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Feb 25, 2010

Why I don't like the Olympics

Ok, here's my deal...I look at my Olympic calendar & it says "ladies figure skating 8 PM" so I tune in at 8 to watch ladies figure skate.  At 8 I see one lady skate & then Bob Costas blabs for 4 or 5 minutes & then I have to watch 3 guys snowboard & then a round of speed skating & then back to figure skating where I get to see 1 more lady skate & then poof it's 9 pm & I've seen 2 chicks skate & their routine is only 4 minutes so how does this figure?  Shouldn't I be able to sit in my living room & watch freaking figure skating without having to watch other shit I could care less about?  Between 8 and 9 pm all 6 girls could have skated but nope, not the case so I decide to DVR the next hour so I don't have to watch all the other stuff & I saw 1 person skate...1 person in one hour!  If the delays are the same inside those stadiums I would be one furious guest. 

I can remember when I was a kid sitting down to watch the figure skating & it would be on for a few hours, no other events broke in & interrupted the skating & neither did Bob Costas.  Same with the summer ones, I would sit on a Saturday afternoon & watch gymnastics all day until all of the competing was done & the medals were given out.  Now it takes pretty much the whole 2 weeks to get to the medal portion of any sport & that's just stupid!  Just as an example...the Long track speed skating started on the 15th & the finals aren't until the 27th.  Why didn't they just do all short & long track speed skating on the 15th, 16th, & 17th & close it out?  I understand that no, they aren't going to show snowboarding all day & all night & finish it all up in one day but if I hit info on my remote & it says "8-10 mens snowboarding" then I expect to see just that, 2 hours of snowboarding; nowhere in the info does it say "ladies biathlon" yet I'm stuck watching it in the middle of the snowboarding? No thanks!

Basically, The Olympics need to stop trying to multi-task or I will quit watching completely.  Many times during these games I have tuned in to watch something & then they change events so I change channels & then I forget I was watching the event at all & end up on some House Hunters marathon & give up on the games completely.  They need to figure out how to stay focused for the next ones because if the next summer ones are the same way I will boycott the Olympics completely.
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Feb 19, 2010

Tiger's Statement

If you didn't get a chance to see Tiger's statement, you can check it out here on CNN.com

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Feb 18, 2010

Annoying spellings of peoples names

I have completely had it with people trying to get creative with their kids names when really they aren't creative at all.  Take Mean Girls as an example...LL's name is Cady which is pronounced Katie but read as Catty by everyone who sees it because that's what it looks like. I've seen Kyleigh & Madisyn & Michele & Jasyn & Jakob & Mathew & Elisabeth & the list goes on really; my issue is that if you want to give your kid a creative name then do it, don't just spell some boring simple name different & think that you are being creative or giving your child a unique name.  What you are doing is really making life difficult for your kid, if her name is Carrie then jut spell it that way, don't spell it Carey because all you are doing is making things more time consuming for them.  I get annoyed if someone spells my last name wrong but imagine your first name being spelled wrong by people constantly, that would just drive me insane.  Bottom line people, spelling something simple in a way that is not simple doesn't make you or your child cool, and I'm sure all of my teaching friends who have to decipher all those names every year would agree with me.

Oh & another thing...if you fully intend to call your kid Kim or Alex then don't name them Kimberly or Alexander, it's a waste of time, not to mention ink when it comes to filling out forms!  When I say "what's his name" and mom says "his name is Robert because we like Bobby"  I then say "why didn't you just name him Bobby"?  I usually get a dirty look or some sort of speech as to why they felt it would be wrong to name him Bobby & unless it's because Robert is a family name but mom & dad don't like it their explanation is just pointless.

You know what else bugs me is when a dad & son have the same name but the son isn't a junior...it can be so confusing. My cousins name is Robert Thomas & his dad's name is Robert Something (not Thomas) so all of my life I grew up with my cousin Tommy & uncle Bob so if uncle was going to go by Bob then why couldn't Robert go as Rob like he does now that he's a grown ass man?  Why did he have to go by Tommy & on the same note why didn't my aunt & uncle just name him Thomas Robert or Tommy Robert?  

I hate people.
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Feb 17, 2010

It's horoscope day!


Hey all, here are your Real Detroit Horoscopes for this week, enjoy!!

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Don't miss Cool Cat Casino Night!

This Saturday (February 20th) is the Dearborn Animal Shelter's Cool Cat Casino night.  I attended last year & we had lots of fun!  Your $30 donation gives you open bar, homemade food, a Del Taco bar, and admission to the casino fun which yes pays you your winnings in cash!  This years raffle is for a $2,000 Wal-Mart gift card & there will be 50/50 raffles all night long.  Why not tie one on & help all of your furry little friends?
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Feb 12, 2010

Galentine's Day

So on last night's episode of Parks & Recreation Leslie was out with her gal pals on February 13th for Galentine's Day which I thought was a genius idea!  Granted with her party there were gifts that she brought for everyone including a mosaic square of each gals face made out of her favorite soda bottles which I certainly wouldn't go through the trouble of making but I think Galentine's is an important holiday that should be acknowledged for gals to enjoy their sister gals & appreciate the bond that they have with each other. 
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Feb 11, 2010

Saturday at The Biergarten

For those of you who didn't already know, The Biergarten is having their first annual Dead Celebrity party on Saturday night.  I believe it starts at 7 & will run until 2 of course, there will be drink & shot specials all night & prizes for the awesome costumes so if you don't have anything going on come on out & be your favorite dead celeb with the rest of us single folks!  Note, it's not a singles party but since it's Valentine's weekend I don't see too many couples coming in & spending their romantic Hallmark holiday with a bunch of dead people.  

Maybe I'll see ya there!!
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It' the day after horoscope day!

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was snowed in & kept myself busy around the house & never even got online & honestly that felt kind of good!!  Anyway, here are your Real Detroit Weekly horoscopes!
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Feb 4, 2010

Pop artist Sam Carter’s Birth of Zbornak is inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus as well as the TV show The Golden Girls. The recently passed Bea Arthur is featured at the center in her role as Dorothy Zbornak. The painting is quite detailed, and if you’re foolhardy enough to look at an enlarged image, you can even observe the varicose veins on her legs.

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Feb 1, 2010

Beyonce in scrap jewelry?

Have you ever sold scrap gold to one of those Cash-4-Gold places you see on TV?  Maybe gone to one of those "sell your old gold" parties...well I always wondered what was done with all of that gold & last night I finally figured it all out!  It was turned into a dress for Ms. Beyonce, talk about recycling!  I wonder if she just turned in a bunch of old gold that belonged to her & her husband or if that really is the bracelet my ex got me that I sold a couple years ago?
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Well kids I watched the first hour & the last hour & recorded the rest so I can thankfully FF through a lot of crap that I don't give two shits about.  I did of course get to watch the Red Carpet & here's my thoughts:

Worst dressed is a toss up between 90% of the attendees but I think I'm going to give it to Britney Spears in what appears to be a 1 piece bathing suit with a mesh cover up over it.  Thankfully I didn't get to see this train wreck on the red carpet or hear what Jay Manuel had to say about it but I'm sure he didn't care for it either. Wait, I think I would have liked to hear what Jay had to say...guess I'll have to wait for the E! Fashion Police tonight (no idea what time as they have no info posted online) then.  Now, there were a couple chicks who technically were dressed worse but I'd never heard of them so they are not up for voting.  I would have chosen Beyonce but she was smart & wore a lovely gown on the way in & then later changed into her hideous dress which will have a special post all its own after this. 

Best dressed IMHO is apparently up for debate with a lot of people but I loved it!  Earlier this morning she was on the worst dressed list on US Weekly's website but I just went to check on someone else & poof...she's no longer on the list so maybe more people are seeing things my way.  Anyway, I'm going to give this one up to P!nk...I love her & I loved the way she looked last night, very feminine & romantic.  

I would like to note that my best dressed male was LL Cool J & worst dressed were the guys from LMFAO who (believe it or not) were dressed worse than Quentin Tarantino!

I don't know if any of you saw Giuliana Rancic interview with Harry Connick Jr. & his wife but she made a fool out of herself when she said to his wife "I used to follow your career, back when you were still Jill Goodacre" and then she tried to recover but it didn't work.  I know that Jill doesn't model anymore but the way Giuliana said it made it sound like Jill got married & gave up her career or that her career is still going & Guiliana has better celebs to follow now.  Poor Guiliana!
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