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May 31, 2011

Hangover Part 2

So last night we went & saw Hangover 2 & I was a little skeptical about it even though my mom had told me that it was hilarious & stupid which was what I was hoping for & she was right!  Sure the movie is basically the same movie as the first one but it's still a different story that just happens to be similar to the last one.
Mr. Chow had a much larger part than I expected & I was thrilled that he did, he's so damn funny & the way he is found...well, you'll have to see that for yourself.  I don't want to give anything away but I'm going to share this with you...Stu just seems to have the worst effing luck ever, ha ha ha, poor guy!

If you enjoyed the first one you need to see the second one, period, it's not up for discussion just get your happy ass to the theater & see it!
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May 25, 2011


OK everyone...we are coming up on a holiday weekend so here's your new Real Detroit Horoscope to get you through it!!
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May 16, 2011

Something Borrowed

I went & saw Something Borrowed yesterday after finishing the book last week which I started reading not knowing they were making it into a movie & had to hurry up & finish.  First of all I need to note that the character Kate Hudson is playing (Darcy) is described as a tall, thin, brunette with an olive complexion so that gets it right off to a bad start but oh well.  The character played by Ginnifer Goodwin (Rachel) is a little more like what is described in the book & the rest of the cast, you can decide for yourself.  This post is loaded with spoilers.

Now, the actual movie wasn't bad, it might have been better had I not read the book but I thought Kate overacted a bit & wasn't looking her best either but I think she was newly pregnant which could have attributed to that.  My biggest issue about this movie was that they changed so much from the book & for no reason either, like they combined Hillary & Ethan into one character (Ethan, played by John Krasinski), they put Rachel in a brownstone building when she had a pretty comical doorman (which means no brownstone), at the end it was a jacket not a watch & Dex was clothed hiding in the kitchen, over the 4th they ran into his parents & didn't buy any dice, it seemed as though Rachel & Dex only hooked up the once before 4th of July when they had already been sleeping together a lot for a few months.  The movie focused more on Darcy & Rachel than Rachel & Dex & that really got on my nerves.  The book was about Rachel & Dexter, not Rachel & Darcy so I think that kind of made the movie too fluffy because we didn't get to see the struggle that Rachel & Dex were dealing with, all of the avoiding the talks or the attempts to talk that only ended in sex.  They didn't share the tension leading up to the weekend of the 4th when they had decided they would hammer everything out, and that was a pivotal moment in the book.  Ethan moving to London in the middle of the movie was pointless when he was there the whole time, he also wasn't into Rachel at all in the book but expressed his feelings in the movie, for what purpose?  The girl who played Claire was really annoying but not annoying like the Claire in the book, just plain annoying like maybe they should have kept Hillary & omitted Claire.  I wasn't happy about the end of the movie either (why must it always be happy?) because that's not how the book ended but I'm still glad I saw it because I so rarely read books that they make into movies & I know that the book is almost always better because of the length & detail but I really hate it when they are 2 separate entities with only hints of each other, it's not cool! 

Anyway, I give the movie 2 olives out of 4...I'd watch it again on cable but wouldn't pay to rent it.  Either read the book & skip the movie or see the movie first or you'll be disappointed.
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May 11, 2011

It's Horoscope Day!!

It's Wednesday but more importantly it's horoscope day!!!  Click here to get your Real Detroit Horoscope.
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