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Mar 1, 2011

Best & Worst dressed at the Oscars!!

Here are my choices for best dressed female, in order from least fave to most fave:

Mila Kunis is so hot & has been spot on all awards season, she looked amazing!!  I liked Camilla's dress because it is simple & chic & she looks banging in it.  Jennifer's dress is a beautiful color & a beautiful fit but because of all of her weight loss she has the deflated boobs going on so she needs to get them fixed because she keeps wearing dresses that show them off & they aren't in a state to be shown off.  My cousin went through this after she lost a ton of weight & she basically had to roll & stuff them into her clothes until she had them lifted.  Reese is simple & stunning & I think her hair might be the best part of this outfit.

Here are my choices for worst dressed female...this one was hard because there are a lot of choices & again I've put them in order of least offensive to most offensive with the last one being my worst dressed very possible of the entire awards season this year.

Sadly it's Marisa Tomei who I love dearly but the girl needs a stylist in a bad way.  Her dress looks purple in this photo, it looked navy on my TV when she was on the carpet & black on my TV when she was on stage but no matter what color it is the dress is still hideous, not to mention ill fitting on the top.  Amy Adams might not have been so bad had she skipped the jewelry...when you are wearing a high necked sequin gown you shouldn't wear a necklace, it's too much.  Melissa, well that dress is just plain ugly no matter how you slice it, u-g-l-y.  Cate appears to be wearing a toilet seat on the top half of her dress while Nicole looks very possibly the worst she ever has...her dress looks like it was made from one of Elvis' old show jumpsuits!

As for the boys...best dressed is:

How cute is Justin Timberlake?  Super cute!!

And worst dressed is:

Russell Brand is definitely the worst dressed man of the night (no big surprise there) but his mom looked great! 

A little more of my thoughts on appearances, what was up with Scarlett Johansson's corpse colored lipstick &; the top of her dress?  I also hate to say it but Natalie Portman could have done way better...she looked like a bridesmaid, her dress, shoes & earrings were all the same color, who does that?  

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