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Jun 29, 2009

Going, going, gone!

I just wanted to add a couple deaths to the list since I haven't actually blogged since Thursday. Not only did MJ die on the 26th, so did Farrah Fawcett & rumors were also going around the Jeff Goldblum had died but that was a hoax...a pretty shitty one too if you ask me. Billy Mays, the infomercial king pt. 2 (Ron Popeil is the real king) also died I believe in his sleep after getting hit in the head with luggage on a plane or something though it's now discovered that apparently it wasn't the luggage that killed him it was heart disease. Not sure what all that is about but at least now I know that no new screaming for no reason commercials will be made. His inventive products will be sadly missed as I'm sure will he by family & friends. Ok, I think about wraps it up!!
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Jun 26, 2009

New Kids Tribute to Michael Jackson

We went & saw New Kids On The Block at DTE last night & here is a video someone took of the tribute they did to Michael Jackson who sadly passed the same day. The tribute was unexpected & was great!!

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Jun 24, 2009


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Jun 23, 2009

Today's Updates

Hey all, I'm feeling lazy & am not really in the mood to blog so I'll just fill you in real quick on what is going on:

Ed McMahon died at the age of 86, he was hospitalized in February & that's where he died just after midnight. Ed will certainly be missed, not only by the Carson fans but by anyone who was hoping to win the PCH Sweepstakes! I know Ed's family & friends will miss his bright spirit dearly & my heart goes out to them in this sad time.

In brighter news: SJP & MB had their twins. Now, is it just me or did you think that they just picked the surrogate like a month ago? Anyway, no names have been released yet & I hope they pick good ones! I'm very curious to see what these kids will look like because even though I love both of them, they are both very unattractive & most of the time 2 uglies make a cutie so let's hope! *Note, 4:30PM, they named the kids Marion & Tabitha...sounds like a kids book of some sort to me like Marion & Tabitha go to the theater...I don't care for them but they could be MUCH worse!
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Jun 22, 2009

Perez Gets the Beat Down!

So Perez got hit by Will.I.Am, no wait by Polo Molina, no wait, by a fan of the Black Eyed Peas. Who really cares who hit him? He got hit...for running his mouth & calling Will (of all things) a faggot. Seriously, what self respecting gay man would ever call someone that word? Did Will call him the N word? Nope, so why the 5 year old name calling? Also, if someone did hit him why didn't he hit back? I totally find many things amusing...Perez was twittering during the whole thing & asking his followers to call the police (faster to call himself), Perez's real name is Mario, he claims that he doesn't want or need this drama yet he certainly never hesitates to get his face in the media, and he rambles on and on for 11 minutes in this video where he tells his side of the story (full with lots more name calling). The best part is he says that he was being followed out of the club by BEP & then back to the hotel too before he notes "where they were also staying" and he's freaking out that they were following him & what if they had a gun? Dude, when you are staying in the same hotel it's not really being followed! Now, I would love to watch the Will.I.Am video as well but I haven't received my "confirmation email" so I can't view it but you can get the gist from this article here. Perez said that he has never had something like this happen & he's been doing this for 5 years...to that I say "congrats, I would have thought it would have happened long ago". I mean seriously, fighting is never the way to go but guess what? Fighting happens & drawing blood for "no reason" happens daily so my suggestion is that instead of crying & turning to your website to complain that you just buck up, accept responsibility for your side of what happened & maybe take a self defense class. Regardless of who hit who Perez has to know that he at the very least provoked a reaction & though it shouldn't have been a physical one it was & he has to deal with it.
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Jun 19, 2009

Whoopie More Breeders

Looks like Tom & Gisele are spawning which means 1 of two things...either that baby is going to be super attractive or ugly as hell, most often 2 pretties make an ugly, it's just fact. I hope Gisele gets as big as a house, I always love it when models & skinny chicks get gigantic though the famous ones tend to go back to normal overnight. At least maybe now that she's getting one of her own she can stop glomming on to Bridget Moynahan's kid & claiming it as her own. Obviously this girl is in desperate need of a kid, her clock must be ticking like a mo-fo, maybe she has 2, maybe she stole mine! She can freaking keep it!!
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Sober Shower/Bachelorette Party

Poor Kendra...she had to celebrate her shower/bachelorette party sober, what's the frigging point in a bachelorette party if you can't woop it up? I've been to some for ladies who NEVER drink & guess what they did? That's right kids, got WASTED!! Just look at her face in this pic...she looks really bummed in my opinion. Kind of reminds me of my cousin who found out a week before her wedding that she was pregnant again, she wanted to cry at her wedding as everyone was toasting with champagne & she she had water. Her opinion at that point was "what a waste of an open bar when I'm not even consuming any of it", I told her to have a glass of freaking champagne since she was only 5 weeks pregnant I mean come on one glass? It's your wedding!
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Vote Speidi Away

Don't forget to jump on E! here & vote to make E! a Speidi free zone!!! I'm so sick of these 2, granted it makes for some fun to rip on them but it's getting to the point where it's not even that fun anymore, they are absolute idiots with no goals & a very bizarre view of the world & the jokes can only go so far with that so I say let them disappear into the night & let's start making fun of someone else!!
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Jun 18, 2009

Toe Thumbs

Here are pics of the toe thumbs, kind of creepy if you ask me & if my thumbs looked like that I certainly wouldn't be holding them up by my face in a close up shot! What's with her & toes?
Here is an animated toe thumb show :)
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Foxy Camel!!

So, did you all get to see the lovely, sexy, smoldering Megan Fox's camel toe incident? Well, don't worry if you didn't because I've got it posted right here! Looking at the extent of said toe it makes me wonder how in the hell she wasn't aware of the very obvious frontal wedgie she was sporting. Speaking as a woman, you know when something has shifted or is up your ass or up your chalupa, especially if it is a lounge wear item because it is hugging everything. I think it's pretty clear that Fox isn't wearing any underwear & when you aren't wearing underwear you really notice something climbing up your chalupa. Maybe she should invest in a Cuchini? My friend Carl informs me that she also has toe thumbs, I'm now on the hunt for verification photos of said toe thumbs.
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Jun 17, 2009

Michelle's Housewarming Party

I had to share this excellent video of Michelle showing off her skills, not to mention memory of choreography, enjoy!!

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Team Letterman!

Ok, I'm sure more of you are aware of the controversy around David Letterman & Sarah Palin & the tacky yet funny joke(s) he told about her daughter Bristol Palin (18) being impregnated by A-Rod (33) while in town for a Yankees game. Basically Dave told a joke about Bristol getting knocked up by A-Rod which is fitting since he's a dog & Bristol did get knocked up at a young age...I don't see how a joke is any more "disgusting" than the truth! I feel as though Palin is embarrassed by her daughter being a slut & a young unwed mother so she chose to try to direct the attention away from those FACTS claiming that the joke was about raping her 14 year old daughter (she obviously has too many kids if she didn't get the joke). I also think that Sarah is just trying to remain in the spotlight, she was on American Chopper for Christ's sake! Anyway, I think Sarah needs to get off the Moose she rode in on (and then shot) and just continue being a clueless dip shit. If she is going to make a point of calling Letterman out for his jokes she should probably not jump the gun as to what they are referencing. My biggest issue with all of this crap is that all these dip shit people are bombarding the Late Show studio demanding that Letterman lose his job. Are you effing kidding me? You want someone to lose a job because they told a joke that pissed someone else off? I don't understand the logic of the American people anymore, well at least the Republicans. Can I also say that these people going on and on about Dave joking about raping a 14 year old girl & how disgusting it is should acknowledge the fact that Palin accepted Dave's apology (probably because she knew she was wrong) & they should too. Check out the video below that shows the protest going on outside the studio & look at how many people are just as stupid as Palin & obviously are believing what they are told rather than the truth. Please follow this link to get the whole story (from Huffington Post) & to see the video of Letterman clarifying & apologizing for the joke(s) which he also re-tells to get the point across.

photo courtesy of tvguide.com
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Jun 16, 2009

Team Roker!

Did you guys catch the Roker/Montag battle on The Today Show? Didn't think so...here's the deal. Al asked Heidi real questions which she dodged & he didn't let it fly, made her answer them & that apparently hurt her feelings. She said that she was "attacked" and that Al Roker likes being "rude to women" and no part of anything Al said was rude to women, he was being honest with her & asking them both questions that people want answered like why is Spencer such a jerk & what's with all the Jesus crap. Speidi are crazy if they think the American public will side with them rather than Al, their fame is all in their heads & they don't get that those of us who watch them on shows are secretly hoping they spontaneously combust & we get to see it live! I wonder if there is some sort of petition we can sign to get them banned from TV forever, like a PPO for entertainment, it would be great!!!

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Orange You Pissed Your Dress Is Too Long?

Ok so I really like the dress that Ashley is wearing here primarily because it's orange but I will say that it's far too long...did you notice the wet hem line? My issue with this so called "celebrity hot pic" from Us is who gives a shit about the Olsen twins? They don't act anymore, they have some of the worst fashion sense in the industry, and I don't care what anyone says they are not attractive...they weren't cute kids & though they've gotten better with age they still look like muppets to me.
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Jun 11, 2009

Kendra Is Pregnant, Does This Scare Anyone Else?

Ok so the other day I learned that Kendra Wilkinson & her beau Hank Baskett are expecting a baby (due on Christmas). Now, I watched the first episode of her new show "Kendra" and if her style of parenting is anything like her style of throwing a housewarming party that kid is screwed! Basically when she had her housewarming party her furniture & decor consisted of a bed on the floor in her room & a stripper pole in the FAMILY room. She went grocery shopping & said "I didn't know food was so expensive", she also said that when she saw the house it was full of furniture & she thought it would all be left behind for her! Hello, did your agent tell you it came furnished? Didn't you ever go grocery shopping with your mom as a kid? How much did you get ripped off when you bought the house?

On the plus side, Hank seems grounded & intelligent & street smart so hopefully he can help mold Kendra into a person who is a little more aware of reality. Living in the Playboy mansion is nothing like not living there & the sooner she wakes up & figures that out the better off she'll be.

photo courtesy of msn movies
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Jun 10, 2009


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Jun 9, 2009

SBTB Reunion, Shut Your Face!

So you all know I don't like Jimmy Fallon's show so unfortunately I missed Zack/Mark-Paul do this last night but thanks to Us Weekly I was able to see it & if they did a reunion (even if it's just on Jimmy's show) I would be "so excited" Jessie on diet pills style :)

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Jun 8, 2009

I'm Too Pretty To Act!!

Well, we all heard about how Jessica Biel thinks she's being ignored for serious roles because she's too hot. I'm guessing that's why I'm not running my company too, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I wouldn't be any good at it!!! Anyway, she's a decent actor but nothing special though her body is banging so if I were her I'd enjoy it now & wait until I was older & no longer hot to play more serious roles. There's a point here so I digress, check out some of these pics in Gotham Magazine because if she wants to be seen as more than a pretty face she should probably stop doing sexy photo shoots!
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A Little Seacrest For Ya!

Well, not that little!! LOL

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So Maybe It Wasn't Suicide...

Photos were released (assumed by the Bangkok police) of David Carradine hanging in the closet of his hotel room now I didn't look at the photos but they were described on the radio this morning. Here's the gist & my conclusion...so when I first heard about the "suicide" & then heard that he was nude & hanging in his closet my brain went right to auto-erotic asphyxiation ala Michael Hutchence of INXS but when I heard the description this morning I'm thinking maybe not. I don't believe that he was murdered because his hands were tied together over his head & were also tied to the same rope that was around his neck but there was no bruising or sign of a fight. Obviously being tied up the way he was would make it impossible for him to masturbate while being hung in the closet as well. I've decided that he had a hooker in his room & got her to tie him up & likely give him some oral pleasure & during the process he died & the hooker likely bailed once she realized that he was dead & left him to be found by the maid. Well, as sad as this news is it leads me to believe that at least he died happy!!
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Jun 5, 2009

Move That Boogie Body!!

This totally made my freaking day!!!

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Jun 4, 2009

David Carradine Commits Suicide

At the age of 72 David Carradine, best known for his starring role on the 70's show "Kung Fu", hung himself in his hotel room in Bangkok. Apparently he was in Bangkok filming a movie & he didn't show up for a meal with his co-workers which they thought was strange. He was found hanging in his room this morning by a maid and it is assumed that he hung himself Wednesday afternoon/evening. For those of you who didn't watch Kung Fu you may know Carradine as the famed "Bill" in the Kill Bill movies. Police investigation is still underway but the preliminary report showed that he hung himself with a curtain cord & there appeared to be no foul play. My condolences go out to his family & friends at this time. For the full article from Alternative Press click here.
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Jimmy Won A Cougar!

So I admit that I did watch the first season of The Cougar on TV Land & while I watched it sporadically I got the gist & had to catch the finale to see which of the young lads Stacey would pick! I wasn't too keen on any of the guys really but when it came down to the final 3 I picked my favorite & he won! Way to go Jimmy who is a personal trainer & has the body to prove it, he's 24 & just a couple years older than Stacey's oldest kid, strange but true. Her 4 kids really liked Jimmy & seemed to take to him almost instantly & though he seemed douchey in the beginning of the show he started to grow on Stacey once he showed his true colors. Colt who was the non-winner last night was very upset when he learned the news but he was pretty cool & of course at the age of 25 he has plenty of time to find a new cougar or maybe even a girl his own age :) Jimmy proposed to Stacey at the end which actually seemed to really surprise her so while I KNOW Jimmy didn't pay for the ring (HUGE & gorgeous) I don't know if Stacey saw a proposal coming but she did say yes so we'll see what happens there.
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Jun 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to wish a happy b-day to all my June bugs! Stef, Fred, Kara, Michelle, Andrea, and probably a bunch more!!!
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Love Me Some Creed!

God no I'm not talking about the band because they suck I'm talking about the The Office & the Creed Blackmail webisodes that I've been enjoying on Hulu during my lunch break today. If you haven't checked them out yet you really should, especially if you are an Office & or Creed fan :)
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