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Sep 15, 2010

Movie review: The Switch

Last weekend myself & my girls went & saw The Switch with the free movie passes I won at Hogs 4 Dogs.  This is the movie that was originally called The Baster & it stars Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Thomas Robinson, Juliette Lewis & Jeff Goldblum.  It is basically about Kassie (Aniston) who wants a baby & is single & not getting any younger so she hires a donor & has an insemination party where everything goes down...no pun intended.  Well during said party Kassie's best friend Wally (Bateman) is all wound up so he takes something that Debbie (Lewis) gives him & a couple cocktails later he's in the bathroom & all loopy & ends up accidentally dumping the cup of semen that Roland the donor just gave her.  In order to not ruin Kassie's plans he refills the cup with his own offering & doesn't remember a damn second of it.  

7 years later Kassie & her son Sebastian move back into Wally's life & slowly but surely things from that night start coming back, especially as Wally notices the random similarities him & Sebastian have & the story unfolds from there.

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, Bateman, Robinson, and Lewis make this movie!  All Juliette Lewis has to do is breathe to make me laugh & especially in this movie...she makes some of the funniest faces & as Kassie's quirky sidekick she really adds an element of hilarity to a mostly comical yet heartwarming movie.  Robinson plays a sullen boy so well & I'm not a fan of kids but I could have totally reached in that movie & just eaten him right up!  This is certainly not a guys movie but it is a great chick flick that I will totally watch again & likely end up buying.  From making sex noises while eating to collecting frames & never putting pictures in them the boys in this movie sure are different & also memorable & I found this movie to be much better than the critics said.  The only complaint that was had by the group was that both Kassie & Wally have blue eyes but Sebastian has brown...this is impossible so it seems that Jason or Jennifer should have worn brown contacts but that's a small issue & in no way affects the actual movie.  I totally give this 3 out of 4 olives for cast, humor, honesty, warmth & sweetness but honestly...any female could have played Kassie as even though she's the mom she's not really the important part of the movie.
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