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Jul 16, 2009

2009 Emmy Nominations!!

So I'm pretty happy with the majority of the Emmy nominations this year & it should prove to be a tough race in a lot of categories. I have to say that my favorite part about the nominations is that Family Guy is up for best comedy...that's right, for the 2nd time in history a cartoon is up for best comedy...I assume that the previous nom was for The Simpsons.

I have a major complaint that Anna Paquin wasn't nominated for best actress for True Blood & she won last year. In fact, True Blood wasn't nominated for best drama or actor or anything else involving the cast & that my friend is major bull shit. There are 7 shows nominated for best drama & True Blood isn't one of them yet Lost made the list? Are you kidding me? I thought for a second that maybe the season started too late for it to be included this year but Entourage was nominated & it just started on Sunday!!

There were a couple wasted nominations if you ask me, like Sandra Oh & Chandra Wilson for Grey's Anatomy which really needs to just be taken off the air...it has completely gone down the shitter.
Didn't Samantha Who get canceled? Christina Applegate is nominated for best actress in a comedy for that & while I think she is great I also think it's very unfair to nominate someone from a canceled show for an Emmy...if the show just ended that's one thing but when the network pulls it you should be out of the race. For the complete list of nominees click here & see if your favorites made the cut!!

I also wanted to mention that I think it's great that Kathy Griffin is hosting the Schmemmy's this year & she's also been nominated for multiple Emmy's!!
photo courtesy of the emmy website
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