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Jul 14, 2010

How crazy!

So last night my mom called & we were on the phone for quite a while & she was telling me how she went to the dentist on Monday & had to deal with this obnoxious dad & his 2 kids in the waiting room because she had of oddly enough arrived really early & her hygienist was running late.   How odd is it that on Monday I also had a dentist appointment & arrived really early & my hygienist was running late & I had to deal with an obnoxious mom & her 2 kids?  I also had an obnoxious stranger & a woman yapping on her cell phone but still we were both really early & we're usually just on time, then our hygienists were running late & they never do!  To top it off mom asked me when my next appointment was scheduled & I told her Monday January 17th & she said "me too".  Crazy...crazy I say!!
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