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Sep 1, 2010

Who does that?

So I'm thinking that last week must have been idiot week because I had so many effed up things go on but this one still stands out in my mind.  So Friday I stopped at the grocery store on my way home to pick up some food to cook for dinner, a movie from the Blockbuster Express kiosk, and to return bottles for the charity bottle drive at work.  Well, I returned the bottles & got my movie & then did my shopping & got in line to check out.  While I was in line a woman got in line behind me & was looking at the magazines & tabloids & started freaking out saying "oh my God, shut up, this can't be true" to which I said nothing because the answer is no dude, it's not true when it's on the cover of the Enquirer!  
I step up to be rung up and the cashier is scanning my items and this woman is still talking & there is another woman in line behind her so I assume she is speaking to her but since that woman never said anything either I realized that this lady was just thinking out loud.  So then she says "I can't believe how ugly that bitch is without her wig on, have you ever seen her without it, it's scary, she's so damn ugly I just can't even believe it".  Nobody in line nor the cashier acknowledged or said anything to this lady and then the cashier finished ringing me up and I stepped forward to put my bags in my cart and as I was doing so this crazy woman kept hitting me with her purse & while it wasn't intentional there is no way she couldn't feel it, she must have bumped into me 6 times & fairly hard & as badly as I wanted to turn around & say something I bit my tongue.  

I stepped out of the aisle & as I turned for the door I remembered the damn bottle receipts for the charity drive.  I stopped walking so I could turn back in to the store at which time this crazy broad who was walking & reading her tabloid walked right into me & kicked me in the back of the leg which caused the front of my leg to hit my cart & hard, that shit hurt.  So I stopped & turned around & said "what the fuck was that, watch where you are going you crazy bitch" and she didn't respond, she just went back to reading & walking & just walked out of the store!!!  That goddamn C word didn't say sorry or anything & everyone who was in line was just laughing...not sure if they were laughing at her or me but I got back in line to turn in my receipts & just said allowed, loudly "seriously, who does that".  I'm sure some people in turn though I was a crazy bitch but I don't care.  The bottom line is, don't read & walk & if you run into someone say you are sorry!  If I see (or rather hear) that crazy bitch at the store again I will be sure to hit her in the back of the ankles with my cart while talking to myself about celebrity gossip!
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