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Mar 17, 2011

Happy St. Pat's & here's your horoscope!

Hey guys, I'm sorry I missed posting horoscopes yesterday so here they are.  I totally didn't even realize that yesterday was Wednesday due to the fact that I was out of the office after having my wisdom teeth removed, talk about fun!  I spent 5 days on the couch in pain drifting in & out of sleep, popping pills like a junkie, reading magazines, watching TV & craving food I couldn't eat.  I'm finally starting to feel better today, the pain is pretty much gone & tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics, woot!  The only thing that is still getting in my way is the fact that I cannot open my huge mouth & honestly, all I want right now is a freaking sandwich!  It's St. Patrick's Day & I would love nothing more than a Reuben from Dagwood's but deconstructing a sandwich like that so it can be eaten with a fork completely ruins it & I couldn't even get a tiny Hostess donut in my mouth this morning without cutting it in half horizontally.  Anyway, if you are going to be out partying today do it safely & if you aren't then welcome to my club & someone please have a Reuben for me somewhere!!
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