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Jun 28, 2008

You Want ME To Stop Shopping?

I'm a recycler & I believe in conserving energy & doing my part to make my footprint on the earth smaller and I saw an interview with this guy on MSNBC regarding his group "the compact" and while the idea of everything he's doing is great I just don't understand how it's practical? The point (at least of the Michigan group) is to end consumerism which in turn would make the economy even worse off than before, right? I just don't understand how not shopping for anything new helps any of us, other than the earth. You can't very well replace your air filter in your car with a used one, nor can you stop buying feminine hygiene products, I don't know about you but used food seems pretty unsanitary & nasty. I live in an apartment so I cannot grow my own veggies, or raise my own cow in there. Sure some people would suggest becoming a vegetarian but that will never happen, no way, no how. As I think about it sure there are all kinds of things that I could buy used on Craig's List & eBay (which I do) but there are a lot of things that I can't, or I don't have the time to wait for them to be shipped. Sure I could have probably gotten that hot dress I just bought on eBay instead of in the store, but then I couldn't have worn it that night. Also, I just moved to a new apartment & needed all kinds of new things so you mean to tell me that I was just supposed to go without oven mitts until I could get them used? I'm all about taking canvas bags to stores, recycling all packaging, I grow my own herbs, I unplug most of my appliances when I am away from home, I did buy some cute throw pillows at a yard sale, and to me these things are practical, but not buying anything new for 12 months is impossible. Used beer really isn't something I'm interested in nor is used oil when I get my oil change but I will do what I can to think about whether or not I need an item right now before I buy it. Usually, it's not that I could get it used but rather the fact that I don't actually need it at all which stops me from buying it & saves me money. Basically, if we all stopped shopping then we would all lose our jobs...if nothing is being bought that means nothing is being sold which also means that nothing is being made or delivered or used which would cause our demise, bottom line. I say use less, recycle, buy used when you can, and don't spend all of your free time thinking about how you are ruining the environment, take time to enjoy it while we still have it. Oh, one more thing...these activists need to stop flying all over the world promoting their ideas, & doing interviews, do an eConference because the gas you are using for each flight is polluting the world way more than me buying a new shirt.

Jun 27, 2008


So, I heard (from Perez Hilton) that Madonna & Guy are splitting up. Apparently Madge already hired Paul McCartney’s attorney, why I’m not sure…she didn’t get him very far, maybe she should have hired Heather Mills. From what I recall there is no pre-nup involved here & let just say, Mo is worth a crap load of cash & while Guy isn’t exactly hurting for money I’m sure he’d be more than happy to take half of hers, I know I would! I also assume that she will be returning to the states to live & ditching the English accent. I don’t understand the accent deal, my parents have lived in the south now for 5 years and they don’t have any twang going on, so how did Mo pick up her sometimes accent? I mean, she’s always on tour so I would think it would be difficult to pick up anything more than jet lag. I’m assuming things stopped working out because she won’t calm down, she is always on tour or recording or flying around adopting kids & I just think Guy would like more time to get drunk in pubs & relax with his family. Not that there is anything wrong with either choice, but they obviously don’t mesh. Well kids, looks like Madonna just might be the hottest bachelorette of 2009!!

Jun 26, 2008

Come Join Detroitr!!

Hi All, My good friend Rob has just created a Detroit social networking site. His "about" info is below.This is an invite only site, so if anyone is interested (you can make your own profile and join groups like "Dearborn," or "Smalls." or create your own groups), please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you an invite! :)

Detroitr was created to address a major problem with the Detroit Area; a Social Network for the Detroit Metro Area. We were lacking a site where people can talk about everything Detroit. There are some sites that touch on this but always fall short when it comes to a community. We are going to focus on the community aspect and branch out from there.

If you find yourself wondering "I like the idea, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do!" I would suggest creating an account and then adding some pictures, videos (you can just link to youtube videos if you want), or post some comments in the forums. If you see something funny on a website post a link to it or save the picture and add it to the site. If you are aware of stuff going on around town make an event and add the information to it (these can also be set to private where only your friends can see it). The events function is actually pretty cool and is more intuitive than Evite. You could also create a group so that you and your friends can have a private area to share pictures and what not that you would rather the whole world not see. You can also start a blog to talk about your experiences in the Detroit Area.

The site is in the growing stages so you should expect to run into a problem here or there. I am currently working to add necessities to the website and once that is complete I will move back to focusing on some kind of true review system. Don’t expect it any time soon (unless I make a quick find), but know it is in the works.

There are two things I would like to stress about the site and myself. First and foremost have fun! Secondly please feel free to give suggestions which could improve everyone’s experience.

Jun 23, 2008

My Weekend

So my weekend turned out pretty good. I had dinner with Wendy & Paul at Page's and the fillet tip caesar sandwich was killer. On Saturday I ended up making my way to Dearborn & hitting up the Biergarten with Karen for her 32nd b-day. Bernie & his niece Megan were there as well, the bar was pretty busy, got really busy around one & there were a lot of asshole guys up in there. There were probably always asshole guys up in there but because I was sober I really noticed it this time. It was karaoke night & some people were great & others sounded like dying animals, but I made it through the night & had a lot of fun, it was totally worth the drive. I got home around 4:30 after hanging out at Bernie's for a bit & went to bed & then spent Sunday lying around & watching 90210. Karen got pretty wasted so I'm guessing she wasn't feeling too well yesterday, boo :(

Amy Crackhouse

This just in, at the ripe age of 24 Amy Winehouse has been diagnosed with emphysema, she only has 70% lung capacity and what caused it you ask? Smoking the crack. She was told that if she continued smoking crack she would be wheelchair bound & careerless within a month & chance for ultimate survival would be slim. What is wrong with her? She's obviously a mess & the pics I posted in the past proved it! This just goes to show you that crack not only kills but causes you to roam around your property in your underwear, weigh 10 pounds, and look like a hot mess at almost all times! She has a great voice so I really hope she wises up or her last album will be just that, her last.

George Carlin, 1937-2008

Sad note this morning, George Carlin died yesterday at St. John's Hospital. He was complaining of chest pains and was rushed in. He suffered a heart attack and died at 5:55 pm in the hospital of heart failure. George Carlin was a love him or hate him type of comedian and I happened to be a fan. Luckily, back in April when I was in Las Vegas with some friends and family we made it to the Orleans (where he was still performing & had upcoming performances scheduled) to see George and he was a funny "old fuck" and I have to say that he will be sadly missed. He also made it very clear when we saw him that he won't be watching over anyone in his afterlife, he plans on relaxing through eternity! Click here for the full article from E!.

Jun 22, 2008

Pregnant Teens

So what is up with these young teens making pregnancy pacts with their friends? Apparently this group of 17 girls from the Boston area (many under the age of 16) are all pregnant. The local teen health clinic noticed a rise in pregnancy tests & many girls being upset when they found out they weren't pregnant. Some girls were so excited when they found out they were that were jumping around giving each other high fives & planning baby showers. Are you freaking kidding me? At the age of 30 I'm capable of taking care of myself but a kid...hell no! I do a good job at keeping my plants alive but that's about all I can handle at this point. Now the worst part of all of it is that one of these freaking girls got pregnant by a 24 your old homeless man, HOMELESS man!! It would make a lot more sense to me if these girls were having babies with their boyfriends & trying to be all grown up, but a homeless man, that's freaking sick. You have no idea what you are getting yourself into, no idea of family &mental health history, they could have an STD, and I highly doubt he smelled all that great either. Sure, I don't blame the homeless man, shit some 16 your old girl wants to have sex with him so I'm sure he jumped to the challenge, god only knows how long it had been since he got laid. Regardless, the boys who have an actual identity could end up having charges pressed against them because it is illegal to have sex with anyone under the age of 16 in Mass. consensual or not. Now I'm sure Juno will be blamed, and Jamie Lynn Spears will be blamed but the bottom line is, it all comes down to the parenting...their parents obviously didn't instill self esteem in them, or they would have other plans for themselves, like college maybe? Also, please be reminded that in Juno, she didn't have the baby so that her & her friends could bond, she gave it away so she could have a future for herself, it was an accident not a plan. I just wonder what will be next & this just makes it even more clear why I don't want kids.

Jun 18, 2008

Damn Kids!!

Ok, I know I’ve been complaining about things going on at work that shouldn’t be going on & now that school is over the season of bringing kids to work begins. We do not have a day care, so to me that makes it pretty clear that children don’t belong here. Today I’m sitting at my desk & I hear a co-worker introducing someone to the person in the cube behind me so I assume that it’s a new assistant or something & I turn around to find a 6 year old boy in the aisle. So I start asking around to find out who it belongs to & he of course doesn’t belong to the person walking around with him, he belongs to someone she assists. I understand that you either are or are not a kid person & I’m not, she might be, but regardless she’s not a babysitter! If one of the people I worked for asked me to watch their kid I would die laughing, unless they wanted to throw me a hundred bucks an hour for my troubles. What I find the most humorous is the fact that it’s men who bring them, never women, and if you can’t find someone to watch your child then you need to work from home. Just because our office has a lot of women in it doesn’t mean that we want to be around your kids, or any kids for that matter. A lot of parents work to get time away from their children & then a co-worker is going to bring theirs in completely cancelling out their peace & quiet which is rude. Luckily this kid was quiet, respectful, and not here too long but that’s pretty rare. Last summer I had 2 boys literally climbing my cube wall & dad didn’t say a word!! I said all kinds of words, colorful ones too, under my breath but I said them. After about an hour dad said “that’s enough, let’s go”…um, I’d had enough about 59 minutes ago. Basically what I’m saying is respect your co-workers, don’t bring your children to work unless it’s bring a kid to work day (which I take off every year), if it’s an emergency & you must bring them in keep it brief & keep them in your office/cube/area, understand that not everyone likes children, don’t expect anyone to modify their behavior because you brought a kid in, watch your own kids don’t pawn them off on others. If I wanted to work with kids I’d work in a day care or still be in retail, I work in an office as to avoid children & the general public, I want to come in & work & socialize with adults & then go home.

Jun 17, 2008

Things Happening to Other People

Tim Russert died unexpectedly at the age of 58 after a sudden collapse at the NBC studios on Friday. For more info check out this article at CNN. My heart goes out to his family, friends & colleagues.

The Bravo A-List awards were on last week & Lauren Hutton was given an award & gave the most bizarre acceptance speech I’ve heard in a while.

Fergie’s daughter Eugenie (not Fergie the singer, the original Fergie, the actual Duchess, of York that is) was busted frolicking around with some friends at her boarding school with no clothes on, so what...let the kids frolick!

Spencer & Heidi are buying guns apparently, not sure if Heidi is getting one to try to take him out or what but I’m guessing that Lauren might want to watch her back!

Jessica Simpson is putting out a country album, probably not wise…I don’t think it will sell. Her last pop album didn’t sell for crap so why would this one? I think she should just stick to being hot, her music career isn’t all that & neither is her acting career…actually, she should probably go back to singing religious music to be perfectly honest.

R. Kelly isn’t guilty (yeah right) and Linda Hogan is a cougar? I’ll disagree with that one, just because you have a young boyfriend doesn’t make you a cougar, he has to be hot not a clone of your ex husband. I don’t understand why those 2 split…she’s dating a younger version of him & he’s dating a younger version of her…his daughter, oh no wait that wasn’t her it just looks like her (gross).

Katie Holmes is gonna be on Broadway, I have no feelings about this either way. I was a huge fan of hers until she married goofball & now I do not like or dislike her, but I do dislike her husband & I’m not gonna deny that, I always have!

Trent unveiled the new Pink is the New Blog site & had a kick ass party too. Check out his site to see more!!

Jun 16, 2008

Puff Puff Pass?

Reminder to all that the new season of Weeds starts tonight at 10:00 on Showtime, followed by the brand new series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, enjoy!!

Congrats to the Waltons

I wanted to be sure to stop in and wish my fab 4 counterpart Lisa & her new husband Mike a big fat congrats! Lisa & Mike got married on Saturday & I’m sure the ceremony was beautiful. I couldn’t be there because I had a major appearance to make at my local Meijer to buy some fruit & I didn’t want to miss the strawberry festival. Ha, actually that’s what I ended up doing this weekend, I couldn’t attend the wedding because I was too poor, period. I did have beers with Wendy & Karen in honor of the happy couple to celebrate though. I didn’t have to be in attendance to congratulate them & party it up & I was able to do it in sweats :)

Anyway, I hope you crazy kids have a great honeymoon & a blissful life together forever and ever. Hugs & kisses guys & I hope to see you in January.

Jun 13, 2008

Religion in the Workplace

Personally I don’t think religion is something that should be discussed in the work place unless you work in a church or for some religious organization. It’s no different than going to school, if you don’t go to a religious school it is inappropriate for people to speak to you as though you are a religious person. Not everyone believes in God or Jesus or Buddha or another “god” out there. For me, religion & politics are personal, and shouldn’t be discussed with people that you don’t know well, people who won’t be offended by your beliefs or won’t judge you for having them are people you should discuss these things with. Most often a discussion about religion or politics only leads to a heated argument because everyone has a different view on everything. I think it is fine to make your belief known, I have friends & co-workers who attend regular church services & I could care less if they do, it makes them happy & they enjoy it, I personally prefer to spend my Sunday morning watching 90210 & eating waffles, but that’s my religious choice (yes 90210 is a religion to some of us).

Here’s my complaint about religion in the work place. So, we had some team building in the office & a guest speaker came in, a very knowledgeable man we’ll call Bob, excellent speaker with great points. I learned a fair amount from him being in my office, got some enlightenment into the minds of my coworkers, and got free lunch so all around good times. Obviously when people give presentations they give examples & quite often his examples referred to God, or church, or religion as a whole and I couldn’t believe it. I don’t work for a religion-based company; I work for a very large global corporation so things really need to be kept generic & basic. There were other examples he could have been using for the items he was using God as an example for, no problem but he chose to use God. He would say things like “what if God….blah blah blah” or “if you were in church…blah blah blah” and it really got on my last nerve. I’m not religious, I believe what I believe & that is that & I really don’t appreciate people making reference to God & religion as if everyone participates in a religion or church like they do. Near the end it was getting to the point that I really wanted to say something like “if I wanted to hear about God I’d go to church, and I don’t go to church…comprende?” I also had one other complaint about Bob, which I guess goes hand in hand here in a way. He asks a question “who here is married” and then another “who has a boyfriend” and that was it…no “who has a girlfriend”, just because it was all women in there he assumed that everyone was straight. I’m not outing anyone here, for all I know everyone was straight but by asking that question in that way he was excluding an entire culture of people. Why not just ask “who has a significant other” because that includes everyone. Now that I think of it, there was one guy present, so does that mean that Bob assumed that one guy was gay?

In conclusion I have to say that I used to work for a Jewish company (Jewish was even part of the company name) and even though I was prepared for it never in any of our meetings or anything else was religion ever mentioned other than the discussion of Holidays off. It’s all just inappropriate & inconsiderate, period!

Jun 9, 2008

Baby Mania

So Jessica Alba had her baby & named her Honor, it’s cute but she’s just asking for tons of ridicule throughout her life, especially during high school. Once the thought of sex makes its way into the lives of her & her little friends she’s going to hear tons of “get honor” remarks such as “yeah, Honor was there, honor knees that is” get it? Anyway, I’m sure she’ll be really pretty which will only make it that much more fun to make fun of her & her name. Anyone who watches Living Lohan knows that even celebs & children/siblings of celebs get made fun of. Poor Ali was being harassed during a block party during last night’s episode, kids were screaming at her & chasing her & attacking her with shaving cream while asking if she was going to rehab too just like her sister. I felt bad for her but I couldn’t stop laughing either, it’s just so hard to feel bad for rich celebs who sign up for a reality show, they are kind of asking for it.

Speaking of children can we please discuss this Gaiken child? None of this situation makes any sense & all of the situation points directly to the fact that Clay is gay! So just over a year ago Clay told People that he wanted to be a dad really bad & now he is going to be one, but not the way you think…he didn’t have sex with the 50 year old woman who will be the mother of his child. He donated his goods & she was inseminated. I have about a million problems with this whole thing. First of all, she is almost twice his age & while age isn’t important I think it will be when mom is trying to raise a newborn & cope with menopause all at the same time. I understand that she has never had kids, but why not have them with a man your own age, or with nobody at all? The whole thing sounds like some random drunken night…for some reason these 2 people are hanging out (probably at a Broadway play) and they have 1 too many & she says “I always wanted to be a mom” & he says “me too” so they just decide right there to have a baby. Apparently she announced it to all of her friends at her 50th birthday party, I’m guessing there was some shock & then when she said who the dad was a major burst of laughter until they realized she wasn’t joking. Now I’m not saying that they will be bad parents, I’m just saying…”come out already”!!!!

Jun 4, 2008

Coupons, coupons, coupons!

So yesterday I talked about how well I've been doing on my gas usage & today it was funny because a Navigator was behind me but because I wasn't accelerating fast enough he passed me in the next lane really fast & then someone was turning so he had to slam on his brakes & I said (yes out loud) now was that gallon of gas really worth it?

OK now to the saving on food (it's a long story, I apologize). Obviously there are certain tips that are common sense but I'm gonna list some of them for you anyway:

  • Don't eat out so much, cooking at home is usually cheaper
  • Shop at stores like Save A Lot or Aldi
  • Buy generic
  • Grow your own food, granted it might be tough raising a cow in an apartment but it will save you bundles!
  • Eat your leftovers
  • Buy from bulk stores like Costco or Sam's Club
  • Don't shop while you are hungry

I buy some things generic, I buy some things from stores like Aldi, I grow my own herbs but don't have anywhere to grow veggies, I eat my leftovers, and I do shop at Costco but those are just a few ways that I save money and honestly those aren't the tactics I use to save cash most of the time. I am finding the best way to save the money is a bit time consuming but once you get it down to a science you can really clip along. The first thing I do is grab a Sunday paper & grab the coupon section out of the paper and start going through all of the coupons in it & clipping anything of interest. We also have a coupon club at work & the bag of coupons gets passed around once a month for everyone to go through so I add those to my stack of coupons I clipped myself. I am going to purchase a coupon organizer book that will make it much easier to keep track of what I have which will in the end also save me time & money because I can just take it with me to the store, but I digress. Once all the coupons have been clipped & put in order (I do by exp date) it is now time to check out the store papers which I get delivered to my apartment building on Mondays.

I then sit down with my grocery list which is always hanging on my fridge so I can add needed items to it as the weeks go on and I obviously do a once over to make sure I didn't miss anything before I finalize the list. Having a list when you go shopping is a must, not only so you don't forget stuff but so you don't buy crap that you don't need, stick to your list. So like I said I sit down with my list, and my grocery store papers, and my coupons & I begin combing the papers (this can also be done online but I prefer the papers) and seeing which stores have what on sale & I then see if they are on the list & I circle stuff in the papers that match up. At this point I start dividing my list into usually 3 lists Kroger, Meijer, CVS (for the assorted toiletries & what nots) so once I've got my lists separated I then start going through my coupons & if there is something I want & I see that a coupon is about to expire I take the coupon with me to all the stores so it gets its own pile. I then start setting aside the other coupons for the individual stores, like if I see that Kroger has cheese 3 for $5 and I happen to have a dollar off coupon for that cheese then of course I'm gonna put that coupon in the Kroger pile & put the cheese on the list if it isn't already & I just got my cheese 3 for $4 & if I'm lucky it's double coupon day!! Regardless I probably technically saved about 4 bucks on that cheese from its original shelf price.

A side note, I never know when it is double coupon day, Farmer Jack always did it the same day of the week every week & some places do it like a happy hour but there is one tiny old school grocery store by me that always does double coupons so I do occasionally go there but their selection is limited, I assume it would be the same in your area as well but I'm going to look into double coupon days to save even more.

Now I have my 3 piles, 3 lists & I'm going to 3 stores & for me it's totally feasible, the Meijer is 4 miles
away (next to Costco should I need a stop there) and I pass the Kroger on my way back home from Meijer so I just hit them up at once. As far as CVS goes I pass one on my way home from work & usually stop there then so I'm not wasting any extra gas. I generally go shopping on a weekend night because the stores are empty & when the stores are busy you get stopped in front of things that you wouldn't normally look at & then you buy crap you don't need. At night you get in, you hit all the aisles & you are out the door in no time.

Once I arrive at the store I get out my list & my coupons for the list as well as my other pile of coupons; stuff that I might want to get if it's on sale because my coupon is about to expire but I don't really NEED it. I hit up all the aisles & when I'm making my lists I will put a little c next to the items I have coupons for so I can make sure I buy the right size or modification of the product. At times I find that even with my coupon the Kroger/Meijer brand of some stuff is still cheaper, like my disinfectant spray or freezer bags. There are a lot of things however that I won't buy generic like ketchup or pancake syrup. Every time I go grocery shopping I take any cans/bottles I have back & I usually take them to Kroger because I buy their Big K pops which are actually really good & way cheaper than name brand. This usually gets me at least 2 bucks off my groceries & every penny counts but then I scan my Kroger card & poof, I saved another $4, and then I hand over my coupons & the next thing you know, my bill just went from $39.33 to $27.11. At Meijer I generally find that their prices on most stuff is lower than other stores anyway which is why I usually start there & the last time I was in my bill was $101.12 but after my coupons it was $74.27 & then I made my stop at CVS & saved $30.24 (the cashier actually said "dang girl, I aint never seen savings like that") for a grand total savings of $71.31 & I got groceries for 2 weeks, a new electric toothbrush, a celeb rag mag, and even a couple things I really didn't need. So as you can see, it can be time consuming & obviously if you live in a big city doing this would probably be a huge hassle & not worth it but living in your basic city in America there is a grocery store & a drug store on every corner & if you have the time you might as well save some money with it. I also suggest taking most anyone up on a dinner offer, a free meal is a free meal!

*With it being fruit & veggie month in the U.S. I recommend keeping your eyes open for roadside stands or other local growers and farmers markets because you can save a ton there as well & make a lot of delicious foods from the fresh produce.

Jun 3, 2008

Save on Gas!!

Ok people, so I’ve been pretty damn proud of myself as of late because I’ve been saving so much money! Since living alone I now have more crap to buy, which in turn means more money to spend. Then to my dismay the cost of gas went up causing the cost of food to go up & I now have even more money to spend & I had just worked my new budget after moving. So anyway, I obviously had to rearrange my budget to accommodate all of these cost increases, which led me to coupon clipping & saving gas. There really isn’t much that you can do to save gas when you aren’t willing to walk or ride a bike or buy a hybrid but you can stretch your tank a bit. I am now running about 14-16 days on 1 tank of gas as opposed to the 10 days I was running before. Now in any given week I drive a minimum of 110 miles which includes my 5 trips to and 4 from work and my weekly trip to & from Dearborn for family dinner. Back when I first moved (and gas was about $3 a gal) I would throw 20 bucks in my tank every Sunday & that would just about get me through the week although if I wanted to do anything on the weekend I would be pushing it.

I say the first trick is filling up your tank rather than just chucking some gas in there every few days (why I’m not sure but trust me), now I filled up my tank the other day & it cost me like 40 bucks which is insane (I drive a Focus by the way) but if I can make that 40 bucks last 2 weeks then it is no different than me throwing in a 20 every week other than the fact that my gas is costing me a dollar more per gallon. Ok, enough about my mileage, here is how I make my gas stretch.
Constantly slamming on the gas & the brakes eats up a ton of gas & you probably don’t even realize it. I now accelerate slowly, there is no reason to slam on the gas at every green light nor is there any reason to slam on your brakes at every red light, pay attention & just take your foot off of the gas to slow down & then brake once you get closer to the light. We all have been stuck behind the ass rider who is constantly braking because they don’t want to hit the person in front of them, keep a slight distance behind them just in case & pay more attention to the car in front of them & if you see them brake then you might want to, otherwise just ignore the constant braking because that fool is wasting tons of gas, oh, don’t tail people either or you will be that ass rider wasting gas.
Go the speed limit instead of 10 over on the freeway especially if it’s a longer trip, this could save you gallons because obviously the faster you go the more gas you are using so why speed & get a ticket on top of all of that gas you are wasting?
Remove any items from your car that you don’t really need especially if they are heavy because it really does make a difference especially if your car is used to just toting you around.
Keep your tires filled as much as they are supposed to be filled (this info can be found in your owner’s manual or often behind your fuel door) and I would suggest checking them every few weeks & keeping up on it.
Change your air filter if it needs it (every 6 mos to a year), if you aren’t sure if it needs a new one just pull out the old one & if it looks all dirty then replace it, they are cheap & very easy to replace, again, see your owner’s manual or ask someone who can show you how to change it out. Keep up on scheduled maintenances, get your oil changed & your oil place should be able to tell you what other services you should get done & how often. I know some of these places will try to cram services down your throat but I find that Valvoline Instant Oil Change will make suggestions but they have never asked if I wanted additional services other that what I requested when pulling in.
If you are picking someone up or just have to wait for some other reason, turn your car off, why waste the gas just sitting there. Do your best to try less congested routes to work; this avoids all the stop & go of a clustered freeway. Keeping your windows closed can help cut down on gas usage but when it is super hot I think having the window open is cheaper than running the A/C.
That’s about all of the gas saving techniques I have put into play as of late so go ahead & try some of them out for yourself & see how much gas you save!! Stick around; tomorrow I’ll be posting tips on saving money on food.

Fashion amendment

I forgot a fashion trend that I loathe in my last trends post...what is with the ankle boots with a dress or skirt or shorts? These go with pants & pants only...it looks completely ridiculous to wear a boot that short with anything else unless you are wearing tights that match the boot which just makes them look like a thigh high boot. The reason they are designed the way they are is so that under your pant they look like they just might be hot ass tall boots, which are completely acceptable to be worn with a dress or skirt. See photo of Kate Bosworth (courtesy of celeblife.com) sporting the hideous trend!