"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

May 31, 2008

2 Monolo's Up!

So, did everyone get the chance to check out Sex & the City over the weekend? Me & the girls decided to posse up & hit the theater opening night. The movie was jam packed with girls & gays, it was fantastic & the energy was super high among all who were anxiously awaiting the start of the movie. We had cosmos before we went & a couple of us packed our flasks so we could continue the party during the movie (don't tell the theater) and it was such a great idea! I talked to some other folks & I guess we weren't the only ones who had thought of it, my friend Katie saw the movie in AZ & in the middle of the movie heard an empty champagne bottle hit the floor, cheers to that! So anyway, some of the ladies were all dressed up as their favorite SATC gal while the rest of us were in our work gear for the most part, which luckily is kind of dressed up. So on to my review of the actual movie...I have to give it 4 olives, my highest rating, not because it was the best movie ever (which it wasn't) but because it was exactly what I expected & wanted from the movie. It was happy, funny, loving, sad, angering, just a lot of emotions running wild throughout which is very similar to the show & while some people said they thought the movie was nothing like the show I felt like I was watching a really long episode. It took me right back to the days when we all collect at someone's house & watch it. I was all smiles when it started & all smiles when it ended but I honestly didn't think it would have a happy ending, I kind of hoped it wouldn't because that would tell me that there was a chance for another movie. I certainly hope their is, but knowing that Smith wouldn't be in it makes me kind of sad, since he is so hot! If you haven't seen it yet, don't read on.
I'm so happy that Carrie ended up with Big & I have to say her blowout at him in the middle of the street was great but Charlotte stole that scene with her evil look followed by the mom "no" & you could see the fear in his face, it isn't usually Char who acts that way so it was great to see. Having Stanford & Anthony no longer hating each other & seeming to be friends was great as was knowing that the Brady-Hobbes family still had Magda in their lives. Louise was a nice addition to the cast I thought, she was very refreshing & her love of love gave Carrie hope I think. Now Carrie's outfits for the most part were really cute, but she had a couple of hideous get ups going on. The leggings with the 80's purple & black top was AWFUL! The damn bird on her head for her wedding was just ridiculous & her admitting it was even worse. I have to say that 2 of my favorite parts were Miranda's bush & Charlotte shitting herself after she's so careful eating nothing but pudding cups & oops, opens her mouth in the shower! Seeing that Carrie still had the same cell phone & it was all duct taped up was a riot, not surprising though since she always was so technologically inept & obviously that hadn't changed one bit. So I'm glad John & Carrie finally got married so I hope they make another movie so we can see how they progress & if they become a family & also, how Samantha will screw her way through her 50's now that she is single again.

May 30, 2008

30 Minute Terrorist?

So as annoying as Rachael Ray is I really don’t think she is a terrorist! Apparently some conservative ass hat freaked out after seeing the commercial in which she is wearing a hideous scarf claiming that her scarf too closely resembles that of Yassar Arafat & whatever “terrorist” type of group he was related with. I didn’t even watch the commercial because hearing her voice kind of makes me queasy but just by looking at the still you can clearly see that she is wearing a white scarf with black paisley and white fringe on it. I find this fairly amusing personally because people have nothing better to do with their time than watch commercials & make crazy allegations that a donut company is promoting terrorism! Does this not sound like something out of a Kevin Smith movie or something? I can see it now, Dante owns a donut shop & hires Rachael Ray (in her scarf) & she starts some sort of terrorist underground & these terrorists smuggle donuts overseas & sell them at a 50% mark up to fund their efforts to take over the world…one munchkin at a time. Personally the scarf offends me, it’s ugly & does not compliment her outfit in any way, not because she looks like a terrorist in it. I wonder if Dunkin Donuts will blame Rachael for her wardrobe choice or if they provided it for her, either way I’m totally E-V-O-Over the whole thing & the delightful Dunkin Donuts certainly hasn’t lost me as a customer, terrorist or not I love those double chocolate donuts with the sprinkles!

For the article go here- http://www.usmagazine.com/rachael-ray-ad-pulled-by-dunkin-donuts

May 28, 2008

Size ?

Ok so I have a huge issue with women's sizes these days, not just in clothes but in shoes as well. I guess my main question is if every brand is different then why are there even sizes to begin with? Just last week I got a new pair of Levi's & they are a size 6, just like the Levi's before them and they fit just fine...well I go to Old Navy the other day & I couldn't even get the size 6 over my knees so I thought they were mis-marked so I grabbed another pair & the same thing happened. How is this even happening is what I thought to myself, but when I really thought about it, the size 6 dress pants I have for work from Victoria's Secret require a belt or they sag too much, but the size 6 from Penney's fit perfect, no belt required. My largest concern was that with the top & the (hot ass) dress I bought from the Navy I was still a small, so why are their tops accurate & their bottoms so inaccurate? In all reality, if a store is going to mis-size their women's clothing why wouldn't they go the other way? Had the 6 been huge & I needed a 4 instead then guess what? That's right, I'd shop their all the time! Instead I refused to go to an 8 and I did not buy jeans, I still spent money but they lost a sale of 1 item.

In the spirit of clothes not fitting, either my feet have shrunk or shoe sizes have also changed. I'm a size 6, however the last 5 or 6 pair of shoes I have purchased from Payless have been 5 1/2's & the fantastic gay boy working at JC Penney informed me that the Jr's designers make their shoes funny for some reason. I purchased 2 pair of size 6 shoes there from the same designer & 1 fit perfect & the other required all kinds of foot pads to make them fit...so that blows that explanation out of the water! Basically my question(s) is, why within the USA are all sizes for shoes, and clothes not exactly the same no matter what designer you are & furthermore, why can't we just buy our jeans like men? I need a 28 waist, 2.5 inch rise, 30 length slight flare leg please, voila, they fit!

May 21, 2008

New Addiction

Ok so now that I have finished watching the most recent seasons of The L Word & Weeds & since everything else is done for the season I've decided to take up Dexter. I watched the series premiere last night via OnDemand (one of the best inventions next to DVR) and within the first 10 minutes I was hooked. Dexter is a very smart, interesting, dark drama and Michael C. Hall plays his character (Dexter) perfectly. I was a fan of Six Feet Under & I really enjoyed Hall on that show but his character here is so different, not just because he's straight but he's a serial killer rather than a mortician. Now Dexter isn't your typical serial killer, he works for the forensics department in Miami, FL & he has a creepy appreciation for blood. Dex has had his desires to kill since he was a kid, killing neighborhood dogs & other animals to satisfy his cravings. He is a foster kid & his father (who was a police officer in Miami) was aware of his "needs" and he was the one to suggest to Dex that he should kill those who deserve it, people like child molesters, other serial killers, people of the such & what a better way to figure out who to kill than using all of his resources at work!! Dexter has a younger sister (not a foster kid) who also works for the police department in Miami & he has a girlfriend too, but Dexter doesn't really care for sex or really have any emotional attachment to anything or anyone. He doesn't really have feelings which comes in very handy with his killing. What I find most interesting about Dex is that he keeps a drop of blood on a slide from all of his victims, as a keepsake, awwww. The show is based upon a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay which I haven't read but just watching the first episode made me think that a book was probably where this all started due to its twisted nature. So, if you are a fan of weird, interesting, dark & smart television I highly recommend that you check it out. You can rent it at Blockbuster, watch it OnDemand via Showtime or you can catch it on CBS (edited) so check your local listings & enjoy!!

May 19, 2008

Weekend Viewing

Ok so I watched the finale of Desperate Housewives last night & I don’t remember reading it anywhere but was that the last episode period? There really is no reason for a next season since there was no cliffhanger at all. I mean, we see that Gabby turns into a Lynette & has kids, gains weight & dresses like a housewife. Surprise surprise, Bree is some famous chef of sorts or at least she has a best selling book so I’m guessing she’s the next Martha Stewart, and is back with Orson. Susan is with someone else other than Mike (no big surprise there) so she did name her baby Maynard for no reason! Lynette’s kids are even worse now that they are older, getting arrested & God knows what else, she looks good though. So, I guess I don’t understand what the point of another season would be, we got to see where they land so honestly, who cares how they get there?

I also finally made it to the season 5 finale of The L Word & it was a great final episode. So many hurtful and awful things happened & I can’t wait to see what comes of all of it in the final season. I became addicted to this show after 1 episode, that’s all it took to get sucked into the drama of these women’s lives. Shane is by far my favorite character on the show & she made a really really poor decision in the finale & even though she isn’t faithful to her partners I never expected her to be unfaithful to her best friend, that was unforgivable. Jodi really pulled out all the stops letting Bette know how she really feels about her & in front of all of her colleagues, friends, & strangers as well…it was hard to watch so I can’t even imagine how it would have felt. I’m not going to go into it any more because if you don’t watch the show you have no idea what I’m talking about but if you are ever in the mood for a good drama about the lives of lesbians then I highly recommend The L Word, it’s addictive, dramatic, funny, sad, sexy, and very involved so once you are in, you are in & you aren’t getting out until the series ends, which it will after the next season & I’m pretty bummed about that.

Weekend Movie:A Mighty Heart

This movie starred the crazy sexy Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl who is a journalist & the wife of Daniel (Danny) Pearl who was the WSJ journalist that was beheaded by "terrorists" & video taped, I'm sure you are all very aware of the video that I'm talking about. Anyway, the movie was hard to follow as there were many moments that people were speaking a foreign language & subtitles weren't displayed. There were so many people in the movie & it just kept moving all over the place which made it more hard to follow. First they are looking for this guy & then they find that guy who gives them leads to other guys & then these groups are all over the place arresting people left & right & questioning them. Most of the leads go nowhere especially once it is discovered that the "interview" Danny was to be conducting was never real, the whole thing was a scam to lure Danny in so he could be murdered. This group believed him to be a member of the CIA or so they said & they had all kinds of demands for the US in order to get them to let him go. The US obviously couldn't meet their demands (which were never stated in the movie) and he was murdered, after stating that he was Jewish (which didn't help either). I got weepy but didn't cry, the story was very sad because it was true but the movie really wasn't that great. I honestly think they should have gotten a more bi-racial woman to play the role since Ang is so white. All kinds of people were pissed over her wearing brown face for this movie but I didn't see it...girl was WHITE. I mean, they were in the middle east, I would expect a tan & I didn't even see that, let alone brown face. There were a ton of other characters in the movie & though we are told who they are we really have no idea who they are if that makes sense. At the end of the movie we are told what has come of everyone who was involved & I thought to myself "I don't even know why they were involved to begin with, why would I need to know where they are now" and might I say that the Sheraton in Karachi is pretty freaking nice for a hotel in the freaking middle east. The lobby was super plush, very retro LA looking...totally looked like somewhere that I would stay & to my knowledge things aren't like that there, it's not exactly a vacation hot spot, but I could be wrong. My biggest complaint with the whole thing wasn't an issue with the movie but an issue with Danny, he asked every person he came into contact with if interviewing this guy was a good idea & he tried to trace the e-mail address from which the appointment came to see who it belonged to & he wasn't able to yet he still continued on to meet with this man for his interview. If you are questioning a choice that you are making that much, you should walk away.

May 16, 2008

Check out the other site

Hey all, so I'm going to be starting up another blog site for the single people out there. I've been single for what seems like an eternity so I have all kinds of stories & suggestions for those of you who are attempting to make your way through the single world again, or for the first time. I've tried all kinds of dating options & will be happy to share in my trials & tribulations to help make your lives easier! Once I have more info I'll post it here so you can all check it out.

May 15, 2008

Yay for my gays!!

How exciting that the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage today. I know all kinds of people all over the place are outraged (stupid) but myself & many many others certainly support this ruling & I can only hope that the rest of the country follows suit as well. This has been such a long time coming & I know my grandpa is probably rolling over in his grave hearing about this, but I am so thrilled that finally some people out there who actually want to say "I do" will now have the chance. Now, this just leads me to ask...are Brad & Angelina going to follow through on their promise? They did say that they wouldn't get married until gay marriage was made legal, I'm sure they will now stipulate that the whole country has to allow it before they say "I do", I guess we'll see what happens after they return to the country with their new offspring!!

If you want more info on the happenings regarding the ruling today see the link below!!


May 13, 2008

Awful Song

Obviously other people must like this song because I hear it a lot but what is with the "No Handle Bars" song by the Flobots? First of all it sounds just like Weezer (whom I prefer not to listen to) I thought it was Weezer, but second of all it's stupid, totally stupid. I looked them up online today to see what they are all about & they are a big band & they described themselves as "having a sound that explores and expands the frontiers of live hip-hop" ok, what about that song is hip hop may I ask you? I haven't listened to any other music of theirs but my guess is I never will, that song makes it hard for me to give them another chance. I will however recommend Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl", if you haven't heard it check it out, it's pretty rockin & very catchy!! I often find myself singing it when I'm cleaning at home so I hope I'm not roaming around at work or in public singing out loud "I kissed a girl and I liked it", I'd never get a date...well, not the kind I'm looking for :)

Stupid Girl

How dumb is Heidi I ask you? Who in the hell would give up a job opportunity of a freaking lifetime to be with an unemployed loser? Hmm, running a Vegas club or supporting my jealous, loser, broke ass boyfriend? I'm sorry but if I was at a work meeting & my "boyfriend" showed up the way Spencer did he would have been escorted out by security, no questions, no explanations, and I would never speak to him again. Now his dumb ass sister, she has some real nerve saying that she doesn't want to be an accomplice yet she got in the car, rode all the way to Vegas, called to find out where Heidi was and then asked to be left out of it. I would never speak to either one of them every again after making me look like an absolute fool in front of the owner of my company. I also felt bad for Brent because now this makes him look stupid to his boss & that's not cool either. Me & a coworker were discussing how awesome it would be if when Heidi showed up at work the next day Elodie was sitting at her desk in her office & fired her!! We all knew that Speidi still existed after seeing the hideous video she created for her hideous song but for it to go down like that, she's just an idiot & really needs to grow up. I would have killed for an opportunity like that at her age, shit, I'd kill for it now...making major cash & running a top nightclub in Vegas, that's a dream.

Now, I hate Lo, she's evil & has no good intentions at all, she lies & acts like all of the issues are Audrina's fault, claims that she's been trying to befriend Audrina since they moved in & she's not receptive to it...that is so not true! Before they even moved in to the house when Lauren said she was going to ask Audrina to live with them Lo looked like she wasn't keen on that one bit. She's acting very Jr. High, almost like "she's my friend not yours" and Lauren is going right along with it & doesn't even realize it. I mean sure it's hard not to go back to those you have known for so long, but in the same respect she had been absent for so long & missed out on a lot of Lauren's life since she moved to LA. She really has no right to expect Lauren to just dump her new friends. When I watch this show it makes me thankful that I'm older now & much wiser than I was when I was 22 because I'm sure I acted the same way...dated guys that were bad for me, got screwed over by my friends, acted like I was above everyone...but wait, I lived in reality, making like $7 an hour, going to college & living with my parents!!!

May 11, 2008

Oh oh oh oh oh...Oh oh oh oh

Woo hoo, how excited am I? Me, my cousins, and a couple friends are off to Toronto in September to see the legendary New Kids on the Block!! I can't wait to feel 13 again, it's going to be such a good time & I honestly love the new song "Summertime" feel free to check it out for yourself below :) Their sound hasn't changed which makes me very happy and I know they are going to put on a great show, well, they better, I've been waiting almost 15 years for this. We are all so happy that they got back together for this super sweet tour so thanks guys, we appreciate it & can't wait to see you & all of your new moves!! I also wanna give a special shout out to Doug, for helping us out in our purchasing journey.

May 9, 2008

No Words Needed

Photo's pulled from people.com

TV since the strike

Hey all, so I assume that you have returned to watching your favorite TV shows since the strike ended. I was very excited to get the Office , Grey's, Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, HIMYM, and 2 & a Half Men back. In the last few weeks of watching the above mentioned shows it has occurred to me that some of them I really didn't miss & now that I'm watching them I don't even know if I like them anymore. So you really can't lose with the Office but I have to say that these newer episodes really haven't been that great, I'm wondering if some of the writers just never came back because you only get 1 or 2 LOL moments instead of the constant laughter that was normally coaxed out of me. As for Grey's, I've been saying since the beginning of the season that I have no idea why I'm even still watching it & to be perfectly honest, I think I would like it if Grey left the show. Her & McDreamy's constant back & forth is so annoying, I can't stand it & then I hear that they are supposed to get back together for good at the end of this season, why? So they can break up next season, how stupid! I don't think she's attractive at all and she always sounds like her nose is stuffed & he's so cute...it's just a bad match & I really do think that after this season I may just write it off & I really don't think I'm the only one. Now DH is the same as it always has been, unreal, hokey, lame, and I still love it for the unrealness of the whole thing. B&S is still good, I'm thrilled that Justin & his former sister will probably hook up because even though they were siblings for a while I wanted them to (does that make me sick or just psychic?) so I can't wait to see what unfolds there! My Monday sitcoms are still making me laugh so I currently have no complaints about those but I'm wondering how much longer Men will run since the boy isn't cute anymore, he's a kid, a teenager I think & well, the crap he says just isn't that funny anymore. I think if they got him off the show it could take a totally different funnier direction with the brothers out and about trolling for ladies. Well, those are my thoughts on TV since the strike, and hopefully the finale's of all of these shows will be good enough to bring me back next season.

May 8, 2008

Fashions and Fads that are just Fugs

So through my existence I have partaken in many terrible fashion choices and have also been lucky enough to steer clear of many of them as well. Let’s take it back to say 7th grade (jr. high/middle school), because this is where I could no longer get away with just being me, and I’m sure this is the same for others as well. Entering jr. high means suddenly going to school with kids you’ve never met before who came from different elementary schools & neighborhoods. It is at this point that you suddenly realize that you need all new clothes because everyone else is wearing (fill in the blank) and you didn’t even know it existed! So, I can recall pleading with my mother with constant “everyone has it” to get all these “cool” clothes/shoes/accessories. My first victory was my Esprit book bag, all the girls had them & they were super pricey, for book bags. This was a fairly decent fad but it only led to some of the worst apparel choices I ever made. After this I did the diaper pants, hammer pants, used jeans, super oversized shirts, overalls with the one strap hanging off, body suits with huge jeans, pegged pants, stirrup pants with the long sweater, leggings, fedoras, jean jacket decked out with AuCoton pins, patent leather shoes with a thick sole & big bows, stacked socks, tennis shoes with no laces, penny loafers, the list honestly goes on and on. Well, once jr. high was over we moved on to high school & things only got worse. From 9th grade to 12th grade I went from a total prep to a grungy hippie chick & I hit every fashion faux pas rung on the way down. I was honestly most comfy in my hippie stage because I wore flannels & baggy jeans/cords, I didn’t wash my hair, I sported converse tennis shoes daily & my look took no effort at all other than some dark lipstick & black lip liner (true story). After high school I got fat but started to get kind of back to my preppy ways & now I’d say I’m trendy-ish/classic, fashionable in my own right, because labels are no longer important to me, sales are! So now that I dress in my own style I still keep up on trends & generally avoid most of them, but there are some that I severely question & when I see people wearing them I just don’t get it. Why do women wear a dress & then wear jeans underneath it? Why are leggings back? Why do people wear Uggs…in the summer? Why do people who don’t work in the medical profession wear crocs? Why do girls pull their thong straps out above their pants? Why do women wear sweat pants in public that have words across the ass? Why does anyone wear those stove pipe jeans with the giant legs? When I was recently in Vegas I noticed this new dress trend & it’s only asking for the wrong people to be wearing it, these dresses are skin tight around the ass/hip area & barely cover the booty but then the top is all baggy & bubbled out like & they are generally solid colored & bright yellow or hot pink & hideous! To me, this is the type of dress that I would wear with jeans because it’s barely longer than a shirt but it seems when ladies wear pants with a dress, the dress is already knee length or longer so I ask again, what is the effing point? In conclusion I say that you should totally find your identity, but you should also look your best, not your worst just for the sake of fads. A dress is a dress & should be worn alone, pants are pants & should be worn with tops, if you are fat you shouldn’t wear anything skin tight. Summer is right around the corner so lets try to get ourselves looking our best, not our worst.

May 7, 2008

Juno what I think?

I think the movie Juno was fantastic & most everyone I know would also agree. I saw it in the theater when it was out & fell in love with it immediately. It recently came out on DVD so I ordered a copy and after work yesterday I rushed home to watch it. Actually I was so excited to watch it I almost left work an hour early but didn’t after I realized that I shouldn’t waste my personal time although, that is totally something personal but whatev. So, I get home, I cook up a tasty, somewhat healthy dinner of chicken sandwich, soup, salad, and cheese and I eat that while watching 90210 and then I quickly do the dishes, jump in my pj’s, arrange the remotes & chaise so that I don’t have to move and I begin the movie. I’m chilling there watching the opening credits and then about 10 minutes into the movie I realize that I’m smiling & have been since the movie started. I think it’s pretty sad that something as simple as a movie about a 16 year old getting knocked up is the highlight of my day…shit, week! After watching the whole movie and noticing things I missed the first time, and then watching most of the bonus features it occurred to me that I really did love this movie, even more than I thought & I honestly could have started it right over from the beginning and watched it again. Now, my friend Candice was the first to see this & told me that she totally thought of me when she saw it (which I found odd since I’m neither 16 nor pregnant) and when I saw it the first time I totally got what she meant. After watching it the 2nd time it was even more clear as to why she thought of me, or at least I think it was. The main character Juno is very detached from the baby & I hate kids, she’s witty & funny as am I, she sees the brighter side of things as do I, she uses words that only her awesome friends understand as do I, and she’s cute! So, for those of you who haven’t seen it I suggest you do & for those of you who did see it, if you didn’t like it you just aint right & if you loved it as much as I did then pick up a copy on DVD & enjoy the movie again and again. I see this movie being the new Swingers or Clerks or Dirty Dancing of its time, an instant classic if you will.

May 6, 2008

First things first

Hey hey everyone so I finally got a freaking blog! People have always told me that I should write a column or something so here I go. I really have no plans for the blog as of yet but as most of you already know I'll talk about current entertainment events, people in my life, celebs, television, movies, books...all the basics and I'm sure once in a while I may just discuss current events. So I'll just jump right in.

As I sit here in my apartment watching Who's Wedding is it Anyway I hear the sounds of what I assume my summer will bring. Some of these sounds are pleasant and some not so much. I got home about 4 hours ago & so far I heard a crap load of birds chirping in the tree right outside my window and that wasn't so bad, then I heard screaming children as people arrived home from work and that was awful. After the screaming kids I heard some ducks fly over and that was kind of nice. Just now I listened to the rumbling of a crotch rocket (1 of 4) as he revved it up and let it idle and repeated numerous times before peeling out of the lot. When you live in an apartment is it really necessary or polite for that matter to make that much noise after dark? Am I just getting too old in my young age? I wonder if this "pain in other people's enjoyment" just comes along with my achy knees & allergies or if it will pass, ah who knows & honestly, who really cares? I'm sure you don't, so get back to surfing for porn or whatever you were doing & thanks for stopping by!