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Dec 8, 2009

Kwame is killing me!!

Ok, this trial is just a mess & Kwame just keeps making a fool out of himself.  All he keeps saying is "I don't know" or "I didn't understand that" and this whole turn over your tax refunds debacle...he says he didn't understand that he had to pay his tax returns to the restitution department.  Well, I'm not an attorney but I understood that he had to fork over his cash refund because it was printed in black & white.  Kwame was an attorney & if he truly doesn't understand anything being said to him then how the hell did he pass the Bar exam?

Now he says he doesn't know what his wife's job is..."homemaker I believe"...really?  Where did your wife get all the money that she donated & opened up funds with? "I don't know".  Dude, if your wife doesn't earn any money then how can you not know where she got the money to make donations or whatever?  Obviously, all the money that you & your wife spent came from you!!

I have to say that the look he keeps making whenever a question is asked is freaking priceless...he gets this look on his face like he's never even heard the words coming out of the mouth of the lawyer, you can see this look on his face in the picture attached.

Now, the questions I would like answered are: where is he staying while he's hear for the hearings & who's paying for it?  During this hearing he has had to fly to MI from TX twice (so far) so who's paying for the flights?  All he keeps doing is taking more & more cash from the city & in my book that's not cool!  If I had five minutes with him I would just like to say "dude, you are the definition of hood rich, you spend all your cash on big ticket & label items & can't pay your debts, nothing is in your name, you seem to think that the world owes you something when in reality you owe us all an apology & a lot of effing money! Oh and your wife is an asshole for staying with you because you are just using her to put everything in her name".

Ok, well I guess I should get back to watching it even though the last 20 minutes has just been lawyers arguing with each other and the judge but if you want to tune in, click here!
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