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Nov 30, 2009

Almost a week late Horoscopes

Sorry foos but I totally forgot to jump on & post these on Thanksgiving Eve!  Here they are just in case you wanted to see if yours fits your past week!!
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Nov 24, 2009

Broke & on break!

So here we are, closing in on the Thanksgiving holiday with an economy that is near death but that's ok because family &; food is right around the corner. This year I'm thankful that we are closed Wednesday through Friday & not thankful for the fact that it's all unpaid & I'll be broke for the rest of the year. Being broke really doesn't come in handy when trying to Christmas shop but I have to look on the bright side & that side is...5 days to sleep in!! I can catch up on Rock Band & reading & movies OnDemand because that stuff is free & so is enjoying the company of friends & loved ones. Make sure you make the most of this Thanksgiving too, remember it's the free stuff that really does count!!  I also wanted to thank all of my friends & family for sharing my birthday with me last week & weekend, it really meant a lot!
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Nov 18, 2009

Horoscopes for my birthday week!!

Come & get em, it's time for the Real Detroit Horoscopes for this week & mine better be good!
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Nov 11, 2009

Horrorscopes for this week!!

Ok, it's that time of the week again & here are your Real Detroit Weekly Horoscopes.  We are currently enjoying my sign & all it has to offer...better watch out, you never know what we are capable of, we may verbally attack when you least expect it or screw you to death!

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Nov 10, 2009

EA Active for Wii

Ok so a couple weeks back I popped into a Blockbuster that was going out of business & picked up the EA Active which was mis-marked at a 20% discount...score!  Well, last week I set up the game & created my character & picked out her clothes & that was enough of a workout so I didn't touch it again until yesterday when I actually worked out with the thing for the first time.  This kicked my ass, I can barely stand up today which is likely related to the fact that it took me forever to get all the accessories right so I did like an extra 10 squats.  For the most part I really enjoyed working out with this game but I definitely had some issues with it, the first being that I hate working out & I did in fact yell at the TV as I always do when working out at home.  

My second complaint is that there is a lot of squatting, crouching, lunging going on & my knees aren't in the best shape (like at all, growing up as a dancer ruined my knees) so when the trainer chick says "squat lower" or "you can do better" I really want to throw the Wii remote at the TV because I can't do better or go lower & there is no option (that I've found) to adjust the game to be aware of difficulties you might have.  I was going as low & doing the best I can but apparently it wasn't good enough for the game & it kept making me repeat the same task until I got low enough & at one point I would stand & then sit on the couch to mimic the squat.  My other issue was the constant change in equipment, yes, I enjoy the circuit training & like the variety but what I don't like is having to get the band, put down the band, take out the nunchuk, put back the nunchuk, get the band, put it down, hold the remote like this and then like that & the damn leg strap is constantly falling off & all of this was annoying.  Like I said, I like the circuit training but I would much rather do exercises by equipment so once we're done with the band we're done with it & once the nunchuk is out of the leg strap it doesn't go back.  I'm sure I'll get used to the constant change in equipment but it added like an extra 6 minutes to my workout & the having to pause to reattach the leg strap ate up another 3 to 4 mins so what was supposed to be a 20 minute workout was like a half hour!

What I do like is that you have various workout options & I'm currently doing the 30 day challenge and am at the low intensity stage...I can't even imagine what the medium or the high will be like when I could barely stand in the shower after working out with the low.  I'm also hoping that the game will notice my chosen days of rest because it has me alternating & my rest days will always be Thursday because I'm not around & Sunday because I don't do anything on Sunday.

I can say for sure that the exercise I hate the most is the inline skating when the girl is telling me squat lower to go faster & I can squat at a medium level or sit on the floor, there is no in between & after squatting for like 15 seconds you then have to jump & this repeats for like 3 minutes which doesn't seem like much but it's torture.  My favorite of course is the boxing because I like to hit things & I can do lots with my arms before they get sore which I'm sure has to do with the fact that I've always loved lifting weights so my arms are better conditioned for training. 

All in all I totally recommend this game & I'm sure once I get the Wii balance board I'll love it even more because it is compatible.  Like I said, this thing pissed me off a lot but any good trainer should & given the fact that it was my first workout with it I'm sure I'll adjust to the nuances as time goes on.  I'm actually looking forward to working out tonight, I'm curious to see what they have for me which hands down is way better than working out with the same DVD's over & over again!!  I'll let you know how things end up once my 30 day challenge is over.
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Nov 6, 2009

Another reason to love Cartman!

Do you love Eric Cartman, Poker Face, and Rock Band? If the answer is yes then check this out!!
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Nov 4, 2009

It's that time of the week!!

Here are your Real Detroit Weekly Horoscopes for this week, enjoy them, I sure hope to enjoy mine!!
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Nov 2, 2009

And the winner is!!!

ME!!  So the posse went to a Halloween party at a hall on Saturday night & we had a great time, not too busy, not too lame, good music, good crowd & some really great costumes.  They had 3 separate winners for best costume, best male, best female, best duo or group & I won best female!!  I was super shocked (pun intended) and very grateful for the win & my prize is a mani, pedi & massage...talk about AWESOME!!
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