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Aug 11, 2009

No More D.O.

Just thought I'd advise everyone that the owner of the Double Olive in Dearborn is a complete fuck wad (yet again) & I will never...ever, set foot in that bar again, not even if you offer me $. Well, once the bar changes owners & trust me sooner or later, it will change owners, at that time I will consider going back but so long as Joe has anything to do with it I'm not sinking to the level of patronizing that establishment. Those who know the story & reason behind me not going there anymore will hopefully follow my lead & for those who don't...just trust me that Joe & everything that goes on in that bar is SHADY!!! I always knew that he was a total douche bag but I really had no idea that he was training some of his staff to follow his lead. Who the fuck does he think he is anyway? He's just a fat junkie bastard who looks like the lead singer of Creed & uses his employees to do his dirty work. Well Joe, go fuck your face, I really look forward to your business going under :)
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