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Sep 29, 2008

Premieres Everywhere!!

So last night was a rough night for my TV viewing pleasures. Dexter, Californication, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters all had their season premiere & Entourage was also on as well so I had to watch things while DVRing other things & it was a big pain in the arse! I watched Dexter & Brothers & Sisters & then followed those up with Californication. I still have to watch DH & Entourage when I get home from work today & now that the premiere episodes of everything aired I’ll have to decide whether to watch regular TV or cable on Sundays & I’ll probably go cable so I can ff through the commercials from regular TV on Mondays.
So I think Dexter is gearing up to be a good season, Jimmy Smitts has been added to the cast and he kind of irritates me but he is a decent actor so it shouldn’t be all bad. I can safely say that I don’t like the chick who plays Deb, she has a very annoying way with her mouth when she speaks and she’s too tall & too skinny for her large face. They dress her up on her body but do nothing with her hair & makeup now she did get a haircut which helps some but I think it makes her look less cop-like. I guess my biggest complaint is that she’s not girlie nor is she manly & I think they just need to pick a side for her. At least Rita is hot this season! She’s not all meek and blah anymore, thank God!!
Californication is looking hot for this season, of course! I was a little nervous about how I would take to the new season given the David Duchovny drama but I had no issues, Hank was Hank & I was happy to have him back.
Bros & Sisters was good but I’m getting a little bored with the additional child plot they add every single season. Last season it was Rebecca & this season it’s Ryan & the family just keeps arguing and yes I know that’s how families are and the family is big but seriously, not one thing ever goes down that everyone agrees with. It’s hard to keep track of who is mad at who & what for, maybe there are just too many characters & they keep adding more and I’m just losing touch with the cast I think but I’ll give it a few more eps before I walk away.

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Happy B-day Wendy

So this weekend we went downtown to Garden Bowl for Wendy’s dirty 30 (9/27) & we had lots of fun bowling, eating, and drinking. I especially enjoyed the cupcakes!! It was nice to have a good group of peeps together for some good times. It was also Jeff's birthday but not his dirty 30 so he got a party & didn't have to plan it which made Steph very happy!! It was also Todd's birthday so although they didn't join us downtown I'm sure they had a blast anyway!!
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Montage of Thoughts on Canada, eh

So, as you all know I was recently in Toronto and there were quite a few things about the area that I loved & think our country should adopt as well so I thought I’d share. First of all can I just say how clean it was there, yes I did see quite a bit of homeless folks sleeping in parks or on the street & they were dirty but I did not see trash on the sidewalk or the streets. Now I don’t know if the whole country is similar to Toronto or not but almost every corner has not only a trash can but the trash can is also a recycling bin. There was a slot for trash, one for plastic & one for paper and when it’s that easy why not recycle? Our hotel room also had a recycling bin in the bathroom under the sink & can I just say that we used it, a lot so thanks to the Holiday Inn Express for being so responsible! One thing I hate about Canada is the prices of everything…a Bud Light in a bottle should not cost 8 dollars, and a burger & fries should not cost $10, and the starting rate for a cab should definitely not be $4…it was a bit ridiculous & they have way too many added taxes as well, for instance you eat your $10 burger and then have to pay like 3 taxes on top of it & it ends up costing you $12.50…for meat & bread! The weirdest thing to me was the McDonald's $1.39 menu instead of 99 cents...it just doesn't roll off the tongue as well does it?

Now when we got to Windsor while it was super clean as well I didn’t notice any recycling bins but we didn’t do any walking around, we only went to the train station and then stopped to take pics too. I can say however that the city reeked like dog food! It was such a nasty ass smell & while some of us said it was probably the smell of the “D” creeping across the river when we got to the D it didn’t smell so who knows but there is no way I could live somewhere that smelled like that so I hope it was just a fluke & it doesn’t always smell like that! I guess, if McCain wins the election I’ll just have to move to Toronto & not Windsor.

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Runway - old post

So I wrote this a couple weeks back & forgot to post :)
Did you guys see project Runway last night? First of all can I say that I’m so bummed that Joe went home, he was a really good designer not to mention local but his ensemble was totally cliché. I would like to state that I hate Kenley, she is so rude when she is on stage laughing out loud at her colleagues. What makes her think that her one design, which is repeated weekly, is any better than anyone else? She’s definitely a one trick pony & I just really want her eliminated already. If she makes it to Bryant Park I’m boycotting the show! Not only is she rude, selfish, demanding, lacking class, unable to take criticism, inappropriate, she is also annoying! I can’t stand her voice, the way she talks, or her teeth…everything related to her mouth including the words she chooses to let out of it & her needless laughter on stage just irritate the freaking piss out of me! I really hope she gets sent home next week or I may not be able to watch the rest of the season.
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Green Means Go!!

My complaint about driving this time of year here in lovely Michigan is my morning commute to work, the sun is blazing in my eyes the whole way & it’s extremely irritating. What’s more irritating is I’m not the only one so when I’m sitting at the lights at Middlebelt & 10 & Lahser & 10 the left turn light goes green before the traffic light turns green. Luckily I don’t turn left at Middlebelt so it’s not annoying to me but I see it happening to others, and it does happen to me at Lahser. Here’s the thing, I’ll be in the left turn lane & the person in front of me is being blinded by the sun therefore not seeing that little arrow turn green, so I honk & they don’t move because they probably think I’m just a jerk. After that the both way light turns green while the arrow is blinking yellow & guess what? The car in front of me will get to go at the very end of the light and then I have to wait for everything to happen the other way. I’ve been late to work the last 3 days because the jack ass in front of me isn’t paying attention, I mean come on, you drive this route everyday so you should know the process for the lights by now so get your head out of your ass & go when that arrow turns green!!!
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Sep 27, 2008

Dexter Widget

Hey all, check out the Dexter Widget I installed on the right hand side of the page after the ads, the game is annoying and addictive!
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Sep 26, 2008

New Term

I received this new slogan/phrase from my friend Karen today & it's genius. We are working on coming up with a feminine version...if you have input please feel free to share!

Salad Dodger = fat guy

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Not Sure Who to Vote For?

Take this quiz to help you figure it out!!

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Stuff In General

Hey everyone, so I'm back in the swing of things and working thank God, I was seriously going crazy just laying around the house for 3 days. I tried to do some cleaning but was too wore out or my fever would get in the way, I managed to run the dishwasher & do 1 load of laundry, oh and I unpacked from Toronto...thrilling, I know. I spent 2.5 days in the same clothes, gross I know but why dirty more stuff, I wasn't leaving the house! I opened up the window and laid on the couch with the breeze washing over me all day & that felt really nice, it smelled like spring, not fall. Knowing that fall was here though made me kind of sad, while I am a fall person knowing that winter comes next makes me sick to my stomach. As I age I find I have a much lower tolerance for all things winter from cold to icy roads & crazy snow storms but I guess I'll have to deal with it until I get a transfer to somewhere warm.

So tomorrow is my friend Wendy's birthday, she's turning the Dirty 30! We are all heading down to Garden Bowl for some bowling, beers, pizza, and fun & I'm so looking forward to some interaction with people after being under lock and key all week.

Next week & the whole month of October is going to be rough on me! Wed-Saturday next week I'll be dog sitting for my friends Todd & Melissa in Dearborn which won't be a problem but it will be annoying having to sleep with 2 dogs when I normally sleep alone. My friend Doug is going out of town for practically the whole month so I will be staying every single weekend in Dearborn at his house which means that my apartment is going to be a filthy mess! See, this is the problem with having pets...you make plans & then oops, someone has to watch your animals and guess what folks, even though you are paying someone it is a pain in the ass and it does put them out. The fact that I have to pack up work clothes, regular clothes, and all my day to day necessities & live out of a suitcase the entire month of October...it's an inconvenience regardless of how much cash I'm being given. My whole point is, why do I pay rent? I'm never home and here I thought by moving 20 minutes away people would stop depending on me but silly me it just makes things more difficult on me. The worst part is, I love these dogs so I can't just say "screw em" and that sucks!
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Sep 25, 2008


Thank God he finally came out, I mean come on...what took so long dude? It isn't like we didn't know ever since the very first time we saw you!! Good luck on being a dad, which has nothing to do with the gayness by the way but maybe you can convince Ricky Martin to come out too, or are you guys a couple? You'd be one lucky bitch if that were the case!!
photo courtesy of clayaiken.com
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Still Sick

I'm going crazy in my apartment! I've been home sick for 3 days now and I can't take it anymore. I've started talking to myself but luckily not answering my own questions but I'm learning that one can only watch so much 90210 before they start losing their sanity. It's so beautiful outside but I don't want to go anywhere because I don't want to get anyone sick, not even strangers so I've been standing in front of my window breathing in the fresh air. My throat has started feeling much better but it looks freaking disgusting which is why I didn't want to go back to work yet but I'm going back tomorrow because I can't take another day of this! I'm debating walking up to the custard place on the corner to get a cone because it will provide me with some fresh air & the icey cold goodness will probably make my throat feel much better too. I'm so glad I quit smoking because what a difference this round of tonsillitis is compared to my last one let me tell ya. After 24 hours on the meds I started feeling better but in the past it would have taken at least 48 before I noticed a difference. I can say though that I've been missing the cigs the last 3 days because at least...it's something to do! I really need to clean my apartment but I don't want to exert too much energy because I'm afraid it will make me sick again. It's times like these when I really miss living with roommates & pets, at least there were people/animals to keep me company. I'm starting to get sore from head to toe from laying around for days...I'm just a mess & it's all Peggy's fault! I haven't seen the girl in years & then I spend 3 days with her & she gets me sick. Thanks alot girlie, as nice as it was to see you, I currently wish I hadn't. Nothing personal. Well, I guess I should get back to nothing. More from reality tomorrow!!

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Sep 23, 2008

Illin After New Kids

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted lately, I was in Toronto over the weekend checking out New Kids at the Air Canada Centre. We got back last night & today I woke up with tonsillitis so I hit up the local urgent care & got me some drugs so now I'm laying low at home recuperating. The concert was freaking sweet so we bought tickets to see them in the D as well. When they hit the stage I started screaming like a 12 year old again, it surprised me when I felt that rush just like I did 15 years ago. It was kind of surreal to see them again & they all look so good, but I did find it odd that Jon didn't say a single word during the show I mean he sang & performed but he never did anything on his own like the other guys did. Well at one point he did video of the crowd but that was it. Anyway, if you were ever a new kids fan I highly recommend checking them out again, I can't wait until the end of the month to see them again!!
photo is from our show & courtesy of nkotb.com
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Sep 19, 2008

Bye Bye Kwame

Enjoy this delightful animated so long from Kwame, courtesy of freep.com.

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Sep 17, 2008

Put On Some Color

Why has Jessica Alba stopped wearing makeup? She looks so blah & washed out these days & I know she’s a new mom & all but come on…if you are heading to an event you might want to put some makeup on, it's just a suggestion!

photo courtesy of people.com
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Hometown Hero?

Not really, but I have to give it up to Dan for winning the $500,000 prize as the winner of Big Brother season 10. Dan is from my hometown of Dearborn Michigan and though he annoyed me at the beginning of the show I'm super happy that he won. To date I think he has been the best player Big Brother has ever seen so congrats Dan, you totally earned it!!!

I would also like to state that I totally disagree with the America's Favorite winner because Keesha was so annoying! Her voice & laugh were enough to make me want to kill myself not to mention her poor makeup application skills. She seems like a nice person & all but Renny should have totally won that money!
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As If Trig Wasn't Bad Enough

I learned the full name of Sarah Palin's son Trig today...this is not a joke. His name is Trig Paxson Van Palin and why would anyone do that to their kid? Especially a special needs child with Down Syndrome, well the answer is simple, Sarah is a huge Van Halen fan. Come the eff on! Is this really the kind of person that we want running our country? Let's not forget that John McCain is 5,000 years old so the chances of her being President are HUGE! As if her brood's names aren't already bad enough just first name alone...I feel bad for them because you know they are made fun of constantly for their names & now that their mom is in the National public eye it's only going to get worse. Best of luck to her kids making it through this election unscathed!!
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Dark Knight

Me & my friend Doug finally went & saw Dark Knight at the IMAX on Sunday & I knew it was going to be good but had no idea that it was going to be awesome! I will say that it was a little long and about two times I thought the final chase sequence was starting but I was wrong. The story was good, highly involved with various characters and how they all linked to each other. It seemed as though 2 Face was dead at the end but I’m guessing that isn’t the actual case and he’ll be making a return for the next installment but I could be wrong. I can safely say that Heath Ledger was amazing in this movie, Oscar worthy performance for sure. He was beyond the character he was playing, due to the cuts/scars on his face he was always licking his lips and making this sucking noise that was creepy but very realistic. It really is a shame that he died because I think his acting potential was truly shown in this movie and we will never get to see what other tricks he had up his sleeve. If you haven’t seen the movie I highly suggest that you do, and if you can see it at an IMAX, even better!!

photo courtesy of Dark Knight website
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Sep 15, 2008

So Called Friends...

So my coworker has this “friend” who is in a word delusional. We will call this person Lucy just for stories sake & if Lucy ever by chance reads my blog she can’t complain because I didn’t use her actual name. So my coworker we’ll call her Jenny for same reasons comes in today & tells me this crazy story. Jenny & Lucy have been friends since 1st grade so they have one of those relationships where you really know the person & all of their flaws that come along with them. Well Jenny is a single mom and lives alone and her friend Lucy is single as well with a jacked up living situation but the difference between the 2 of them is that Jenny works and Lucy does not. Lucy was fired from her job at a local grocery store about 8 or 9 months ago & has since been living off of unemployment, not really sure how since it’s only supposed to run for like 3 months but regardless that is her income. Obviously Lucy has it rough with a limited income, sky high gas prices, she smokes & refuses to give it up even though it would save her over a hundred bucks a month, and she has a minor drug problem as well which probably runs a couple hundred a month too. So anyway, Jenny gets a call a couple weeks ago and Lucy tells her that her cousin is throwing her out and like I said they have known each other forever so Jenny knew damn well that Lucy was hoping for a handout & Jenny doesn’t have anything to give. Jenny told Lucy that she was sorry about her dilemma but she couldn’t help & suggested that Lucy get a job. Lucy took this to offense, why I have no idea because it seems pretty logical to me that when you have no money you get a job, right? Wrong apparently because Jenny told me all about Lucy & her past. She mooched off of everyone she knew from friends to family. She lived with her uncle for 4 years and never paid him any rent and one day she came home to find all of her stuff on the lawn & the locks changed so she moved on. After that she moved in with her mom & lived there for 7 months only paying rent the first 6 months & then she lost her job & stopped paying rent again & then mom threw her out too. After that she moved to Florida to live with her cousin and when she got there her cousin told her that he would put her up for 3 months & then she had to start paying rent. Lucy took major offense to this so her cousin said he would give her a job at his restaurant washing dishes in exchange for rent. Lucy agreed to this and after 3 days was furious because she wasn’t being paid even though her cousin told her that the job was exchange for rent. She wanted (get this) $300 a week on top of free rent because “I’ll be damned if I’m going to wash dishes and not get paid, I don’t even wash them at home”, this is what she told Jenny. The worst part is, she was still collecting unemployment & wanted the $300 on top of free rent & when her cousin told her no she went insane & called Jenny to bitch about how unfair this is. Jenny is sitting there with her 5-year-old daughter barely making ends meet but is at least working & Lucy has the balls to ask her for help. Jenny went crazy on her & told her everything she has ever wanted to say and it basically went like this: “you know what Lucy, you walk around acting like the world owes you something you bitch all the time about how everything is unfair, you don’t ever apply yourself to actually gain any respect from anyone so where do you get off thinking that you deserve more than those of us who work and earn respect from the world instead of waiting around for some big break that is never going to come?” “And another thing, please don’t call me again until you have decided to take up residence in the real world, good luck”!!
I totally support Jenny, Lucy sounds like a real piece of work & I would have done the same thing, Jenny has not spoken to Lucy since & she deleted her from her phone, I’m so proud of her!!! I would like to tell Lucy to wake the eff up, we all work to earn money & as much as we would love to meet some rich man who will just shower us in cash we know that we still have bills to pay in the mean time so get a damn job, stop draining the economy & stop feeling so sorry for yourself, you put yourself in this position & it's high time (at the age of 30) you figure your way out of it.

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Look Who Stuffs!!

So I was on one of my favorite blogging sites today and while my boy was blogging about how Amy Crackhouse was seen with an unknown white substance (assumed to be drugs) stuffed in her bra I opened up the photos in the post and figured something out. That is not coke, heroin, or even baby powder; Ms. Amy stuffs her bra! Even in all of her chemically induced fuzzy mindedness she still remembers to grab that box of puffs and stuff her bra before heading out to the local pub. I guess I just don’t get first of all how she is still alive, second of all with all of her money why doesn’t she buy some cutlets instead of using tissues, and C, why does she shop at Salvation Army? I think I had the tank top she is wearing in these photos and donated it to the Army about 15 years ago.

Sep 13, 2008

Review of The Women

Me, mom & Wendy went and saw The Women last night at the lovely AMC Fairlane in Dearborn. The theater was pretty packed with women & only a couple men who were either gay or a glutton for punishment but it wasn't as packed as expected, then again there was a later showing and we were there at 7:30 which is still kind of early. Anyway, the movie had a great story, the women in it played their characters very well, and there were some extremely humorous parts that's for sure. The cast of this movie is amazing and of all of the characters in it I'd say my favorite was Bette Midler who appeared for all of 10 minutes. There is not one man in this movie, not even on the streets of Manhattan, and I found that to be very refreshing seeing all of these business women going to work and no men. Men are mentioned but none appear, not even a gay guy! I definitely recommend this to women of all ages but I think that women between the ages of 35 and 60 will identify with it most. So gals, grab your moms, aunts and friends and head out to see this one, you will die lauging near the end...Jada Pinkett is freaking hysterical in the last big scene & her playing a lesbian is priceless as well!! I give the movie 3 of 4 olives & tomorrow I'm finally going to see Dark Knight at the IMAX & I can't wait!!!
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Sep 12, 2008

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Ok I have to bitch about a couple things right now.

I don’t know if you deal with this or not but how annoying is it listening to people talk low or whisper at work? I sit in my cube and all I can hear is psss pss pss pssss pss pss buzz a buzz pss psss psss and it’s annoying. If you don’t want people to hear you then email or write it down because it drives others crazy to hear you just so you know.

I would like to bitch about my “friends” who seem to forget to tell me things. I shouldn’t have to call upon other friends to find what is going on with you. When I talk to friend A & they tell me that friend B has her asshole boyfriend living with her & then I talk to friend B and she says nothing about it that’s a problem. When I talk to friend C and they tell me that friend A moved, yet I talk to friend A and they don’t mention it, that’s a problem. When I talk to friend D and they tell me that friend F is getting married and I talk to friend F and it isn’t mentioned that’s the beginning of a battle. Let me tell you a story about friend F, we’ll call him George. George and myself have been friends for about 10 years I’d say or at least damn close to that. We have been very close over the years and been through a lot of ups and downs together. He had some major relationship issues with another mutual friend (friend B actually) and all hell broke loose and I was the one he came to, I was there to help him pick up his pieces via email, face time, phone calls…the whole 9. So after he recovered from this trauma he met someone else and they started dating & at first she was really nice, totally cool and then one day I get a voicemail that uses up my entire message box and it is a message of girlfriend (we’ll call her Cybil) going off on George asking where he was & why he didn’t answer his phone & who was he with. This was pretty early on in the relationship so I kind of assumed he’d be walking away after that but nope he just apologized for the message & that was that. George is not the type of man I would want for a husband, he likes to wander/stray at times or at least he did in the past and I’m a firm believer that people don’t change.

So anyway, George & I remained good friends for years although he lived out of the country for a bit for work & traveled a lot with Cybil who by the way moved in to his house while he was out of the country forcing his roommate at the time out of the house (what a bitch). Years go by of hanging out here & there when time permitted but Cybil was never in attendance. Actually I had not seen Cybil since 1/1/05 & on a fluke we were all out for dinner one night about a year ago & ran into George & Cybil & she said nothing to anyone & she actually hid behind George while he talked to all of us. Strange? Yes! So a few months back I hear from a friend that he heard from another friend that George was getting married so I called him out on it & he said yes he was. A couple weeks ago I get a text from another friend asking if I got my invite, which I had not. Over the last couple weeks this has been a big dramatic event waiting for the invite, which I finally received yesterday…via email, very simple “BTW- did you want to come to my wedding?” no joke, that was the format! Now there was far more drama involved over the last couple weeks than I just told you but George sent me the link for their wedding site & I read their story & it says that they got engaged in September 2007…are you effing joking?!?! Some “friend”, he was engaged for a year & every time I said “what’s new, how’s Cybil” he always said, oh not much & she’s well, can’t really complain. I also find it odd that he made sure he told me that his grandma was getting married, but not himself, who does that?! So, the wedding is in like 3 weeks…do I wear white or red? I am definitely going just so I can find out what all the secrecy was for & due to such short notice I’m not going to be able to give them a gift. Awww, bummer!

On a totally unrelated note, Kate Hudson please cut your sons hair or at least brush it, thanks!!

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Sep 11, 2008

Market This!!

So, all week my office has been doing Office Olympics and all proceeds go to charity. We had 8 events and each team competed in 2 events each day Monday through today. Our team aptly named Market This! is lined up to receive the bronze in tomorrows award ceremony and I am very proud of all of us! Our whole team competed in the paper ream relay & we did pretty bad but the floor was all dusty & i was afraid I was gonna fall, I took gold in the pencil throwing which took place right after the relay & I was pretty damn proud of myself! Other than those 2 events we had paper airplane javelin, basketball toss, bowling, scooter racing, office chair races, and egg tower building. We only had one event that we did really bad on so I have to give props to Kelly, Michelle, and Paul for being such excellent teammates!! Due to the camera not working today we don't have any pics from the egg towers or the bowling but here are some highlights for you from the other events!!

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Sep 10, 2008

No More Drama, Vote For Obama!

Ok all, I'm not really a very political person at all but I did want to make it known that I am supporting Barack Obama and not just because John McCain is 100 & Sarah Palin is so freaking annoying, but because Barack stands more for what I stand for and this country needs change not 4-8 more years of old ideals and opinions that date back to 1954. Wake up America, get your head out of your ass & make an educated vote based on YOUR beliefs not the beliefs of your parents, friends, family, church. If that vote is for McCain more power to you, but know WHY you are voting the way you are don't do it "just because" someone told you it was the way to go. YOUR future is in the hands of this election and you need to remember that on your way to the polls but regardless of your choice you need to do your duty and VOTE!!! Click here for more info on your candidates.

That's my peace.
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Overpaid Actors, Now There's a Surprise!

I found this article that I read funny and not the least bit shocking regarding the top 10 overpaid actors, even though there are only 9 people on the list. I don’t understand how or why Cameron Diaz is able to bank 50 million in a year when all she does is romantic comedies. Yes, I really enjoyed The Holiday but was her performance worth more than a couple million? No! According to this article she grossed that 50 mill from 2006-2007 and she did Shrek 3, the X-mas Shrek special & The Holiday…that’s it and I’m sorry but even totaling the 3 does not match up to 50 mill plus the article says that cartoons weren’t included!! You can’t tell me that she was paid $50M for The Holiday because if she was I need to get my happy ass in a movie, just one at $50M would set me for life.

I totally agree that Nicole Kidman is the most overpaid actor around because she’s so boring, strange, unattractive and not to mention a total freak based on some info I received a couple years back that I'm not going to divulge but those who know, will agree with me. She was also married to a total douche bag by the name of Tom Cruise who tied Cameron but I think was given the 2nd place spot due to his low earnings for Lion’s for Lambs. They were under $2.00 per $1 spent. You can see the actual standings below & feel free to check out
the article to read more detailed information.

Personally I think it’s pretty freaking sad that Nicole Kidman is worse off having in your movie than Will Ferrell, come on, he’s purely shtick & really nothing else but he is good at it so I guess I kind of see the point. I would also like to state that Nicolas Cage is so ugly & annoying & shouldn’t be in any movies, ever, period!

The info below shows the actors in order of waste of money & the dollar amount that accompanies the name is the per dollar earning (of their films) for the year of 06-07.

Cate Blanchett $4.97
Will Ferrell $4.67
Drew Barrymore $4.38
Nicolas Cage $4.16
Jim Carrey $4.11
Jennifer Lopez $4.10
Cameron Diaz- $4
Tom Cruise $4
Nicole Kidman $1
photo's for collage taken from IMDB
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Sep 8, 2008

Amy & the Family Stone?

As I keep reading all of these Amy Winehouse stories about her cancelling shows & being all drunk & on crack & everything else, I keep wondering...who does she think she is? I can only come up with one answer & that is, Sly Stone! Due to lack of paps back in the day we don't have any good effed up Sly pics so we have to use a regular one, but add a bottle & some blood shot eyes with your imagination & then notice any similarities?

Photos courtesy of msn.com & people.com
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Feel This Celebrity

clever commentary by me
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So Much To Say About The VMA's!

Ok kiddies, sorry I've been absent lately but my parents are up from TN & I've been spending some quality time with my mom while my dad has been off at the Jim Beam golf outing with his boys. So just to sum up my weekend before I get into my opinion of the VMA's, I chilled on Friday, watched Wonderland & thought it was pretty damn good, very interesting & informative & Val Kilmer did a damn good job at playing John Holmes or so I thought. I had heard things about the Wonderland murders in the past but never really knew anything about what went down there & damn, those murders were gruesome & in the movies when the actual bludgeoning was going on I had to cover my face, it was beyond disgusting!

Ok so on to the rest of the weekend, mom came over on Saturday & we went out to dinner, played putt putt, rented movies & chatted. Sunday we watched more movies & chatted, hung out & I made dinner. We had a lot of fun & it was really nice having the company.

Now, the VMA's. First of all I have no idea how in the hell Brit won video of the year, the video was nothing special, I also don't know how she won female video of the year, again the video was nothing special. She looked good, but didn't sound good when she flubbed her little opening speech...pretty sad when you have 10 words to say & you screw one up. She also stuck her tongue out at the end like she had just given a 10 minute speech in 5 minutes time, that I didn't get.

Can we please discuss this Russell Brand bloke? Dude, the UK can totally keep him. I thought a couple things he said were funny but that was about it, I was more embarrassed for him than anything else. He looked like an idiot, he made fun of the mentally challenged, he discussed the Jonas Bros way too much and that was about all I could handle. This was the first time in my VMA history that I didn't watch the whole show. About 1 hour into the awards I started looking at my weekend DVR list to see what I had missed when I noticed that the new season of Entourage was recording for me, at that time I opted to switch over. *On a side note, this season is going to rock, Ari called Lloyd Yoko last night and I about peed myself, Drama is totally in full on glory this season as well. Since the VMA's were still recording while I was watching the boys I did go back & rewind to watch Pink perform (loved it, love her) and I caught some of X-tina & I didn't recognize her with that makeup on & assumed she was some new group like Danity Kane that we could do without. Once I realized it was her I enjoyed the performance. I did like Rihanna's performance as well, she's just so cute.

I can’t stand Miley Cyrus as you all are very aware & then she had to be the one to introduce Pink at the awards which made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. She’s awful mouthy for being such a “proper” young girl, in fact I’d say she’s just a bitch! You know who else I don’t like? The Jonas Brothers! My peeps L&B said as they were watching the performance last night “the Jonas Brothers are by far the gayest thing we’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot!” I fully agreed!! They aren’t gay in the “I like boys” way or “I’m so happy way” but gay in the “are you seeing this cause this shit aint right” way. My biggest beef with the bros is that I hear all of the girls are in love with Nick, and Joe is clearly the most attractive of the 3, the other 2 look like Screech. Kevin & Joe both however are in desperate need of an eyebrow wax!!
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Sep 4, 2008

9021 Oh girl you look awful!

Dude, did you guys see 90210? I did & I'm still kind of on the fence about it, it seems like it could get good but right now it's just trying to find its place I think. It's def nothing like the first one and a bit reminiscent of Gossip Girl but it has Nat & GG does not! So, Jennie Garth looks really good I think, she's kept up appearances over the years & working has probably helped. I don't know that she has had any work done but she could certainly afford it if needed. Shannen on the other hand, whoo wee girl looks AWFUL! After all of these years she never got her teeth fixed and she looks the same but harder and her voice sounds like a pack of Lucky Strikes! I think it's cool that Erin & Hannah are on it but what is up with Erin (Silver as she goes by now) having super dark hair? I was just watching an episode from season 5 the other day & she was uber blond then so what happened? I also can't wait to see Kelly's mom in the next episode and judging by the preview she looks the same just a little heavier. This new show will never compare to the old one no matter how hard it tries but I'll keep watching. I will drop this show in a second though if it starts becoming anything like the OC...the most predictable teen drama ever on TV!
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Sep 3, 2008


So last night was fun, me, Wendy, my mom & my Godmother Linda all went to the Tiger's game (we played the Angels). We hit up the El Wood grille first & had a bite to eat which was tasty and then headed to the game where we enjoyed the beautiful weather, the atmosphere, and the people watching. We didn't win but we had fun all the same, it was everyone's first game of the season and I'm assuming probably the last for me since I'm poor. These tickets were free and actually now that I think about it I've never paid for tickets to attend any sporting event in 30 years!! Hope that tradition continues for many years to come :)

Sep 2, 2008

Damn Republicans

Being a Liberal gal I find this amusing: The fact that the Republican National Convention was designated a “national security event” which means the secret service are responsible for the planning and implementing of security but unfortunately the local cops still had to deal with the “street crimes” and they were plentiful. Close to 300 people were arrested and almost half are facing felony charges…funny, how many people were arrested at the Dems convention? Did I type that out loud? Ooops. So St. Paul got $50 Mill in grant money to pay for additional security & they said it would cost $34 million to pay 3,500 officers & the rest would go to their training. So you are telling me that someone who is being “hired” for added security is going to get paid $19,000…for a few days of work? My dad was a cop & trust me, they don’t make $19K a week so why should these temps? They also had the help of FBI, FPS, Customs, Coast Guard & TSA…for Christ sakes, talk about too many people soaking up double time working the holiday!! I’m sure there was added security at the Dems convention as well but obviously it wasn’t really needed. This is going to be a crazy campaign & I’ve been sick of it for months already so I can’t wait until the actual election & if McLame wins I’m taking a transfer to Canada!
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