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Feb 18, 2010

Annoying spellings of peoples names

I have completely had it with people trying to get creative with their kids names when really they aren't creative at all.  Take Mean Girls as an example...LL's name is Cady which is pronounced Katie but read as Catty by everyone who sees it because that's what it looks like. I've seen Kyleigh & Madisyn & Michele & Jasyn & Jakob & Mathew & Elisabeth & the list goes on really; my issue is that if you want to give your kid a creative name then do it, don't just spell some boring simple name different & think that you are being creative or giving your child a unique name.  What you are doing is really making life difficult for your kid, if her name is Carrie then jut spell it that way, don't spell it Carey because all you are doing is making things more time consuming for them.  I get annoyed if someone spells my last name wrong but imagine your first name being spelled wrong by people constantly, that would just drive me insane.  Bottom line people, spelling something simple in a way that is not simple doesn't make you or your child cool, and I'm sure all of my teaching friends who have to decipher all those names every year would agree with me.

Oh & another thing...if you fully intend to call your kid Kim or Alex then don't name them Kimberly or Alexander, it's a waste of time, not to mention ink when it comes to filling out forms!  When I say "what's his name" and mom says "his name is Robert because we like Bobby"  I then say "why didn't you just name him Bobby"?  I usually get a dirty look or some sort of speech as to why they felt it would be wrong to name him Bobby & unless it's because Robert is a family name but mom & dad don't like it their explanation is just pointless.

You know what else bugs me is when a dad & son have the same name but the son isn't a junior...it can be so confusing. My cousins name is Robert Thomas & his dad's name is Robert Something (not Thomas) so all of my life I grew up with my cousin Tommy & uncle Bob so if uncle was going to go by Bob then why couldn't Robert go as Rob like he does now that he's a grown ass man?  Why did he have to go by Tommy & on the same note why didn't my aunt & uncle just name him Thomas Robert or Tommy Robert?  

I hate people.
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