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Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

And Happy B-day to my dad :)

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Law Firm Photo!

Thanks to one of my favorite blogging sites WWTDD, he posted some pics of Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, I nabbed one of them & decided to post it for your viewing pleasure. He's a cutie!
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Oct 30, 2008

This Makes No Sense

So I don't know if you guys have seen these or not but the digital signs on the freeway have been sporting a phrase "fall is here don't veer for deer". Ok, I don't understand this one bit. Are they suggesting that we just hit them? Is the state not aware of the fact that hitting a deer at 70 mph on the Lodge will kill not just the deer, but you as well? I'm sure they have these signs posted to make people aware that deer might be taking the freeway rather than the woods in the coming months but asking you not to veer for one is like asking you to commit suicide. I love deer & think they are very cute but I would veer to avoid hitting one to avoid totalling my car & possibly ending up in the hospital, not because it's cute. I think bunnies are cute too but if one ran out in front of me on the freeway I'd run thumper right over & sure I'd feel bad but other than maybe some fur in my grill it wouldn't ruin my car. So I say let's change the phrase to "fall is here, don't hit others while veering for deer" because you have to veer to avoid the deer, the key is not veering into someone else. I think Michigan needs to find someone else to come up with these clever slogans for these signs, god knows half the state is unemployed & I'm sure someone out there is a little more bright than whomever came up with this one!!!
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Welcome Lola

Shell got a new puppy, her name is Lola & she's a Boston Bull Terrier. She's currently staying at the vet & is sick, she tested positive for parvo which is never a good thing so they started treatment right away. Today she is much more perky so they are thinking it may have been a false positive due to recent vaccines but they are going to finish out the treatment just in case. Hopefully all works out because she is too effing cute!!!

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Gives You Hell

I don't know about you guys but I am loving this song these days!!!

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Oct 29, 2008


The best horoscopes ever are posted weekly in Real Detroit Weekly, the free newspaper/magazine. I always post them on Myspace but I've decided that you guys might want to check them out as well, so here's the link!! Enjoy :) I will do my best to post these every Wednesday.
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I Don't See It

Ok people, what is the big hub bub about this Robert Pattinson dude? I think he needs a hair brush & I just don't find him attractive. I mean, he was in Harry Potter, how can any dude that was in a Harry Potter movie ever be considered hot? I think he looks like the typical douche bag but who knows, maybe with fangs in the new Twilight movie(s) he'll be hotter. After my new love for True Blood I now find men with fangs very sexy, well, hot guys with fangs are very sexy anyway!! Now I just sound like "one of them fang bangers".
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Locked Up!

So yesterday was the big day, our buddy Kwame started serving his time in prison. We get 4 months of a Kwame free Detroit, woo hoo!! During the time that he is in prison the city will elect a new mayor, I can't wait to see who that ends up being...I'm sure the election will be an interesting one. I guess Kwame's digs aren't too bad but really, I think he deserves "pound you in the ass" prison so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that someone makes him their bitch. Best of luck Kwame, I hope prison is absolute hell for you & you cry yourself to sleep every night!!!
pic courtesy of freep.com
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Oct 28, 2008

Why Now?

Last night I was driving home from picking up my car at the mechanic & having dinner with Doug when I got a phone call from an out of state number, so I didn’t answer it. Previously in the day I got a few calls from an out of state number & they were trying to fax my cell phone so I assumed this was the same thing. I started wondering if some company had a misprint on their website & now all these people would be faxing me but I quickly discovered that I was wrong. The mystery caller left a message & I listened to it & it was some noise & then a hang up so I figured it was a wrong number. The caller calls again & I again ignore the call because I assume that they dialed the wrong number again but again, they leave a message. I get stopped at a red light & decide to check the message…big mistake!

I suddenly hear the voice of bad relationship past and honestly come very close to vomiting, right in my car. My heart dove into my stomach like it was trying to hide and I actually started breathing erratically & for fear of hyperventilating I talked myself down. I went ahead & listened to the whole message which went something like “hey, how’s it going, I hadn’t talked to you in a while so I thought I’d see how you had been and what’s new and all, call me when you can either at this number or mine” the second the message was over I deleted it. This ex is the only ex I have who makes me feel this way, I have not spoken to him in a year and a half & have not seen him in 2 years, actually, almost exactly 2 years and I guess I kind of hoped I’d never hear from or see him ever again. Now, I’m on excellent terms with all of my living exes except for 2 & 1 has little to do with our relationship he’s just a really bad friend & I don’t have room for that. This guy though, made my life a living hell for so long, he treated me like crap, he made me feel bad about myself, he used me, and so on but obviously there were things that were good enough for me to stay until one day I just woke up. Suddenly, I realized that none of it was his fault it was all mine, my fault for allowing the behavior to continue so I ended it, for real ended it & that was that. I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be about the split either, I actually felt much lighter & free & I loved it! Not long after that my life totally started turning around, I got a great job & started dating someone else which was good for a short time, then we opted for friendship instead. About 6 months after the split I hardly even thought of that bastard, I deleted him from my cell phone & my email address book, as far as any stranger would be concerned I don’t even know the douche bag & then poof, here he comes to ruin my day yet again! Do assholes like this have some sort of freaking radar or something? I mean, I’m very happy these days personally & professionally and then bam, here comes this shit! He was probably just chilling at home watching TV & then ding “I think Kel is happy, let’s ruin her night”.

I immediately called Wendy all in a frazzle & she talked me down. I have decided that I am going to call him, tell him I’m happy, wish him the best & leave it at that. I don’t want bad blood but I don’t want him thinking he can just roll back up in my life & treat me the way he did before. I am a different person than I was then but I know how he his & I don’t trust him, I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth but I know how he works. He’s one of these dudes that is like a chick if you will, batting his eyelashes acting all innocent & sweet & buttering you up to stab you when you aren’t expecting it then makes you think it was all your fault. Well, I’m older & wiser & refuse to fall for some bullshit antics like these. I wasn’t going to call at all but I realize that if I don’t he’s just going to call again in 6 months & make me feel like this all over again so today, I will return that effing call (thanks to another friend who still has his number) & make nice & then move on with my life leaving this situation a closed book that I never want to read again.

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Oct 27, 2008

New Kids, Detroit

So as many of you know I went to see New Kids on Saturday for the 2nd time on this tour. My seats were located great for the "in the round" portion that they did near the back. One of my all time favorite songs by New Kids is "Tonight" and I happened to get some video of it & just had to post it for you guys, after all of these years...I'm still totally in love!

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Trying to Nap at Work

So today is Monday & I’m tired as hell, I didn’t want to get out of bed so I’m really not feeling being at work & I’m writing this blog to keep myself awake during lunch. Since it is my lunch break though I certainly have the time for a 20 min nap but I’m not sure how to go about it. Here are some of the options I’m thinking of:

1. Curl up under my desk, I’m pretty small so I’d fit & people might not even notice me under there since I’m wearing black, I’d totally blend in.
2. One of my brokers gave me a key to his office, he no longer works here but I still have the key so I could totally sneak in there & nap for a few without anyone noticing.
3. Go home & go to bed, but by the time I fell asleep I’d have to come back
4. I do have the Yukon today & had I planned ahead the back of that beast is plenty large enough for me to curl up & sleep in.
5. Our conference room has benches all the way around it, so assuming that nobody has a client coming in I could totally sleep there…it’s dark & again, I’d totally blend in.
6. I could do what I’ve done at past jobs…go sleep in the bathroom, but then people would be like “dude, Kelly’s been in there a long time” I’d get blamed for any and all smells that may permeate from the bathroom all day & maybe even tomorrow.
7. I suppose I could go to CVS & nab a red bull but that would require energy…to get me to CVS
8. I could cut the power somehow & hope we’d get sent home which I doubt would happen, we lost power once for 2 hours & they made us wait it out.
9. I could claim that I have recently developed narcolepsy and just fall asleep randomly but they would probably want a note from my doctor…I could always have another coworker fudge one, right? Yeah, probably not.
10. I could suck it up & take advantage of the sweet ass coffee machine we have here & pour myself a piping hot Sumatra with a shot of espresso.

Number 10 is looking to be my most likely source of energy. At least I only have to make it 2.75 more hours & I spend the last half hour on the switchboard anyway so technically I only have to maintain alertness in my cube for 2.5 hours. I just wish that after work I could go home & get in my pj’s & go to bed, yes you heard me go to bed…skip all my shows & watch them on the DVR tomorrow. Unfortunately I’m not that lucky, I have to go to Dearborn after work & get my car from the shop & then give Doug the Yukon back but I will at least score a free meal out of it, yippee cause I’m broke!

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Jennifer Hudson Family Murders

So Friday night I'm sleeping & I get a random text message from a friend of mine that lives in Chicago informing me that one of his coworkers just got popped for killing Jennifer Hudson's mother. This was very confusing to me as I knew nothing of the murder to begin with, I assumed that maybe the murder happened years ago & they were just now getting somewhere. Well, I was wrong as I learned the next day that her mother & brother were both found brutally murdered in their home on the south side of Chicago on Friday and Jennifer's nephew had been taken. At the beginning the police assumed this was a personal dispute that turned awful but quickly found out they were wrong. Jennifer had to be the one to identify the bodies and that must have been awful! She is now offering up 100K for her nephew's safe return. The only current suspect is a man by the name of William Balfour who is being held but has not been charged with anything. He's the estranged husband of Hudson's sister & apparently has a very shady past & is currently on parole after spending 7 years in prison for attempted murder, hijacking a vehicle, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

*It seems the body of a young boy was found dead in an SUV this morning, the identity of the body has yet to be confirmed, nor has the make or color of the vehicle. The vehicle they were searching for was a white Suburban. It's sad but I'm assuming this is her nephew, if Mr. Balfour did indeed commit the crime(s) in question, he was not with the child when taken into custody on Friday so that is what leads me to believe that he took the boy & then murdered him before taking off on his own. I'll post any more updates I receive as the day continues. My thoughts are with Jennifer & her family during this horrific time.

* 10/28/08: It was in fact her nephew's body that was found in the SUV, the gentleman who was arrested has not been charged with anything linked to the crime as of yet. He is still in custody regarding a parole violation.

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Oct 24, 2008

Bitter, Party of One...Your Table Is Ready

So I was surfing a dating site today on my lunch break & happened to stumble upon the profile of someone that I dated for like a minute about 12 years ago. The fella who I will not name thinks very highly of himself which is pretty funny because he's not all that (trust me) shit, he's not even close. I find great humor in him stating his profession as "rock star" well if he were really a rock star do you think he would need to be on a dating site looking for some action? Exactly. Anyway, here is his "about me", enjoy everyone & have a great weekend!!! I'm off to see NKOTB again tomorrow here in "the D" and I'm super excited!! Hopefully I'll have some pics to post.

So the douche bags that run this website removed 7 of my pictures because in one of them I was wearing a Halloween mask? So the other 6 that were perfect head shots weren't good enough? With that being said lets tell the truth about the "real" purpose of this website...

First, lets talk about the quality of women on here...I break it down to this...Some of the girls are fat(thank God for the headshot rule) The fat girls wouldn't get me to jerk off and throw it at them...and I think I speak for most dudes....so of course they have to crowd this site to get a date, get laid, or (lmao) find a boyfriend...Then there are a lot of single moms...young/old doesn't matter you are divorced, never married with baggage....Not interested...I don't care what you look like....When you are naked I don't want to see your wrecked body, or have to close my eyes cause I was bored and pretend you are Jessica Alba with D tatties....Next just plain ugly...Obviously you still haven't mastered photo shop and if you have...Guess what? You are still ugly...Hence your reason for being here....Then there is the small (like a ****ing grain of sand) group of girls that are goodlooking...Most of them never write you back anyways so what is the point? I realize I am far from a super model, but when I say hi...you can take 30 ****ing seconds to write back....I file them under stuck up ****es...No body would talk to them in real life cause they are ****es so to them hopefully they can kick around some dumbass from this site...Not me....Then the fake profiles...The girl in the bikini or smokin hot chick that has no reason to be on here in the first place...Obviously some dude who is bored, or some fat chick messing with guys to get revenge on them dissing her...Listen honey I didn't force the Oreos down your throat so quit wasting sever space...I dunno what is funnier the fake profile or the dumb **** that responds to it....

Now lets get to the real reason we (meaning men and women are on here) to get laid...Really? A first date were we can go on a walk? Have dinner? Talk? lmao? You are just gonna end up ass over ankles at some dudes place naked so skip the part were we spend money and get to "know you." Ladies do you really think you are gonna find a future husband or boyfriend on here? How naive? So don't put your are tired of games, looking for prince charming, blah blah blah...Cause you are not gonna find it on here....See the problem is no body is ever willing to talk about why they are really here...Men and women alike try a mask it with the hangout, or editing to no hook ups or sex...But really that is all they want...Fatties, single moms, ugly chicks, and even your occasional **** all need to get some sometime...So the birth of this comical website....

Stop before you get your panties in a bunch and decide to write me with a hateful message...I realize I am an ***hole...I don't need some chick with a mooseknuckle and b-i-t-c-h t-i-t-s to message me and tell me that..Feel free to send your opinions I guess..

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Oct 23, 2008

I Call JenAnigans!

So now, the always accurate star magazine is saying that John & Jen are engaged & she popped the question! Shenanigans I say!! There is no way she would marry such a freaking tool box let alone be desperate enough to propose herself (at least I hope not). When he rushed TMZ & told them what actually happened with their break up he was so hopped up on drugs IMHO and Jen just really doesn't strike me as the type to be with someone like that. First they say she's pregs then she's getting married, someone...please tell me it's all rumors. If she is in fact engaged to that douche I will write her off, call her every name in the book, and feel bad that she was so lonely she married a total prick. I know she's a little more granola now that she's not with Brad anymore but seriously, I'd rather she marry Woody Harrelson than John Mayer. I normally don't pray but I think I might need to start & pray for Jen to regain her common sense. I'll bet John is one of those guys, we've all dated them (in our early 20's), the guy who treats you like crap but the sex is so good you can't walk away. I can't imagine sex with him would be that great, I'll bet they listen to his music while screwing...gross, now I'm just creeping myself out!
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Oct 22, 2008

Guy Gets Slapped

And he tells Madonna she's fat! I'm sorry but I find this story to be quite humorous. I was reading all about the name calling, slaps, cheating...etc. in the new issue of Us and I just think it is funny. These things that happened happen in all relationships, my man pisses me off & I tell him his latest movie sucked then he tells me I'm a bad blogger & then I slap him & then he runs off & hooks up with some girl while I screw a pro baseball player then go home cover myself in lotion & wrap up in saran wrap & tell my man to sleep on the couch. This happens all the time, so why is it so special with these 2? I'll tell you why, it's because Madonna is involved. It really doesn't matter what or who she does or doesn't do, the bitch makes money in her sleep and that's the bottom line, just like MJ it doesn't matter how many mistakes she makes she's an icon, I mean he fondled kids & people will still pay top dollar to see him perform, why? Because of his name (we know it's not his face) it's a household name & those my friend make big bank regardless of their choices. Can I also add that I think A-Rod (other than his eyes) is a downgrade and Ritchie's new girl is very blah to say the least, that is her pic which I nabbed from wwtdd.com.
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Oct 21, 2008

Johniston - Seriously?

So today's rumor is that Jen went back to douche face because she's pregs with his offspring. If that is true God help us all, that man should not procreate! I know she really wants a family & all but John Mayer is not exactly who I would think of when it came time to get knocked up. I hope this really is a rumor because we all make poor choices when we need to get a little, the only difference is (in my case anyway) we don't have their babies!!! We generally over protect ourselves to make sure that we do not create anything that may have some "Mr. right now's" dna! I just don't think that anyone would bare back it with someone who has been with Jessica Simpson, do you? I mean seriously, she waited until marriage to have sex so you can guarantee that as soon as her & Nick split she screwed everybody!!!
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Worst Show This Season

So I watched the premiere of Kath & Kim a couple weeks ago & thought "boy this is pretty stupid but I'll give it another week" so I did, big mistake! This show is the worst show on television right now, including local public access. Considering the amazing cast this show has I really thought it would be great, but when the writing is shit it really doesn't matter who is on the show now does it? I don't get it, do the writers actually think it's funny? Does anyone? I'm guessing that the actors on the show don't even think it is funny. Selma Blair is really overacting the character and I don't know if it's to compensate for the writing or what but she's not doing herself justice. This show really needs to be canceled before it gets worse & shame on NBC for airing it, I really thought higher of them.
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Oct 20, 2008

Nick Hogan to be Released

So it looks like Nick Hogan is getting out of prison next week or some such bull-shizz. He served 4 of 8 of the months that he was sentenced to. I'm sorry, but when you have made your best friend a veggie I really don't think that time off for good behavior should apply. Honestly, I think 8 months was pretty effing light considering that fact that his friend will likely be in a coma forever! For those of you who don't know what happened check out the video.

Now Brooke is all excited to see her brother which is understandable but check out her blog post on myspace.

"All I ask, is instead of making this harder, and putting evil things out there, you pray for John and for us, and leave words of inspiration. I know- like I know -like I know- John is gonna walk out of that hospital and things will be ok again. I know his strength and I know he can do it with our prayers...... To all the people who have been supportive- It has helped MORE than you will ever know. I can not thank you enough.....Please pray for my brothers safety too... this is a really tough time he has gone through and I know all he wants to do is show you, John and his family how much he cares and understands.ok.

Back to the happy stuff! .......I just can't wait to see my Nicky! Im gonna make him every kind of food you can possibly think of! Hes been living on bread an potatoes so far and I know some mac'n'cheese is gonna hit the spot! LOL"

Mac & cheese? For real? I know if I had spent 8 months eating bread & potatoes I'd want a hell of alot more than mac & cheese...how about some ribs, on top of chocolate cake with a beer on the side!
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Jet's Pizza Blog

For those of you who are not on Myspace & have never had the pleasure of reading one of the best blogs ever, and for those of you who loved it the first time I've decided to post my infamous Jet's Pizza story. I would also like to thank the celebs for keeping it calm this weekend which gives me the chance to post this!!

*A little background for those who don't know me: Doug & Candice are my former roommates & we lived about 6 or 7 blocks from Jet's.

Ring ring "Jet's Pizza Dearborn"

"Yes, I'd like to place an order"

"Ok, what can I get for you?"

"Small square meaty & a small square with pepperoni and bacon"

"Phone number"

"Dougs # here"

"Pickup or delivery?"

"Delivery please"

Slight coughing from Jets employee

"Are you still there? Sorry about that...ma'am as part of our customer appreciation week because you have ordered from us over 100 times this order will be free" pause "we do ask that you still pay the delivery fee of $2.50"

"Ok sounds good, thanks"

"Have a great night"

Ok, 1 yes it is beyond sad that we have actually ordered that many pizzas in the what, 3 years this location has been open. B this does not count the other times Candice or myself actually used our own number to order a pizza or 3 the handful of times over the last three years that we actually went and picked it up.

Doug always complained that he was eating too much pizza and I started to realize it when a few months ago I ordered a pizza from my phone & gave them my number & when I answered the door the guy said "what happened to Doug? When I pulled up to the house I double checked the ticket." I told him that was pretty sad when the pizza guy knows your name. Bottom line here is, we eat too much freaking pizza!

But it's just so tasty
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Oct 17, 2008

Crazy Madonna

So I was reading my daily dose of Perez today & he posted some interesting info regarding the Madonna/Guy split.

Insiders say that the marriage "became less about passion and more about control" as Madonna's strange age-defiant rituals emerged.

In addition to forbidding them from watching TV, Madonna reportedly kept her family, and Guy, on a short leash, with strict dietary rules. At dinner everyone ate steamed fish with seasonal vegetables, and for breakfast, Madonna made Guy drink zero-fat smoothies. If Guy wanted a treat, he'd have to sneak down to the pub for one.

Instead of spending time with the fam, Madge spent more time at the gym with her personal trainer, much to the dismay of her husband. And at night, instead of a good old romp in the sack, Madonna preferred to spend hours bathing in pricey creams and zipping herself up in a plastic body bag, which is an ancient alien anti-aging method.

Well I was thinking about this split myself yesterday & while we all know that Madonna is one crazy bitch we all still love her, why, because she's Madonna. Anyway, I'm honestly thinking that because she's so busy all the time lathering up with creams & touring that she will probably keep Lourdes & David & leave Rocco with dad. I also assume that she will take the 2 properties in the states & leave the 2 in London to him. So there you go...divorce settled. To be perfectly honest, I hope that Guy gets a lot of her money, he effing earned it being Mr. Madonna for all these years. I feel so bad for him really, not her, she's fine, she's throwing parties & touring & doing A-Rod & got knows what else but my friends, I'm still super excited to see her next month!!!

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Oct 16, 2008

They Get Paid What?

Ok so one of my favorite celeb blogs which is just rude and offensive and awesome (wwtdd.com) posted an article this morning that made me want to vomit. I cannot believe how much cash these rich asshats are making that are on The Hills! I'm sorry, but they should be charging Spencer to be on the show...he is a waste of space & a total douche bag & the fact that he is making more in a week than I am in a year makes me want to stick a rusty nail in my eye!! I think it is complete and utter bull shit that these kids from rich families are getting even more rich for hanging out? At least Lauren, Audrina, and Heidi have actual jobs unlike Spencer who does nothing & then gets paid to treat people like shizz. The whole thing makes me sick, sick I say!!
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Another Split!

So according to the always right Access Hollywood David Duchovny finally got out of rehab & his wife Tea Leoni left his ass. Apparently they have been split up for a few months but didn't want to tell the kids until they absolutely had to. At least they got 11 years under their belt first & had 2 kids (daughter Madelaine West, 9 and son Kyd, 6) & they seem to still be happy with the family aspect and I'm guessing they don't "hate" each other as they were seen last week lunching in Manhattan & chatting it up like 2 friends. Even couples in turmoil still need to eat though!

(2:15) Just got some follow up on this...Apparently Tea was having an affair with...of all people...Billy Bob Thornton, sick, gross, ick! David found texts in her phone (didn't anyone learn after the Kwame debacle) between the 2 of them & she's been seen acting as a roadie too helping his band lug equipment. David is the one who left, not her, Are you kidding me? WTF is that all about!!
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Oct 15, 2008

And The Winner Is?

Well, it's not Kenley (thank you God!) and that makes me really happy, she was so effing annoying & had a very poor attitude. The winner of Project Runway season 5 is Leanne Marshall!!! Congratulations Leanne, your designs were beautifully executed and so creative...definitely not a copycat of any other designers that's for sure (wink wink). I'm so jealous of Leanne's new ride a Saturn VUE hybrid! I have to admit that I was rooting for Korto. Her clothing was so "me" with all of the bright bold colors, clean lines, accessories, bold femininity where Leanne's was more delicate and sweet, especially with the pale color palette. My favorite look of Leanne's was the white bustier with the sand skirt and my favorite of Korto's was the long green one that her model was wearing at the end, I would totally rock that. I think Kenley's line was a little "cooky" although well crafted it was kind of 80's and not really in a good way. I did like her bridesmaid dress though, but that was it. I will be sure to post some photos once some are available online. In case you weren't aware, this is the final season of the show that will air on Bravo, it will be moving to Lifetime.
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On Again, Off For Real

So, according to Us Heidi & Lauren are back on and Guy & Mo are off. Apparently Heidi & jack ass were eating dinner where Lauren was having a party for her show during LA fashion week and Heidi asked if she could come in to congratulate Lauren. Well, she was allowed & after a conversation the 2 were hugging and all smiles. Good for them I guess, but Heidi has to get rid of Spencer & his flesh colored beard because I'm sure he bitched her out after the heart to heart in a sad attempt to continue controlling Heidi.

As for Guy & Mo, who knows what actually happened but it's been happening for some time. Guy was the one who apparently just said "let's move forward with the divorce" and the rumor mill is hopped up on this news for sure speculating that A Rod & Madonna were in fact intimate which partially led to the demise of her marriage. Personally I just don't think Madonna is the monogamy type, some people just aren't built that way, now I'm not saying her & A Rod for sure hooked up (personally I think she's way out of his league) but I am saying that I think she just gets bored being with one person. I also think the adopted son was a way for her to get to have the affection of someone else instead of cheating & possibly they thought it was a way for their marriage to get back to normal but when you are constantly working it's impossible to keep any romantic relationship afloat. Sooner or later, someone will get really antsy & move on, it's just reality.
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Earlier Every Year!

Ok people, I stopped by Big Lots after work yesterday to grab something for work & when I walked in the door I was greeted by xmas trees, ornaments, dishes, welcome mats...all things X-mas & I'm fucking sorry but god damn...the X-mas season lasts long enough, why start it before Halloween is even here? I started looking around for some Halloween/fall/Thanksgiving home stuff & there was one tiny section, already marked down...WTF? We are only 4 weeks into fall & already the season is marked down? Not that I'm complaining about the fact that the door mat I plan on purchasing was marked down from 7 to 4 dollars but dude, why do we need to shop for fall in summer and winter in fall etc, the seasons are already short enough & these stores don't help any pushing holidays on us that are months away!! We keep wondering why time flies so fast...it's because of this shit & it just keeps getting worse, when I was a kid I know that X-mas crap didn't come out until after Halloween because mom & I would always go to Arbor Drugs & get those yummy X-mas cookies the week after Halloween!!
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Oct 14, 2008

LL & her L's

So Lindsay released her line of leggings yesterday at Henri Bendel in NYC...God help us all! Here is a short quote from her blog

"I'm thrilled to announce that my new fashion collection, 6126 is finally ready for launch!!

I love to wear leggings, so it should come as no surprise
that my first venture into the world of fashion design is with leggings!"

I guess it never occurred to me that any design went into leggings...take tights, make them thick, put on, look like an idiot.

Congrats to you though Lindsay, at least you are doing something productive rather than drugs, cheers!
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No Words Necessary

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Asking For It!

Ok, that is it...I'm giving up on Jennifer Aniston! She was apparently spotted on a very public date with John Mayer in Boston & then they jetted off to NY for the remainder of the weekend, what is her problem? She must have a thing for douche bags because he might as well have Massengil tattooed on his forehead! Is she desperate or just asking for it...what do you think?
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Oct 13, 2008

Spears Jeers

Just in case you didn't get to see the new awesome (not) video from Britney you can check it out here. She looks good but the video is pretty lame & the song SUCKS! I wish for the life of me I could remember the name of it...watch & see if you can pick up on it.

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Nick & Norah

So Wendy & Paul & myself went out to the movies Saturday night & checked out Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and as expected I loved it. I thought the story was sweet & honest & the soundtrack was great! The movie was very funny and the best character by far was Norah's drunk friend Caroline who just can't seem to let go of her gum. Nick's somewhat recent ex-girlfriend Triss has a funny scene when she tries to win back Nick with her "moves" but he wakes up and makes a very smart decision that made our audience coo with happiness. After that Nick & Norah really start to bond while attempting to find Fluffy and something that Norah has never been able to find. If you want to know what the hell all that is supposed to mean then I guess you'll have to go see it! It was totally worth the $75 (well, $9.50)!!!!

Why are movies so expensive these days? What ever happened to the dollar show?
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A Slave To My DVR

A friend suggested that I blog about my TV addiction & actually sit down & figure out just how many TV shows I watch. What’s the sad truth? The sad truth is that in total I actually watch 60 different TV shows. Now, I will break these down for you here but before you freak out you should know this total includes shows that aren’t currently on as well as those I watch OnDemand during down time and shows I’ll watch but aren’t a must see. So as of today I must see 21 shows every week with Saturdays off and if I have no plans I usually use that time to watch movies. Ok, let’s break it down & check out my viewing pleasures, which at a glance is a dead give away that I’m a chick & it also appears that I’m in the 15-20 age bracket most days!

Mondays: Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Two & a Half Men, The Hills, and Exiled.

Tuesdays: 90210, Rachel Zoe Project (season almost over), Real Housewives of Atlanta

Wednesdays: America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway (season almost over), Private Practice

Thursdays: The Office, Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style, just picked up Kath & Kim (though it’s stupid & I don’t think it will last) and 30 Rock

Fridays: The Starter Wife

Sundays: Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Entourage, Dexter, Californication

Now, let’s not forget the shows that I watch that are currently off-season or run a shorter season so they haven’t started yet. These shows are: Nip Tuck, Damages, The L Word, Life of Ryan, Big Love, The Cho Show, Big Brother, Swingtown, Weeds, My Life On the D List, Shear Genius, Flipping Out, and Million Dollar Listing, The Mole.

This isn’t the end either, there are a couple shows that I watch OnDemand when other things are on a rerun or I have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon. They are: True Blood , Ace of Cakes, and Run’s House currently. There are probably others that I watch as well that just aren’t currently available OnDemand.

I’m sure you thought this would be it but we can’t forget the 22 shows that I watch when nothing is on or I’m just flipping around waiting for something to come on later, these shows are also what I might find myself watching at night in bed as I fall asleep and they are: Dog the Bounty Hunter, Mindfreak, Intervention, Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bikini or Bust, Platinum Weddings, Tori & Dean, Family Guy, Beverly Hills 90210, Cash Cab, TMZ, Golden Girls, Roseanne, Friends, Frasier, Little People Big World, What Not To Wear, LA Ink, Top Design, American Chopper.

Now, my list of shows seems to grow everyday now that I have the luxury of DVR. It’s pretty easy to watch this many shows when you are home 5 nights a week and usually 2 days as well. I will say that before I moved into my apartment this list was far smaller because I only had basic cable so I had to rent the HBO & Showtime shows so it was far more expensive, a hassle, and more time consuming so I usually only watched 1 at a time, unlike now!

In my defense I did drop a show this year, Grey's Anatomy is no longer enjoyable so I stopped watching it. I would have to say that watching all of this TV is crazy, but I will also say why didn't it ever occur to me to get a job in TV, or at least work for the cable company so I can get free cable?

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