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Feb 4, 2011

"Clever" vanity plates?

On my way home today I was cut off by a lovely gentleman who turned on his blinker after he squeezed in front of me which caused me to get annoyed but the annoyance passed as I got up closely behind him at the light & saw his license plate which read NRICO but the clever lad ordered an Eastern Michigan University license plate so it would read ENRICO...smart right?  Well, it might have been if the plate weren't covered by a Wayne State license plate plastic cover thingy.  It just kills me how people think they are being all smart by using college license plates to help them make their vanity plate!  Perhaps if they actually went to college & got a degree they would know that not only are vanity plates dumb but it doesn't sound very smart when someone says "oh, you went to Eastern?" and your dumb ass says "no...see, I used the E to spell my name".  I see this all the time with the Michigan State plates too, people use the S & then make a word off of it...these are not building blocks people, they say "hey, I went to school here" so if you didn't go to school there then please stop ordering their license plates.  Actually, I think if you want a school plate you should be required to prove that you were at least at some point a student or employee there!  I mean, you have to prove you are a veteran to get a veteran plate don't you?  Also, just so you know I did try to get a pic of Nrico's plate but my windshield was so dirty you can't see it, sorry but I tried!
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