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Oct 29, 2009

Every 9 year old should be a skank for Halloween!!

Ok, did you guys see the photo of Miley's little 9 year old sister dressed as a whore for Halloween?  I have so many comments & suggestions I don't even know where to start.  First of all I would like to know where she got this outfit & who the hell would make an outfit like this for a kid because that person needs to be shot first & then her parents need to be shot for buying it for her & letting her wear it out of the house.  I mean Jeebus Crisp you can practically see her underoos!  I'm sure that the sponsors on that step & repeat (including the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation) are really happy that a little slut is plastered all over the internet basically representing their organizations.  Toys R Us is on there too, do you think she got her costume there?  I'll bet a lot of parents think that maybe she did & won't be going there for costumes.  It's pretty obvious that their family is country since her parents obviously saw nothing wrong with this, or Miley posing in a creepy pic with dad, or Miley humping a stripper pole I guess whatever brings the dollars is fine by them, they ain't complaining!  Now, my next question is who names their daughter Noah?  Sure, technically it's a unisex name but we all know it's primarily a guy name, I've never met a female Noah or ever even heard of one prior to her but then again...they named their other daughter Miley, what is with these hicks?  Finally, I hate to but have to comment on how fugs this girl is...I thought Miley was unattractive but this poor little girl is 10 times worse & it doesn't help that she's wearing all this makeup or that her fivehead is showing.  I really hope that when she speaks she doesn't sound like an uneducated man like her big sister does!  Hopefully she'll grow a little more into her face as she gets older but who knows maybe she will be a really high earning stripper in a couple years & can fix herself right up.  Bottom line, no little girl should ever dress like this especially in public, her parents need to be shot & Miley needs to retire so that maybe this entire clan will just disappear from the public eye.  To see what others thought check out the article on Us Magazine online.

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Oct 28, 2009

Horrorscopes for this week!!

Get it? Horrorscopes...because it's Halloween week...get it?  Anyway, here is your weekly report from Real Detroit!
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Oct 26, 2009

Bea Arthur's Final Interview

You all know I was a big fan of the Bea & here is her final interview which I never saw, it's short...enjoy!!

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Oct 23, 2009

Miley has H1N1

So I read on Pink Is The New Blog that Miley Cyrus has H1N1 or at least that's what her friend's are tweeting since she is no longer on Twitter.  Aww, poor Miley...I wonder if it's true or if she's just saying it for shits & giggles, who knows.
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Oct 22, 2009

Slow's To Go?!

Do you love Slow's? I know I do & I think it's great that even in this economy they are still busy as hell, making major profits & opening a Slow's to Go location in midtown.  The best news about this is that if I ever get married they can now cater my wedding...hells yeah, everyone will want to be there!  Anyway, check out this article for more info & enjoy all that sloppy BBQ!
photo courtesy of detnews.com

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Oct 21, 2009

It's Horoscope Time!!

Hey ya'll it's hump day which also means that it's Real Detroit Horoscope day too, some come read yours...you know you are dying to!
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Oct 16, 2009


I love this so I had to share it!!

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Oct 14, 2009


Here they are for this week, come & get your Real Detroit Weekly horoscopes!!!
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Oct 13, 2009

Beauty Secret?

Saw this ad today & it confused me...is the beauty secret of how to look 10 years older, more wrinkled & depressed with bee stung lips?  There's no way I'm clicking that ad, no thanks!!

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This was on this site which is supposed to be the 10 worst sexy Halloween costumes & honestly, most of them are freaking hysterical...not sexy at all but funny as frick.  This one was my favorite, I'd likely trip over the slut hanging off my "junk" but it's still funny!!!

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Hi, I'm crazy & want to warn you about another crazy person!

The thrills of dating sites! So I was on this local site the other day which I don't check very often & I saw that I had a message & when I opened it noticed it was from a chick & trust me this isn't the first time a girl has messaged me either looking to date me or wanting me to date her & her boyfriend.  I opened the message since the title was PLEASE READ so I thought maybe she worked for some singles group & was organizing some function.  Anyway, I open the message & get this:

My name is Crazygirl and I have some things to share with you before you make a huge mistake. Crazyguy (aka datingsitehandle) was my fiancé/boyfriend up until last Thursday, we were supposed to be married on Sept 26, 2009 and I have the wedding contractual agreement along with payment verification to prove this. Wednesday evening I discovered Crazyguy has been lying to me and several other women. He has been writing to them and deceiving them that he is single and looking. Furthermore, Crazyguy has been deceiving me that everything is okay between us, lying that he isn't giving his telephone number out to women or asking them for dates, and saying that there aren't any women who are writing to him that are worth his time.

The truth is Crazyguy and I were having “issues” within the last week because he felt I didn't have enough time for him. Unfortunately I am a very busy person, I am a resident surgeon with a local hospital and this often lends to me not having the time that I'd like to have. I thought everything was okay between us and foolishly I allowed Crazyguy to lie to me. For days I've been questioning what he was doing on the dating site and he said just chatting. I believed him. I re-added my profile to the site as well in order to figure out what he was doing. Crazyguy assured me that I was all that he wanted, that there were no women on the site he was chatting with, no women he'd wanted, and wasn't giving his telephone number out.

Back to the point...Last evening I realized that I had Crazyguy's password to the site and I went into his profile. I discovered that he was sending messages back and forth with several other women passing out his number, asking for dates, and deceiving them about his current dating status. When I addressed his deceptions to him he first lied about it and then he finally became angry, verbally abusive, threatened me, and then we ended things. In the end he did admit some of his lies but he is very foolish, and perhaps I am more, to think I didn't know about all the other “little” lies. Throughout this he has lied to me about what he has said to other people, to my friends, and even small things like what he was doing.

Technically he is a free man and I wish any woman good luck with him but I wouldn't consider him a trustworthy person. As recent as last Thursday morning we were planning a lunch date and to spend this weekend together (I have this saved in emails), as recent as Wednesday night he was sending me flirty notes through the dating site, I have at least one email a day declaring his love for me and Wednesday night on the phone he was professing his feelings for me. We were even planning to try to get pregnant last weekend and this weekend.

Without spilling everything out I just wanted to warn you, and the other women he may be writing to, about his lies and deceptions. Is this really the type of person, and trouble, you'd want in your life? I know what he'd say, the same thing any man who has been caught in multiple lies would say... she's crazy, she's psycho, I never saw her, or a myriad of other deceptions in order to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. He's even gone as far as to claim my pictures are not me, we've never met face to face, and he doesn't know Crazygirl is my name. Who proposes to someone they've never met? Who professes their love so strongly to someone they've never seen? The bottom line is that if a person like this would lie to me, he'll lie to you.

I have proof of everything I am writing to you here. I have voice mails, emails, dating site love notes, Facebook messages in the multitudes, wedding contracts, even emails to my father asking to marry me and several other things to prove that everything I am saying is the absolute truth. Just whatever you chose to do with this please be aware of what he is and has done.

Crazyguy comes off as an honest and sincere man but truthfully it's all an act. He has made-up multiple lies to tell people and I wouldn't put it past him again.

If you need to contact me for proof or anything my email is shehonestlygaveher@email.com That email address is also my Facebook.
Thank you and good luck in your search. -Crazygirl

I did respond to her with this:  Thanks for the message but I have no idea who you are speaking of, I don't keep messages once I tell someone I'm not interested. I'm a little shocked that you are surprised though...you were about to get married & were trying to have a baby yet both of you were still on this site (a dating site for single people) last week? That's probably not the best way to be committed to someone. Good luck to you as well, take care!!

I never heard back from crazy girl but it sounds to me like he's not the only one to avoid here, who the eff works on getting pregnant before even getting married? Sure, it happens by mistake all the time that people get pregnant before they get married but I don't know any woman who would choose to be pregnant for their wedding...even if it was only a month, what fun is that? 

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Oct 9, 2009

Speidi interview on 95.5, not really an interview at all!!

On 95.5 here in Detroit they interviewed Spencer & Heidi & didn't let them get in more than like 5 words total during the entire thing.  I don't listen to them in the morning because I think they suck but a friend at work does & she told me about out & also dug up the clip from the podcast.  It's less than 5 minutes but so funny!!  I can't stand them & I honestly don't even know if they were smart enough to pick up on what was going on because the crew did a great job with it & didn't laugh at all.

On a totally unrelated note, WTF is with his outfit in this pic? What is with the cowboy hat all the time & those boots & jacket...he looks like a chef at a ranch in Texas!

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Oct 7, 2009

It's Horoscope Time!!

Hey hey everyone, it's Wednesday & not only does that mean humpage it also means that it's Real Detroit Horoscope day, yay!!!
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Oct 5, 2009

Do you want to see your Friends on the big screen?

Well, apparently the cast of Friends have signed on to do a theater release movie which will come out next year.  Personally as someone who watched Friends & has seen every episode about 30 times & has the board game I think this is a really bad idea.  According to this article everyone was on board except Jen but once she saw how awesome SATC did in the theaters & the fact that they are working on the second one, which will likely be as awesome as the first, she thought that maybe it was time to change her mind.  There is one major difference though...SATC the series was on cable & Friends was network which meant it was filmed in front of (or shown to) an audience so you have the laughter going on throughout the show & I highly doubt the movie will be the same way & that takes away a huge part of the show.  It's so much easier turning cable shows into movies because each episode is almost like a mini movie...no commercials, honest language (cursing & what not), nudity, and more real life situations.  Now I'm not saying I wouldn't see the Friends movie but I'd more than likely either see a matinee or wait for DVD & I can say that even though the show was a way bigger hit than SATC there isn't a chance in hell that the movie will earn half of what SATC did.  Who knows, maybe it will help some of the failing careers that seem to be looming around most of the cast.
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ATL Housewives' Kandi's Fiance Killed

Kandi Burruss (singer & piece of ATL Housewives' puzzle) lost her fiance A.J. (Ashley Jewell) over the weekend when he was involved in a bar brawl outside an Atlanta strip club Friday night.  He received a blunt blow to the head & was rushed to the hospital where he died early Saturday morning.  A.J. is leaving behind 6 children and obviously Kandi is beyond devastated especially because she also lost her uncle Ralph who's funeral was yesterday.  Not to mention that A.J.'s family just went through the horrific ordeal with his niece who was I believe killed by a drunk driver, if she wasn't killed she was certainly severely injured.  I feel absolutely awful for his kids, Kandi's daughter & all families & friends involved.  Even though Kandi's mom couldn't stand A.J. I'm sure she would never wish this on anyone & will hopefully be there for her daughter through this whole process.  The whole thing is so sad and it's going to be very strange watching them plan their wedding on the show knowing that he's gone.
photo courtesy of e!
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Oct 2, 2009

So, this Letterman "scandal"...

I don't really think it's a scandal at all. Letterman has had sex with some of his female staff...oh no, who cares? The man was single for like 20 years & single people often tend to sleep with coworkers, it's convenient. Anyway, the scandal I guess is that someone was trying to blackmail him with the dirt about the "terrible things" he has done. Well, Letterman & the DA "paid" the blackmailer $2M (on a fake check) to silence them & then they must have been taken into custody since Letterman had to testify before the grand jury. The article doesn't say if the blackmailer is someone who worked for him or was involved in any sexual activity with him but they apparently had some dirt because they said they wanted to write a screenplay about his behavior. Anyway, I don't really give a shit...do whatever you want so long as you stay funny & deal with your family matters with your family. I do think it is great that he took to his show with his statement rather than letting the info just leak out & for him to be misrepresented in the matter.
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Heidi On The View

Let me just say that Heidi wasn't that bad on The View but that's only because she didn't talk much. I did enjoy the fact that the women questioned both her & Spencer about their marriage & basically told them that neither of them trust each other & that does not make a good marriage which is totally true. Heidi wants babies & Spencer is having less sex with her because he doesn't trust that she is taking her birth control or that she wouldn't tamper with a condom. Seriously? If you can't even trust your wife to not sabotage your life why would you want to marry her? The most important question I have though is this...what was with the stupid necklace Spencer was wearing? He looked even more like a douche than usual!!
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