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Feb 25, 2010

Why I don't like the Olympics

Ok, here's my deal...I look at my Olympic calendar & it says "ladies figure skating 8 PM" so I tune in at 8 to watch ladies figure skate.  At 8 I see one lady skate & then Bob Costas blabs for 4 or 5 minutes & then I have to watch 3 guys snowboard & then a round of speed skating & then back to figure skating where I get to see 1 more lady skate & then poof it's 9 pm & I've seen 2 chicks skate & their routine is only 4 minutes so how does this figure?  Shouldn't I be able to sit in my living room & watch freaking figure skating without having to watch other shit I could care less about?  Between 8 and 9 pm all 6 girls could have skated but nope, not the case so I decide to DVR the next hour so I don't have to watch all the other stuff & I saw 1 person skate...1 person in one hour!  If the delays are the same inside those stadiums I would be one furious guest. 

I can remember when I was a kid sitting down to watch the figure skating & it would be on for a few hours, no other events broke in & interrupted the skating & neither did Bob Costas.  Same with the summer ones, I would sit on a Saturday afternoon & watch gymnastics all day until all of the competing was done & the medals were given out.  Now it takes pretty much the whole 2 weeks to get to the medal portion of any sport & that's just stupid!  Just as an example...the Long track speed skating started on the 15th & the finals aren't until the 27th.  Why didn't they just do all short & long track speed skating on the 15th, 16th, & 17th & close it out?  I understand that no, they aren't going to show snowboarding all day & all night & finish it all up in one day but if I hit info on my remote & it says "8-10 mens snowboarding" then I expect to see just that, 2 hours of snowboarding; nowhere in the info does it say "ladies biathlon" yet I'm stuck watching it in the middle of the snowboarding? No thanks!

Basically, The Olympics need to stop trying to multi-task or I will quit watching completely.  Many times during these games I have tuned in to watch something & then they change events so I change channels & then I forget I was watching the event at all & end up on some House Hunters marathon & give up on the games completely.  They need to figure out how to stay focused for the next ones because if the next summer ones are the same way I will boycott the Olympics completely.
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