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Nov 24, 2009

Broke & on break!

So here we are, closing in on the Thanksgiving holiday with an economy that is near death but that's ok because family &; food is right around the corner. This year I'm thankful that we are closed Wednesday through Friday & not thankful for the fact that it's all unpaid & I'll be broke for the rest of the year. Being broke really doesn't come in handy when trying to Christmas shop but I have to look on the bright side & that side is...5 days to sleep in!! I can catch up on Rock Band & reading & movies OnDemand because that stuff is free & so is enjoying the company of friends & loved ones. Make sure you make the most of this Thanksgiving too, remember it's the free stuff that really does count!!  I also wanted to thank all of my friends & family for sharing my birthday with me last week & weekend, it really meant a lot!
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