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Dec 28, 2009

Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?

I don't know about you guys but I made out pretty good this year!  I got most everything on my list except oddly I didn't get the 1 thing that I actually needed...everything else I wanted & got about 85% of that.  My top dog gift this year was DJ Hero, The Renegade Edition and my 2nd top dog gift was Wii Fit Plus & I'm loving both of them very much!!  I actually needed a gift card to either Penney's or Sears because I desperately need new boots for work & I didn't get it so it's looking like my broke ass is going to have to spend another winter in leaky boots, oh well!!  There was a video game I wanted that I didn't get & a DVD that I've asked for the last 3 years & am still without & then there was the Stanley mug from "the Office" that I wanted & didn't get so I'll just have to buy the damn thing myself! 

There were 2 things I got that I didn't ask for & I'm super happy with them.  I got...a...Snuggie & a Perfect Brownie pan!!  The pan I wanted but didn't ask for, I thought it was super cool & then there's the Snuggie which I have made fun of from day one & never understood what the point is & even though I still agree that it's pretty stupid I'm loving mine.  I think I'm going to add at least one snap on the back of the neck part because trying to get cozy with that damn thing completely open in the back just doesn't work, I lean forward & it starts to fall off & that's really annoying.  God forbid I try to walk in the damn thing, I have to pick up the bottom of it or I will trip & fall on my face & then the top of it starts to fall off & before I know it I'll be tangled up in leopard print fleece on the floor with a broken limb & that isn't cool.  So, what did you guys get that you wanted or didn't want?
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Dec 23, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Horoscopes!!

Ho Ho Ho everyone, here are your holiday horoscopes from the one & only Real Detroit Weekly!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas (or other seasonal holiday) and don't forget to check back next week to see what your 2010 will have in store for you!
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Dec 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy dies at 32

At 8:00 am this morning 911 was called from the home of Brittany Murphy's husband Simon Monjack & Brittany was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she pronounced dead on arrival.  Brittany suffered cardiac arrest and could not be revived, there is no news as to what caused the cardiac arrest.  The story is still developing but my thoughts are with her family & friends during this awful tragedy, especially this close to the holidays...I feel so bad for everyone in her life.  I know I will miss her amazing acting & singing talents, she was a wonderful entertainer IMHO and so many of her movies are on the list of movies I can watch over & over like 8 Mile, Clueless, and Little Black Book.
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Dec 16, 2009

Real Detroit Horoscopes!!

It's that time of the week again to find out what your future holds!!  Come & check out your Real Detroit Horoscopes!!
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Dec 10, 2009

Renaissance State Of Mind - Ro Spit

So I caught this on Twitter today when Mlive posted it and since I'm a Jay-Z fan & a Detroit fan I really enjoyed this...it doesn't hurt that freaking Empire State of Mind is one of my current favorite songs on the radio either.  I've never heard of Ro Spit before but obviously he's from the D & he appeared on HOT 102.7 to send this track out to the world!

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Dec 9, 2009

It's time for the horoscopes!!

Hey there all of you Sag folks, it's time to come & get your Horoscope for this week!!  Click here to read what Real Detroit thinks about your life.
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80's Throw Back!

So today I decided to try out my clothing option for a holiday party I have to attend in a couple weeks & just see if it was cozy, if I was warm enough or too warm, if all the accessories went together like I pictured in my head & if I could make it through 10 hours in it without getting itchy or annoyed.  Well, we are on hour 3 and all is well, I've had a couple compliments on it so far so other people seem to like it which is a good thing but what I noticed just a few minutes ago is that I'm totally 80's right now.  It's not 80's in a bad way, but still definitely a throw back and the thing I noticed the most is that for the first time I can tell I'm 32.  I think it's because when I look in the mirror at this sort of 80's sweater dress w/belt & tights & my hair pulled back I resemble what the corporate women looked like in 80's movies like Working Girl and Mannequin...less the shoulder pads.  These women were in their early 30's & I thought they looked "so cool" and couldn't wait to be them, well my friends, today...I am!
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Dec 8, 2009

Kwame is killing me!!

Ok, this trial is just a mess & Kwame just keeps making a fool out of himself.  All he keeps saying is "I don't know" or "I didn't understand that" and this whole turn over your tax refunds debacle...he says he didn't understand that he had to pay his tax returns to the restitution department.  Well, I'm not an attorney but I understood that he had to fork over his cash refund because it was printed in black & white.  Kwame was an attorney & if he truly doesn't understand anything being said to him then how the hell did he pass the Bar exam?

Now he says he doesn't know what his wife's job is..."homemaker I believe"...really?  Where did your wife get all the money that she donated & opened up funds with? "I don't know".  Dude, if your wife doesn't earn any money then how can you not know where she got the money to make donations or whatever?  Obviously, all the money that you & your wife spent came from you!!

I have to say that the look he keeps making whenever a question is asked is freaking priceless...he gets this look on his face like he's never even heard the words coming out of the mouth of the lawyer, you can see this look on his face in the picture attached.

Now, the questions I would like answered are: where is he staying while he's hear for the hearings & who's paying for it?  During this hearing he has had to fly to MI from TX twice (so far) so who's paying for the flights?  All he keeps doing is taking more & more cash from the city & in my book that's not cool!  If I had five minutes with him I would just like to say "dude, you are the definition of hood rich, you spend all your cash on big ticket & label items & can't pay your debts, nothing is in your name, you seem to think that the world owes you something when in reality you owe us all an apology & a lot of effing money! Oh and your wife is an asshole for staying with you because you are just using her to put everything in her name".

Ok, well I guess I should get back to watching it even though the last 20 minutes has just been lawyers arguing with each other and the judge but if you want to tune in, click here!
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Dec 2, 2009

Horoscopes for this week!!

This is a busy month for birthdays on my calendar so I'd like to pause to wish some of my peeps a happy birthday! James, Eddie, Dean, Leslie, & Katey...may all of your birthday wishes come true this year!  So here we go, click this for the first of 5 horoscopes for all my Sagittarius friends this fine December.

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Dec 1, 2009

Follow up with a happy ending...

I roll into the ophthalmologist's office today for a follow up regarding a skin tag I had removed from my eye lid a month ago and since it's one of the last appointments they are pretty empty which is nice.  I sit down & start reading my Us Weekly & almost immediately my name is called & a girl is standing there so I get up and walk toward her when she gives me the "fakeist" smile ever & then looks all irritated.  This was a bit annoying but we've all been there so I let it go & followed her into the room where she asked me like 4 questions & then took me to another room & left.  Well about 5 minutes later in walks the Dr. who is a handsome man in his early 50's probably & his face completely lights up & he says "oh hello, it's nice to see you" and this small moment of interaction totally made my day & no, not because he's handsome.  It's so annoying to me when I see someone that I've recently met & they act like they don't know me & I can definitely say that none of my Dr.'s ever seem to actually know me when I see them.  Now I know that with my other docs I don't see them very often other than my dentist (who definitely knows me) so it's not that odd to act like they don't know me but they could pretend couldn't they?  Anyway, I just wanted to point out that sometimes it just takes an honest & acknowledging smile to brighten up a day & to make up for the poor attitude from the others around. 
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Nov 30, 2009

Almost a week late Horoscopes

Sorry foos but I totally forgot to jump on & post these on Thanksgiving Eve!  Here they are just in case you wanted to see if yours fits your past week!!
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Nov 24, 2009

Broke & on break!

So here we are, closing in on the Thanksgiving holiday with an economy that is near death but that's ok because family &; food is right around the corner. This year I'm thankful that we are closed Wednesday through Friday & not thankful for the fact that it's all unpaid & I'll be broke for the rest of the year. Being broke really doesn't come in handy when trying to Christmas shop but I have to look on the bright side & that side is...5 days to sleep in!! I can catch up on Rock Band & reading & movies OnDemand because that stuff is free & so is enjoying the company of friends & loved ones. Make sure you make the most of this Thanksgiving too, remember it's the free stuff that really does count!!  I also wanted to thank all of my friends & family for sharing my birthday with me last week & weekend, it really meant a lot!
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Nov 18, 2009

Horoscopes for my birthday week!!

Come & get em, it's time for the Real Detroit Horoscopes for this week & mine better be good!
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Nov 11, 2009

Horrorscopes for this week!!

Ok, it's that time of the week again & here are your Real Detroit Weekly Horoscopes.  We are currently enjoying my sign & all it has to offer...better watch out, you never know what we are capable of, we may verbally attack when you least expect it or screw you to death!

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Nov 10, 2009

EA Active for Wii

Ok so a couple weeks back I popped into a Blockbuster that was going out of business & picked up the EA Active which was mis-marked at a 20% discount...score!  Well, last week I set up the game & created my character & picked out her clothes & that was enough of a workout so I didn't touch it again until yesterday when I actually worked out with the thing for the first time.  This kicked my ass, I can barely stand up today which is likely related to the fact that it took me forever to get all the accessories right so I did like an extra 10 squats.  For the most part I really enjoyed working out with this game but I definitely had some issues with it, the first being that I hate working out & I did in fact yell at the TV as I always do when working out at home.  

My second complaint is that there is a lot of squatting, crouching, lunging going on & my knees aren't in the best shape (like at all, growing up as a dancer ruined my knees) so when the trainer chick says "squat lower" or "you can do better" I really want to throw the Wii remote at the TV because I can't do better or go lower & there is no option (that I've found) to adjust the game to be aware of difficulties you might have.  I was going as low & doing the best I can but apparently it wasn't good enough for the game & it kept making me repeat the same task until I got low enough & at one point I would stand & then sit on the couch to mimic the squat.  My other issue was the constant change in equipment, yes, I enjoy the circuit training & like the variety but what I don't like is having to get the band, put down the band, take out the nunchuk, put back the nunchuk, get the band, put it down, hold the remote like this and then like that & the damn leg strap is constantly falling off & all of this was annoying.  Like I said, I like the circuit training but I would much rather do exercises by equipment so once we're done with the band we're done with it & once the nunchuk is out of the leg strap it doesn't go back.  I'm sure I'll get used to the constant change in equipment but it added like an extra 6 minutes to my workout & the having to pause to reattach the leg strap ate up another 3 to 4 mins so what was supposed to be a 20 minute workout was like a half hour!

What I do like is that you have various workout options & I'm currently doing the 30 day challenge and am at the low intensity stage...I can't even imagine what the medium or the high will be like when I could barely stand in the shower after working out with the low.  I'm also hoping that the game will notice my chosen days of rest because it has me alternating & my rest days will always be Thursday because I'm not around & Sunday because I don't do anything on Sunday.

I can say for sure that the exercise I hate the most is the inline skating when the girl is telling me squat lower to go faster & I can squat at a medium level or sit on the floor, there is no in between & after squatting for like 15 seconds you then have to jump & this repeats for like 3 minutes which doesn't seem like much but it's torture.  My favorite of course is the boxing because I like to hit things & I can do lots with my arms before they get sore which I'm sure has to do with the fact that I've always loved lifting weights so my arms are better conditioned for training. 

All in all I totally recommend this game & I'm sure once I get the Wii balance board I'll love it even more because it is compatible.  Like I said, this thing pissed me off a lot but any good trainer should & given the fact that it was my first workout with it I'm sure I'll adjust to the nuances as time goes on.  I'm actually looking forward to working out tonight, I'm curious to see what they have for me which hands down is way better than working out with the same DVD's over & over again!!  I'll let you know how things end up once my 30 day challenge is over.
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Nov 6, 2009

Another reason to love Cartman!

Do you love Eric Cartman, Poker Face, and Rock Band? If the answer is yes then check this out!!
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Nov 4, 2009

It's that time of the week!!

Here are your Real Detroit Weekly Horoscopes for this week, enjoy them, I sure hope to enjoy mine!!
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Nov 2, 2009

And the winner is!!!

ME!!  So the posse went to a Halloween party at a hall on Saturday night & we had a great time, not too busy, not too lame, good music, good crowd & some really great costumes.  They had 3 separate winners for best costume, best male, best female, best duo or group & I won best female!!  I was super shocked (pun intended) and very grateful for the win & my prize is a mani, pedi & massage...talk about AWESOME!!
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Oct 29, 2009

Every 9 year old should be a skank for Halloween!!

Ok, did you guys see the photo of Miley's little 9 year old sister dressed as a whore for Halloween?  I have so many comments & suggestions I don't even know where to start.  First of all I would like to know where she got this outfit & who the hell would make an outfit like this for a kid because that person needs to be shot first & then her parents need to be shot for buying it for her & letting her wear it out of the house.  I mean Jeebus Crisp you can practically see her underoos!  I'm sure that the sponsors on that step & repeat (including the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation) are really happy that a little slut is plastered all over the internet basically representing their organizations.  Toys R Us is on there too, do you think she got her costume there?  I'll bet a lot of parents think that maybe she did & won't be going there for costumes.  It's pretty obvious that their family is country since her parents obviously saw nothing wrong with this, or Miley posing in a creepy pic with dad, or Miley humping a stripper pole I guess whatever brings the dollars is fine by them, they ain't complaining!  Now, my next question is who names their daughter Noah?  Sure, technically it's a unisex name but we all know it's primarily a guy name, I've never met a female Noah or ever even heard of one prior to her but then again...they named their other daughter Miley, what is with these hicks?  Finally, I hate to but have to comment on how fugs this girl is...I thought Miley was unattractive but this poor little girl is 10 times worse & it doesn't help that she's wearing all this makeup or that her fivehead is showing.  I really hope that when she speaks she doesn't sound like an uneducated man like her big sister does!  Hopefully she'll grow a little more into her face as she gets older but who knows maybe she will be a really high earning stripper in a couple years & can fix herself right up.  Bottom line, no little girl should ever dress like this especially in public, her parents need to be shot & Miley needs to retire so that maybe this entire clan will just disappear from the public eye.  To see what others thought check out the article on Us Magazine online.

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Oct 28, 2009

Horrorscopes for this week!!

Get it? Horrorscopes...because it's Halloween week...get it?  Anyway, here is your weekly report from Real Detroit!
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Oct 26, 2009

Bea Arthur's Final Interview

You all know I was a big fan of the Bea & here is her final interview which I never saw, it's short...enjoy!!

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Oct 23, 2009

Miley has H1N1

So I read on Pink Is The New Blog that Miley Cyrus has H1N1 or at least that's what her friend's are tweeting since she is no longer on Twitter.  Aww, poor Miley...I wonder if it's true or if she's just saying it for shits & giggles, who knows.
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Oct 22, 2009

Slow's To Go?!

Do you love Slow's? I know I do & I think it's great that even in this economy they are still busy as hell, making major profits & opening a Slow's to Go location in midtown.  The best news about this is that if I ever get married they can now cater my wedding...hells yeah, everyone will want to be there!  Anyway, check out this article for more info & enjoy all that sloppy BBQ!
photo courtesy of detnews.com

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Oct 21, 2009

It's Horoscope Time!!

Hey ya'll it's hump day which also means that it's Real Detroit Horoscope day too, some come read yours...you know you are dying to!
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Oct 16, 2009


I love this so I had to share it!!

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Oct 14, 2009


Here they are for this week, come & get your Real Detroit Weekly horoscopes!!!
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Oct 13, 2009

Beauty Secret?

Saw this ad today & it confused me...is the beauty secret of how to look 10 years older, more wrinkled & depressed with bee stung lips?  There's no way I'm clicking that ad, no thanks!!

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This was on this site which is supposed to be the 10 worst sexy Halloween costumes & honestly, most of them are freaking hysterical...not sexy at all but funny as frick.  This one was my favorite, I'd likely trip over the slut hanging off my "junk" but it's still funny!!!

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Hi, I'm crazy & want to warn you about another crazy person!

The thrills of dating sites! So I was on this local site the other day which I don't check very often & I saw that I had a message & when I opened it noticed it was from a chick & trust me this isn't the first time a girl has messaged me either looking to date me or wanting me to date her & her boyfriend.  I opened the message since the title was PLEASE READ so I thought maybe she worked for some singles group & was organizing some function.  Anyway, I open the message & get this:

My name is Crazygirl and I have some things to share with you before you make a huge mistake. Crazyguy (aka datingsitehandle) was my fiancé/boyfriend up until last Thursday, we were supposed to be married on Sept 26, 2009 and I have the wedding contractual agreement along with payment verification to prove this. Wednesday evening I discovered Crazyguy has been lying to me and several other women. He has been writing to them and deceiving them that he is single and looking. Furthermore, Crazyguy has been deceiving me that everything is okay between us, lying that he isn't giving his telephone number out to women or asking them for dates, and saying that there aren't any women who are writing to him that are worth his time.

The truth is Crazyguy and I were having “issues” within the last week because he felt I didn't have enough time for him. Unfortunately I am a very busy person, I am a resident surgeon with a local hospital and this often lends to me not having the time that I'd like to have. I thought everything was okay between us and foolishly I allowed Crazyguy to lie to me. For days I've been questioning what he was doing on the dating site and he said just chatting. I believed him. I re-added my profile to the site as well in order to figure out what he was doing. Crazyguy assured me that I was all that he wanted, that there were no women on the site he was chatting with, no women he'd wanted, and wasn't giving his telephone number out.

Back to the point...Last evening I realized that I had Crazyguy's password to the site and I went into his profile. I discovered that he was sending messages back and forth with several other women passing out his number, asking for dates, and deceiving them about his current dating status. When I addressed his deceptions to him he first lied about it and then he finally became angry, verbally abusive, threatened me, and then we ended things. In the end he did admit some of his lies but he is very foolish, and perhaps I am more, to think I didn't know about all the other “little” lies. Throughout this he has lied to me about what he has said to other people, to my friends, and even small things like what he was doing.

Technically he is a free man and I wish any woman good luck with him but I wouldn't consider him a trustworthy person. As recent as last Thursday morning we were planning a lunch date and to spend this weekend together (I have this saved in emails), as recent as Wednesday night he was sending me flirty notes through the dating site, I have at least one email a day declaring his love for me and Wednesday night on the phone he was professing his feelings for me. We were even planning to try to get pregnant last weekend and this weekend.

Without spilling everything out I just wanted to warn you, and the other women he may be writing to, about his lies and deceptions. Is this really the type of person, and trouble, you'd want in your life? I know what he'd say, the same thing any man who has been caught in multiple lies would say... she's crazy, she's psycho, I never saw her, or a myriad of other deceptions in order to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. He's even gone as far as to claim my pictures are not me, we've never met face to face, and he doesn't know Crazygirl is my name. Who proposes to someone they've never met? Who professes their love so strongly to someone they've never seen? The bottom line is that if a person like this would lie to me, he'll lie to you.

I have proof of everything I am writing to you here. I have voice mails, emails, dating site love notes, Facebook messages in the multitudes, wedding contracts, even emails to my father asking to marry me and several other things to prove that everything I am saying is the absolute truth. Just whatever you chose to do with this please be aware of what he is and has done.

Crazyguy comes off as an honest and sincere man but truthfully it's all an act. He has made-up multiple lies to tell people and I wouldn't put it past him again.

If you need to contact me for proof or anything my email is shehonestlygaveher@email.com That email address is also my Facebook.
Thank you and good luck in your search. -Crazygirl

I did respond to her with this:  Thanks for the message but I have no idea who you are speaking of, I don't keep messages once I tell someone I'm not interested. I'm a little shocked that you are surprised though...you were about to get married & were trying to have a baby yet both of you were still on this site (a dating site for single people) last week? That's probably not the best way to be committed to someone. Good luck to you as well, take care!!

I never heard back from crazy girl but it sounds to me like he's not the only one to avoid here, who the eff works on getting pregnant before even getting married? Sure, it happens by mistake all the time that people get pregnant before they get married but I don't know any woman who would choose to be pregnant for their wedding...even if it was only a month, what fun is that? 

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Oct 9, 2009

Speidi interview on 95.5, not really an interview at all!!

On 95.5 here in Detroit they interviewed Spencer & Heidi & didn't let them get in more than like 5 words total during the entire thing.  I don't listen to them in the morning because I think they suck but a friend at work does & she told me about out & also dug up the clip from the podcast.  It's less than 5 minutes but so funny!!  I can't stand them & I honestly don't even know if they were smart enough to pick up on what was going on because the crew did a great job with it & didn't laugh at all.

On a totally unrelated note, WTF is with his outfit in this pic? What is with the cowboy hat all the time & those boots & jacket...he looks like a chef at a ranch in Texas!

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