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Jul 24, 2009

Vick Wants To Play?

Fuck Michael Vick...seriously, he honestly thinks he should be allowed back in the NFL after what he's done & according to Goodell he'll likely let him sign a contract & go to training. It seems as though none of the teams want him & I'm hoping that's how it stays, they are saying that they might suspend him for 4 games which would not make it easy for him to get on a team. Any team that takes him is basically saying they support what he did & I'm sorry but if I got busted running a dog fighting ring I would lose my job & after spending time in prison I'd have a hard time finding a new one but this douche bag thinks he can just walk off the prison yard back on to the field? When he does he should be greeted by a bunch of dogs & lets see who wins that fight shall we? I have no respect for anyone who is involved in the bullying of animals for their own personal entertainment & I hope his next job is the fry guy at the nearest McD's. I don't like football as it is but there isn't a chance in hell I would even stay in a bar that was showing a game he was playing in let alone watch it. Hopefully the NFL can look past their greed & keep this fucker out of the sport altogether, he deserves it!!
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