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Jul 16, 2010

I was powerless last night

Who needs electricity when everything comes in some sort of pre-moistened (or not) towelette?  I just did dishes, cleaned most of my kitchen & bathroom, and honestly could have done the floors too if I really wanted to but I’ve opted to sip a margarita & cram in the 15 remaining minutes on my laptop what bit of genius I could about power outages. I’m loving my iPod touch & the fact that it has a speaker more & more every time I use it.  I also love the way my apartment smells with 12 candles burning in it & Wendy said that sounded very romantic & that 9 months from today a lot of babies would be born in this area & my response….it’s too hot to f**k dude!  I mean come on, it’s like 80 with humidity at a nice swift kick in the teeth, so being naked and pressed against someone else naked just sounds like a very uncomfortable sweaty sticky disaster & I’d definitely pass on that!  I’m missing my shows & I’m in a relationship with my DVR and I feel like I got to the restaurant & then 20 minutes after my date was supposed to be there he texted & said “not gonna make it”, you know?  I’m also planning on catching up on some People crossword puzzles here…assuming I can keep my eyes open.  Not having entertainment sure is tiring…no wonder people went to bed so early ages ago, there was nothing else to do!  I suppose I should open the windows & allow the cool humid air to roll in so that I wake up a greasy sticky mess tomorrow which should be sweet.  It would also be nice if the power was on in the morning so I could post this to my blog & have my coffee.
Well, it’s the next morning…I’m at work…I still have no power, I did wake up a greasy sticky mess & sadly I’m only on my first cup of coffee but on the plus side, I don't have to do anything requiring power to get ready for work so I was still on time!

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