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Jul 21, 2010

Woot, it's horoscope day!!

It's that time of the week for your Real Detroit Weekly horoscopes!!  Fingers crossed that mine is accurate this week because it's a good one!
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Jul 19, 2010

Come out & support a great cause!!

Hey there my wonderful readers...wouldn't you like to come on out to Garden Bowl in downtown Detroit & get your bowl & your drink on & help support a wonderful cause?  Myself & my coworkers are bowling to raise the roof for an amazing family who is working with Habitat For Humanity - Oakland County.  We have some awesome prizes that will be given out like 4 passes to Blackheath Golf Club & a $50 gift certificate to Fishbone's!!  Head on over to this site to find out all of the details & buy your ticket to the event which includes a raffle for the prizes.

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Jul 16, 2010

I was powerless last night

Who needs electricity when everything comes in some sort of pre-moistened (or not) towelette?  I just did dishes, cleaned most of my kitchen & bathroom, and honestly could have done the floors too if I really wanted to but I’ve opted to sip a margarita & cram in the 15 remaining minutes on my laptop what bit of genius I could about power outages. I’m loving my iPod touch & the fact that it has a speaker more & more every time I use it.  I also love the way my apartment smells with 12 candles burning in it & Wendy said that sounded very romantic & that 9 months from today a lot of babies would be born in this area & my response….it’s too hot to f**k dude!  I mean come on, it’s like 80 with humidity at a nice swift kick in the teeth, so being naked and pressed against someone else naked just sounds like a very uncomfortable sweaty sticky disaster & I’d definitely pass on that!  I’m missing my shows & I’m in a relationship with my DVR and I feel like I got to the restaurant & then 20 minutes after my date was supposed to be there he texted & said “not gonna make it”, you know?  I’m also planning on catching up on some People crossword puzzles here…assuming I can keep my eyes open.  Not having entertainment sure is tiring…no wonder people went to bed so early ages ago, there was nothing else to do!  I suppose I should open the windows & allow the cool humid air to roll in so that I wake up a greasy sticky mess tomorrow which should be sweet.  It would also be nice if the power was on in the morning so I could post this to my blog & have my coffee.
Well, it’s the next morning…I’m at work…I still have no power, I did wake up a greasy sticky mess & sadly I’m only on my first cup of coffee but on the plus side, I don't have to do anything requiring power to get ready for work so I was still on time!

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Jul 15, 2010

Was that titty worth it Kwame?

Well, it appears that Kwame is in trouble after some sexual misconduct during a visit from his wife.  First of all if I were her I would just let him rot, I wouldn't be visiting & I certainly would not allow him to touch me.  He's a freaking pig & she should have left him a long time ago but whatever, she can go ahead & be dumb, that's her choice.  According to the article he did some "inappropriate touching" & groped his wife's titty which is not on the list of touching that is allowed.  According to Russ Marlan who is the spokesman for the Michigan Department of Corrections "prisoners are permitted one kiss and one embrace at the beginning and end of a visit, and when posing for a photograph, he said. They may also hold hands, but no further contact is permitted".   

Arnold Reed who is one of Kwame's lawyers thinks the charges are ridiculous but noted that the rules are the rules & whether they are ridiculous or not prisoners need to abide by said rules.  Mike Paul who is an NY based rep of Kwame's says that the guard is just trying to make a name for himself.  He also said "This is his wife. Not his girlfriend, not a guard, not somebody he met there at the prison.”  So?  The rules aren't specific to each person you may come in contact with...they apply to everyone & if titty groping isn't on the list of appropriate touching then he shouldn't be doing it, period & special exceptions shouldn't be made because of who he is.  I mean, if Joe Blow did the same thing he'd get in trouble as well but Paul thinks he should have been given a warning & not written up...I thought that being informed of rules in any situation is a warning...follow these or YOU LOSE!  Anyway, this could adversely affect his possible option for early parole but we won't know any more for some time since Kwame is currently in Fedreal custody.  This just keeps getting better & better doesn't it?  
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Jul 14, 2010


In the midst of eating a ton of carbs I figured I could take the time out to get a little exercise & post the Real Detroit Horoscopes.  Enjoy them my loyal readers!!
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How crazy!

So last night my mom called & we were on the phone for quite a while & she was telling me how she went to the dentist on Monday & had to deal with this obnoxious dad & his 2 kids in the waiting room because she had of oddly enough arrived really early & her hygienist was running late.   How odd is it that on Monday I also had a dentist appointment & arrived really early & my hygienist was running late & I had to deal with an obnoxious mom & her 2 kids?  I also had an obnoxious stranger & a woman yapping on her cell phone but still we were both really early & we're usually just on time, then our hygienists were running late & they never do!  To top it off mom asked me when my next appointment was scheduled & I told her Monday January 17th & she said "me too".  Crazy...crazy I say!!
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Jul 7, 2010


Here you go...not going to add fluff because I'm not feeling fluffy, read them or don't, I don't really care.
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