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Dec 1, 2009

Follow up with a happy ending...

I roll into the ophthalmologist's office today for a follow up regarding a skin tag I had removed from my eye lid a month ago and since it's one of the last appointments they are pretty empty which is nice.  I sit down & start reading my Us Weekly & almost immediately my name is called & a girl is standing there so I get up and walk toward her when she gives me the "fakeist" smile ever & then looks all irritated.  This was a bit annoying but we've all been there so I let it go & followed her into the room where she asked me like 4 questions & then took me to another room & left.  Well about 5 minutes later in walks the Dr. who is a handsome man in his early 50's probably & his face completely lights up & he says "oh hello, it's nice to see you" and this small moment of interaction totally made my day & no, not because he's handsome.  It's so annoying to me when I see someone that I've recently met & they act like they don't know me & I can definitely say that none of my Dr.'s ever seem to actually know me when I see them.  Now I know that with my other docs I don't see them very often other than my dentist (who definitely knows me) so it's not that odd to act like they don't know me but they could pretend couldn't they?  Anyway, I just wanted to point out that sometimes it just takes an honest & acknowledging smile to brighten up a day & to make up for the poor attitude from the others around. 
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AMCnowB said...

If I have a massive headache and want NOTHING to do with you, I still smile and say hello because I know exactly what you are talking about! Maybe it comes from teaching (my students just need a bit of energy or a good laugh and they brighten up so quickly), but I get it. Smiles all around!