually go to eat with my family & depending where we are going I generally just eat whatever I want.

Basically I could still be eating way better but compared to before it’s like I’m a health nut yet I’ve gained like 6 lbs which to most isn’t any big deal but when you are 5 feet tall that’s a whole jeans size & since I’m poor there is no way I’m going to go out & start buying new clothes, I have to work my fat ass back into the old ones! So, after talking to my mom I found out that our family has a history of thyroid problems, which is why I decided to start my 2-week test. I’m already taking a diet supplement that curbs cravings & makes me feel a little more full (I take this before dinner as I have an issue with late night snacking) and it works pretty well. It’s supposed to balance out my glucose levels to assist in weight loss but it doesn’t boost metabolism or anything, it was recommended in the Whole Foods magazine. So I am taking these, working out at home 20-30 minutes 3-4 days a week, I run laps up and down my hallway, (the people below me must hate me) or I do workouts OnDemand via Fit TV & these consist of salsa dancing, yoga, pilates, tae bo…whatever I’m in the mood for.

Now, I’m not going to tell you what I weigh but after 2 weeks I will tell you how much I lost & if that is 0, then I will be seeing my doctor regarding a possible thyroid problem because this is ridiculous!

Jul 18, 2008

New Shows Old Favorites

Ok so we all know I'm a 90210 junkie and I was reading yesterday that Shannen Doherty may have agreed to come back to the show. Now, Tori is saying that she has to hold off coming back because of her baby...is it because of the baby or because of Brenda? Ooooh, the drama of 90210 continues after like 10 years being off the air. I say get over your grudges ladies, this is about the fans, not you & to be perfectly honest, I could care less if Donna returns. I'm afraid to watch the show, it might be awful, but it could also be awes! Nat has agreed to be on the pilot (airing September 2nd) but isn't sure if he wants to stay on the show. I read somewhere that an original cast member would be returning as the principal at West Bev or some shizz, and it said the character had a celeb mom who was now in rehab which was why they had returned to LA in the first place. Now, the only person this could be is Steve but there has been no mention of him at all, so who knows what's going on with that but I would be happy to see Steve back on the show. I was really hoping that Erin & Hannah would be on the show, like the new generation or something but I guess we will have to wait & see about that once the show starts. I'm so excited!!

Britney Lets Go

So, thank God, Britney & K-Fed's custody battle is finally over! Britney agreed to let Kevin have full custody of the boys, which is def in their best interest given mom's mental anguish of the past. While K-Fed isn't the best dad in the world he's certainly a much better parent than Britney and he doesn't work much so he has more time to spend with the kids! I'm happy that Brit agreed to this because now they don't have to go to trial and put those poor kids through that. Brit will have visitation rights but Kevin is very happy that there will be structure in the boys lives now which will make things easier for them. Kevin said "I need to have Britney to be involved in the coparenting of the kids, but I need there to be a structure." For the full article click here. Congrats to the entire Spearderline crew for getting this legal battle over with & getting the boys lives back to some sense of "normal".

Representin' the D

So we have some locals on a few reality shows this summer season & I’m pretty excited about it! The new season of Project Runway started (see blog below) and there is a gentleman by the name of Joe Faris, who is in his early 40’s and straight! Big Brother 10 has a gentleman by the name of Dan Gheesling who is from Dearborn and is a Catholic School teacher. Both of the guys still remain on their respective shows but for A.S.I.I.D. who is from Detroit and appeared on America’s Best Dance Crew their luck already ran out. This dance crew has a DEAF guy who is a great dancer and they are a great team and really work well together, but apparently that just wasn’t enough to win it, so good luck to you guys & welcome back to the D!

Jul 17, 2008

Runway Run

So, the new season of Project Runway started last night & this show is one of my faves so I was super excited to check it out. As always there are people that I loathe that I hope go home sooner than later, but generally by episode 5 these people change. Currently, I can't stand Wesley & Blayne...no I'm not talking about an 80's movie, I'm still talking Runway. Blayne is super annoying & I think he's trying to be the new Christian but we don't need a new one, we have the original. As awful and conceited as this sounds, I base my instant dislikes on appearances and Blayne is orange & admitted to being addicted to tanning. Wesley is young and was wearing knee length shorts with a short sleeve button down shirt & socks & shoes...he looked like a grandpa in a young guys body. There is also a girl who has some great designs but she is so meek looking, so meek that I can't even remember her name. Anyway, the Asian guy was cut & Kelly won! Woo hoo, go Kelly & since you have my name I'm currently choosing you as my favorite.

The new season of Run's House also started last night & it was funny as usual. The sisters were at each other because Vanessa wanted some time away from Angela and didn't tell her. Rev came home from being on tour with Kid Rock, Jo Jo went to LA to visit his sisters and loved it there. Russy has taken up cooking & is apparently good at it & the baby (Miley, yes as in Cyrus) is being hovered around by mom & Russy. Personally the baby needs to be left alone more often as far as I'm concerned...every time they showed Justine she was sitting there holding the baby or walking around holding the baby & that's not good for the kid at all. Speaking of the baby, she threw up in Diggy's mouth & that was a riot!!

Jul 16, 2008

Brian's B-Day

So yesterday was Brian's birthday so the crew posse'd up and headed out to Joey's comedy club in Livonia to see our friend Billy and the rest of the Motor City Improv crew perform. Dudes, we laughed so hard during the show, it was great. There was some open mic action going on beforehand that was so/so...some were good, some not so good, but I have to give them credit, I don't think that I could get up there. Since it was B's big day he was of course brought up on stage during part of the improv action, while most of his answers sounded like pregnant woman's cravings it was a riot. The guys were hunting cactus & when they would need a word they would tap Brian & he would fill in the blank with something random, I have a video of it that you can check out at Detroitr that's about 30 seconds long. It's at the very end of his stint up there :)
If you are ever in the mood for something fun to do on a Tuesday this is totally worth it (they do it every week)! The tix were $5 and they had $3.00 22 oz. Labatt & Bud Light's so for $11 I had a great time. A night of fun & cocktails with friends is rarely that cheap!

Jul 15, 2008

Gone Public!

Ok kids, Detroitr has gone public, so come check it out and then have your friends check it out and their friends check it out and then everyone join and we will have a pretty sweet little Detroit community site. You can hit the site via my Detroitr badge on the right or by clicking on the link to it above. Hope to see you all on there & don't forget to add me as a friend once you join!!

Jul 13, 2008


Congrats to the sexiest couple in the world on their 2 new bundles of joy. A boy (Knox Leon) and a girl (Vivienne Marcheline) were born via C-section Saturday night. Both babies were around 5 pounds and are healthy and well as is mom. The Jolie-Pitt's are officially a full on Brady Bunch with 3 boys and 3 girls, but they definitely dress better!! For more info check out the full article from Us.

Jul 9, 2008

Honey May I?

I am so sick of stupid girls, these women who seem to think that their entire existence is based on making some man happy. This ideal is bull shit & totally 50's and the times have changed ladies. You own you, you make your own decisions, he is him & should be able to take care of himself...after all he's a grown ass man! I understand that you may have to check with your man before you make plans with the girls or anyone else for that matter, but solely to make sure that the two of you didn't already have prior plans that you forgot about. I am beyond fed up with hearing phrases such as "I don't know if he will let me", and others of this sort. Anyway, we work all day, so does he, why would you bail on fun to rush your ass home to make dinner when he is perfectly capable of making it himself? Obviously, if you made dinner plans with your man & your co-worker asks if you want to get happy hour saying "I already have plans with boy" is totally cool, but saying something like "boy will freak out if I don't have dinner on the table by 6" makes you no more than boys wife, not "girl" with her own identity. I have no issues with my married/coupled friends, well no issues with most of them but there are some that I refuse to speak to due to their choices in men/women because their choice doesn't make them a better person, they are no complimented by their significant other...they, like these women say things to me like "I wish I could go but boy won't let me", "I'm so broke after paying boy's cell phone bill I can't afford it", "boy is out with his friends and if I'm not here when he gets back he'll be pissed", "I can't talk now, boy has phones tapped", "we had so much fun, boy let me have a couple beers" you may be thinking "wtf?" but yes, these are all phrases I have heard from the women in my life at one time or another. Ladies, have some freaking self respect have you not seen Sleeping with the Enemy? Things won't ever get better, people don't change, and unless you want to lose all of the friends and family that you have who actually respect and love you it's high time you stood up for yourself & don't tell me that you are afraid you may never find anyone else because being alone is better than being owned by some asshat you think loves you.

Jul 8, 2008

Peeve O' The Day

What is with people? You sneeze, I say "bless you", and you say....nothing! That is so freaking rude & it's also rude when the person next to you sneezes & you don't say bless you. So, to those around me who don't bless me I will never bless you again either, you get what you give! As usual, I'll just go back to blessing myself, I do everything else for myself so I'll just add it to the list.

Jul 7, 2008

According to Wendy

According to my friend Wendy the following 2 things happened: Nicole Richie got knocked up again and Hugh Hefner got a sex toy stuck in his throat last week while having sex with an ex-playmate, I wonder what Holly had to say about that one!!

**Follow up, Hugh Hefner did get a sex toy stuck in his throat, but it was in 1977, not last week!! Thanks Wendy!!

Welcome Sunday on Monday

Congratulations are in order to the Kidman-Urban's. Daughter Sunday Rose Kidman Urban was born on Monday (today), not sure how big she was or what time she was actually born but she's here!

On a non-celebrity note Michelle Megret (Howe) had her baby girl too, her name is Celia Josephine and she was 21 inches and 9 pounds. All family is doing well in France (they aren't pulling an Angelina, they live there) and I think mom is happy the baby is out!

Sorry I've Been Missing

Hey all, sorry I've been missing & haven't written anything lately, I've been completely consumed by this book "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" by Tucker Max. It is rude, inappropriate, piggish, disgusting, and freaking awesome!! Once I'm all done I'll be sure to write a wonderful review of this book, but if you want to get a peek into what this book is all about check out www.tuckermax.com enjoy!! Oh, happy belated 4th of July as well :)

Jul 1, 2008

Fun on the Tittabawassee River

So we headed up to the Gladwin area for ladies weekend this past weekend. Me, my aunt, my cousins, Wendy, and my uncle (poor man) did some major bonding. Well, uncle Skip didn’t really participate in the bonding, he did quite a bit of avoiding, as he should have. You would have thought that we were a group of recent 21 year olds by the way we were behaving. We arrived Friday night (after driving through a typhoon) around 9:30 & had a couple beers & called it a night fairly early. Saturday we woke up early, before 9 early & had some donuts & coffee & then made our way out to the deck. At about 11 am Wendy said these 3 magic words “let’s get drunk” and so the mayhem began. Wendy & Skip went to the store to grab some pucker so we could do some shots, we mixed that pucker with vodka & us 5 gals drank the whole bottle of pucker in a matter of about 40 minutes. Just as this fun was completed Marvin from down the river rolled up on his pontoon & the ladies boarded the boat. We went for a ride & continued drinking, when we got back from the ride it started to rain so me & Shell decided to have some fun like when we were kids. We ran down the dock & did a cannonball into the river & went swimming, it was so much fun!! Steph flashed us & after the swim we went in to take showers & I heard Wendy say “I’ve never showered drunk before” to which I said “well then, be careful”! So, we showered & then bbq’d & then went to the store for more alcohol…it rained during our trip so when we returned we were so hit by that point we didn’t drink any of the stuff we picked up. We all went to bed by midnight & were up on Sunday before 9. Oddly, I felt fine & so did everyone else I think. Nobody puked, 3 of us have large bruises we can’t explain, and I drew nipples on Shell’s bathing suit so all in all it was a great way to really kick off the summer!!