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Mar 31, 2009

Sexual Chocolate Having Baby!!!!

The love of my life Taye Diggs is having a baby with another woman! It is his wife Idina Menzel so I guess it could be worse but come on, when do I get my turn? You all know I don't want kids but I'd have a whole bunch of them with him, any day!!! I guess congrats are in order for the happy couple...you suck!
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"Countess Manners" Splits From Hubby

Countess Luann de Lesseps & her husband (the Count) are splitsville after 16 years. No wonder we never saw him much on Real Housewives, he was seeing someone else. Not just someone but an Ethiopian woman & apparently they were in Geneva together once the DB finally admitted to what he was doing. Well, maybe now she can write a book on how to be graceful during a divorce, oops, did I say that out loud? Anyway, you can read the whole article from Us here. Oh, also...the annoying female half of Silex got fired, not for bad work or anything but due to the economy...bummer, but I have to say it kind of makes me smile, she's creepy! Can't wait to see tonight's ep when Kelly & Bethany have it out!!!
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Cloris Leachman - Clothes + Lettuce = Scary?

I was afraid to open the article to be perfectly honest. After watching the Kardashian episode of the "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" PETA ad shoot & Khloe posing for it I had a mental pic of a "Eve" type Cloris in just lettuce but I opened it anyway. Phew is what I thought when I did & actually, the "dress" is very Project Runway season 5 (I believe) where the contestants had to make a dress out of veggies. This dress could totally do a runway, well, until it wilted anyway & just think, throw some dressing & a couple croutons in your purse & you wouldn't even have to wait to eat, just tear off some of your dress & eat it!
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Mar 30, 2009

MSU Makes It!

Not that I really give 2 shits about sports & certainly not about basketball but I always love it when one of our home teams makes it to the end & that's exactly what MSU has done. Granted, I'd prefer U of M just because I have more friends that went there than MSU but Michigan is Michigan & I think it's super sweet that they have made it to the final 4. The best part is that they get to play right here in the D, which I'm sure will be cheaper for the school not to mention the representation that will be in play for them down at For Field. It's going to be crazy & I'm sure I'll hear all about but I fully plan to avoid downtown & the HUGE crowds next weekend. Congrats Spartans, I hope you win!!!!
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O'Reilly Boycots Penn

So Bill O'Reilly has a point, see the excerpt below from the Hollywood Reporter interview with O"Reilly:


O'Reilly: Just Sean Penn


O'Reilly: Not at all. He's a great actor, and if you hire him, you'll get a good performance. I'm just not going to give a guy who gives aid and comfort to people like (Iran president Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein, when he was alive, my 10 bucks. That's my right as an American.

You know folks, I feel the same way about Tom Cruise. He's a mess & gives his money away to what I feel is a non-existent religion which was based on a Sci-Fi novel written by a high on. Now, if you want to go ahead & start a religion based on my "short stories" from my college years go right ahead but dudes...it was just supposed to be for entertainment! I love Sean Penn & though he may make poor choices with money he's not insane, a little crazy maybe, kind of "out there" but not insane so therefore I'll be happy to give him my money. Tom Cruise on the other hand...I wont even rent his movies because I don't think he deserves a dime of my hard earned cash because he's just going to give it all away to his cult, I mean church.

I just want to give props to The Hollywood Reporter for asking O'Reilly questions that really matter like "what is your favorite Clint Eastwood movie" those are the kinds of things the general (non-political) public want to know!! To find out which movie he picked & to see his other answers to normal questions click here.

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Mar 26, 2009

Dolly Parton...Lesbian?

NO! Apparently for years and years people have often wondered about her & her BFF and yet again in an article in AARP Magazine Dolly says "We've been accused of being lovers. We do love each other, but we've never been like that." I think this is odd personally, most women I know have a BFF that they spend tons of time with like me & Wendy. Then again, I once took her to a family wedding as my date & she got lit & told my entire family that she was my lesbian lover...it really didn't help me out much being late 20's & single & all, they thought she was serious. Dolly has been married to her husband Carl Dean for 43 years. I honestly could care less if Dolly were gay but does she strike you as the type that would hide it if she were? No, didn't think so!
Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com
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Mar 25, 2009


Here are your Real Detroit Weekly Horoscopes for this week, enjoy!!
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Mar 24, 2009

David Letterman Marries...Finally

David Letterman (61) finally married his girlfriend of 23 years Regina Lasko (apparently ageless) last Thursday. Regina isn't just his wife now, she's also the mother of their 5 year old son Harry. According to a transcript from his show David had this to say " ... I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years, and I -- honestly, whether this happened or not -- I secretly felt that men who were married admired me ... like I was the last of the real gunslingers".

The couple married in a simple & quiet courthouse ceremony in Montana near their ranch. Harry was there to share the day with his parents.
photo courtesy msn movies
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Mar 23, 2009

Lance Falls Off His Bike

So Lance Armstrong has been hospitalized during the Astana team in the Vuelta of Castilla and Leon race in Spain. Apparently there was a pile up ( I assume of bikes) about 12 miles before the finish line. The race was a 5 day race so talk about pissed, could you imagine riding your bike all that way then getting injured right before the end? Sounds a little fishy to me! Anyway, he was taken to the hospital with a possible broken collar bone. Think he's regretting coming out of retirement?
photo courtesy of livestrong.com
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Mar 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson Passes Away

After being removed from life support Natasha Richardson passed away last night. The family released a statement asking for privacy during this time. I feel so sad for her children, husband, and the rest of her family, but I am grateful that they are so close & have each other to lean on through this. My heart goes out to her entire family and all of her friends during this time of mourning.
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Mar 18, 2009


Here are your Real Detroit horoscopes for this week!!
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Natasha Richardson Update

Reports are now stating that Natasha Richardson is brain dead. Again, this is just a report, nothing has been confirmed but I do know that she was transferred from Toronto back to the US & her family is at her side. I'm wishing nothing but the best for Richardson & her entire family, times like these are never easy.
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Mar 17, 2009

Natasha Richardson Has Ski Accident

Actress Natasha Richardson (Maid In Manhattan, Evening) wife of Liam Neeson & daughter of Vanessa Redgrave was in a skiing accident late yesterday or this morning during a beginners lesson. She was apparently near the bottom of the hill and just fell & toppled the rest of the way down but didn't hit anything or anyone else, her instructor was there immediately & she had no external injuries. She walked back to her room to relax & was being observed by the instructor and after about an hour she started complaining of a headache & was taken to the hospital. She is reportedly suffering from a "traumatic head injury" as Richardson chose not to wear a ski helmet.
photo courtesy of imdb.com
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Green Wtih Envy

I just wanted to stop & wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's day & let those of you who are out drinking already know that I am green with envy of your guzzling of green beers!! I will be stepping out for a short while after work today to have a couple pints, after the last few days I could certainly use the distraction. Make sure you stay safe out there please, DO NOT drink & drive, I can't bear the thought of losing another friend. If you are partying in the Dearborn area you can always call Lorraine Cab, my personal hero at 313-582-6900 & if you are downtown you can call Checker Cab at 313-961-8294. I know there are services that offer free rides but I can't seem to find any of the information online. If you drove yourself somewhere & don't want to leave your car behind you can also contact The Designate 1-888-929-8282 & while I think they are pretty pricey if your car means that much to you or you don't think you can get a ride back to pick it up this route is much cheaper than DUI fines. As for all of my friends, if you should get wasted please don't hesitate to call me to come & get you, assuming I don't need a ride myself I'd be happy to help :) So cheers bitches & have a happy & safe St. Patrick's Day 2009!!!
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Mar 16, 2009

Rollercoaster Weekend

So my weekend was very good until Sunday morning. Friday night I chilled at home, attempted to air out the onion smell that has been festering since I made stir fry on Wednesday and then went to bed early. My neighbors below me were pumping the bass like crazy so I opted to move into my bedroom where it was quieter, this of course just caused me to fall asleep watching TV at like 11. Saturday I went to Doug's so he could look at my car & then joined my friend Mike at his sisters wedding Saturday night where we partied down, had some drinks, I met some interesting people, saved Mike from sexual harassment, took pics in a photo booth then ran away & met up with some other friends at Bailey's. After that we all turned in & I got back to Doug's at about 3 & we sat up chatting about my invention that is in process until about 4 & though I was super excited I went to bed. Sunday I was woken up by a phone call from my boss, I thought it was strange but answered anyway only to find out that a co-worker of ours had passed away unexpectedly. The whole thing was extremely shocking & I still don't really believe that someone who was only 25 could just pass out & never wake up. Work is very quiet today & her empty cube behind me is more empty than ever. She is definitely being missed by all of us & as I'm sure everyone else feels the same as me, I keep expecting her to walk by. This is going to be such a difficult time for our now small group, it's so sad to have to say goodbye to such a nice, honest, and just all around good person. My thoughts & condolences go out to Stacie's family and friends in this trying time.
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Mar 13, 2009

Pippen Being Released

So it looks like Scotty Pippen or I mean Christine Beatty got her wish, now I wasn't really following this story but I get the gist of it: Beatty was sentenced to 120 days in jail which is nothing considering what she did, so once she got in there she became an active participant in "the program" and did all of her chores with a smile on her face because apparently if you do you get "credits" to get you out of jail earlier. I personally feel that if you are sentenced to be in prison for less than a year then you should in no way be given any sort of option to get out early regardless of how many dishes you wash with a smile on your face. The thing I find most humorous in this article is that the judge referred to Beatty as a "celebrity". She's not an effing celebrity, she's a dirty girl who was just trying to get ahead & got caught. She's being treated like Paris Hilton or something (again, not a celebrity), nice example Detroit, way to go! I really don't understand our city lately...this wasteful light rail project, this idiot being released, at least they are letting Kwame get out of here but they should have told him that he can't ever come back. Do you think he's going to look good in a cowboy hat & bandana?
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Mar 11, 2009


Here are your Real Detroit Horoscopes for this week!!
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Who Does That?

So last spring at work we stopped using styrofoam cups to help save the environment & we (those of us who care) decorated our own coffee mugs. Yesterday I walk into the kitchen & my mug is in the sink freshly used & soaking. I'm like what the hell is this shizz, isn't the point of decorating our own mugs to make them our own? I thought my mug was pretty clear & it isn't like we have a lack of blank mugs for everyone to use so why must someone feel the need to use mine? Were they just too lazy to move mine aside & grab the blank one behind it or are they just such a total jerk that they enjoyed using my mug? Perhaps I should lick my mug before putting it back in the cabinet, that would teach em, or at least make me happy knowing that they are drinking my spit with their coffee. Anyway, I've attached a photo to illustrate the mug & why I don't understand how anyone could be confused by the fact that it's mine. So I just have to ask, who does that?
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Mar 9, 2009

Movie Weekend

So this past weekend I stayed in Dearborn to watch Doug's house & animals while he was off gallivanting in Kentucky with a bunch of guns. Since Doug only has basic cable my only choice was to rent movies so I chose Vicky Christina Barcelona & Nights In Rodanthe. Friday night I watched Vicky Christina & wasn't all that impressed. I thought the movie was ok, nothing special, just a story about an annoying girl, her hot friend, a Spanish artist dude & his crazy ex-wife. The crazy ex-wife is the role that won Penelope Cruz the Oscar & I just don't get it, she was good in it yes but worthy of an Oscar? I think not, though I didn't see any of the other roles for which the women were nominated so I can't really compare. I would recommend this movie if you don't have to pay for it but honestly even the $4.50 or whatever I paid was a little too much.

So Saturday afternoon I got a wonderful hour long peppermint massage & it was just what I needed to clear my head & my tension & my worries & everything else. After that I knew the best follow up would be dinner, wine & a movie with Wendy so we got some Italian then headed back to the house. We watched Nights which was good but predictable. This movie is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks who also wrote "A Walk To Remember" and "The Notebook" both of which were pretty freaking predictable too if you ask me, though Walk was the worst of the 3, the first time I saw it, every minute I knew what was going to happen next & I never read the book. Actually I've never read any of his books because I assume that they are extremely predictable like all of the movies made about them & that doesn't interest me. Wendy on the other hand didn't see anything coming in Nights & to me it was freaking obvious, because we all know that none of his books have happy endings! Anyway, this one was more worth the rental fee because the characters were identifiable & the story seemed as though it could have been real, unlike Vicky. I would wait for cable to watch both of them if I were you but if you feel like a cry then rent Nights. I have to say one of the main reasons I liked that one better were the actors, I love both Diane Lane & Richard Gere & love them together. I would give Vicky 2 olives & Nights 2.5 (out of 4).
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Mar 6, 2009

Who Does That?

OMG you guys! So Wendy informs me this morning about something that happened to her & Paul last night & all I could say was "who the eff does that"? Got a little story for ya & hear it goes. W&P had a friend over last night & this friend smokes cigarettes so they said "go ahead, smoke in the house, we don't mind" so he did. This morning W&P get a note from their downstairs neighbor, wait...let's step back a second.

W&P had a cool but lazy neighbor before & he wasn't much trouble but recently moved out & they got new neighbors, a couple with a 2 year old...just what everyone hopes will move into the other unit of their duplex right? So the kid seems to never sleep according to Paul, no matter the time of day he can hear it screaming, crying, yelling & it runs very heavily & they can actually hear the kid running around downstairs from their upstairs unit so you know that is LOUD!The people had no idea what recycling was nor what a sidewalk was either so I assume that they must be from Mars but that's beside the point.

Back to the story at hand. So they wake up to a note on the door which reads "please do not smoke in the house we can smell it downstairs" WTF? Who the eff are you to tell me what I can & cannot do in my house? I pay motherf***inrent & will do as I damn well please, not to mention the fact that we were here first & the lease does not indicate that this is a non-smoking house so eat a dick (that's what I would have said). So anyway, Paul wrote a note back that said "Thank you for confronting us about the issue. Keep in mind that waking up in the night to your child stinks too. Also this is not a recurring issue & the lease agreement allows us to do so." I give Paul a big fat gold star for today because Wendy (for some reason) is always hesitant to stand up to the neighbors even when she is right, even when they are doing something illegal (like parking over the sidewalk) she always worries about them getting pissed & I usually offer to come over & scream at them but she never lets me! That's beside the point, I wouldn't have even included the part about it not being recurring, I say invite all of your friends over that smoke & tell them to light em up!!! Who knows, maybe they can smoke em out, ha ha ha. What a crock of shit, what is with people? Who does that?
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Mar 5, 2009

Chrihanna Updates!!

Ok so from the zillion things I've read today I'm gathering this information: This couple loves to fight, it's a total turn on so this incident is nothing new although more drastic than needed. The entire ordeal could have been avoided had Rihanna not invaded his privacy & read his text messages. He beat her so badly that blood splattered in the car & all over her clothes. She didn't lose consciousness but came close. Her calling her assistant & telling her to have the cops at the house when she got home is what sent Chris really over the edge & he told her he would kill her & then proceeded to try. He's been charged with 2 felonies but no idea what the penalty will be, he'll be arraigned this afternoon. They are back together anyway & her family supports it. She's pregnant (rumored). Flo Rida is pissed about the whole ordeal because they had a track that was supposed to drop soon & sure to be a number 1 but now that the radio won't play Chris Flo & those he collaborated with are going to miss out on their recognition which isn't cool. I'm still pissed that the radio stopped playing his music, eff that. Does the radio still play the Eagles? Yes, even though the dude is a child molester. Does the radio still play Ike Turner? Yes, even though he beat his wife for years. Does the radio still play Miley Cyrus? Yes, and why?! Article 1 Article 2 Article 3

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I just wanted to stop & congratulate Andrea & Eric Ladasz on their new baby boy, Xavier Lee. Welcome Mr. X to the coolest group of people you will ever know :)
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Mar 4, 2009


Here are your Real Detroit Horoscopes for this week, enjoy!!
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Labor 09, Right On Time!

Well, not really, more like a week late but Andrea & Eric are in active labor & should have a kid by this evening, they don't know what they are having so I'm actually excited!!
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Mar 3, 2009

Who Does That?

So a 27 year old woman named Latreasa L. Goodman went to McDonald's & she paid for her food but was told that they were out of chicken nuggets which she ordered. They asked her if she wanted something else and she told them no & the store told her they couldn't give her the money back. She told them she didn't want anything else, she wanted the nuggets & then told the store to just cancel her order & give her all her money back & they again told her that no they couldn't refund the cash. Anyway, the woman got all pissed & called 911...three times!!! I too would be bummed if they were out of what I came for & yeah it's total crap that they wouldn't give her the money back but she should have called the 1800 number on her receipt when she got home, not 911. Who does that? Click here for the story & links to the 3 911 calls.
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Mar 2, 2009

Only One More?!

So last night was the 2nd to last episode of The L Word ever! I'm so sad that this show is about to end in just 6 days :( I knew something was going to happen with the Tasha, Alice, Jamie saga but I'm glad that it didn't end up happening behind someones back (ala Shane) because Alice deserves way better than to be treated like that. Now even though I'm sad to see the show end I can't wait to see who killed Jenny but my cash is currently on Max because he's been so absent this season, his feminine hormones are raging, and Jenny keeps crossing the line with him. As for last night's episode Bette was smoking sexy as always, I was happy that the Kit/Sunset deal finally showed itself. As for the mama's I so knew that the mother wasn't going to come to LA, I mean come on Bette & Tina couldn't even spring for a flight? They were having a 7 month pregnant chick travel 6 hours on a bus when she could have flown in about an hour? Had I been the chick I wouldn't have come either, funk that...she knows they have the cash. I really wish that Bette would have just finished her story about Jenny & Kelly & the non existent cheating because at this point it really doesn't matter what she did or didn't do the point is that she's hiding it from Tina. Well, I'm just super stoked to see what all unfolds in the finale...it better be good!! I also want to say that I'm glad Jenny is going to die, I don't like her & then if they should make a reunion special or movie then she won't be in it, yay!!!
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