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Dec 28, 2009

Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?

I don't know about you guys but I made out pretty good this year!  I got most everything on my list except oddly I didn't get the 1 thing that I actually needed...everything else I wanted & got about 85% of that.  My top dog gift this year was DJ Hero, The Renegade Edition and my 2nd top dog gift was Wii Fit Plus & I'm loving both of them very much!!  I actually needed a gift card to either Penney's or Sears because I desperately need new boots for work & I didn't get it so it's looking like my broke ass is going to have to spend another winter in leaky boots, oh well!!  There was a video game I wanted that I didn't get & a DVD that I've asked for the last 3 years & am still without & then there was the Stanley mug from "the Office" that I wanted & didn't get so I'll just have to buy the damn thing myself! 

There were 2 things I got that I didn't ask for & I'm super happy with them.  I got...a...Snuggie & a Perfect Brownie pan!!  The pan I wanted but didn't ask for, I thought it was super cool & then there's the Snuggie which I have made fun of from day one & never understood what the point is & even though I still agree that it's pretty stupid I'm loving mine.  I think I'm going to add at least one snap on the back of the neck part because trying to get cozy with that damn thing completely open in the back just doesn't work, I lean forward & it starts to fall off & that's really annoying.  God forbid I try to walk in the damn thing, I have to pick up the bottom of it or I will trip & fall on my face & then the top of it starts to fall off & before I know it I'll be tangled up in leopard print fleece on the floor with a broken limb & that isn't cool.  So, what did you guys get that you wanted or didn't want?
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