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May 3, 2010

Fat people who eat fast food daily gross me out!

I'm not trying to be a bitch here, I like fast food just as much as the normal person & I have overweight friends.  My point is that overweight people who eat fast & junk food daily are just plain gross.  I hate watching some of these people like this one girl who lives in my building...every time I see her she either has a fast food bag or a bag of chips & she always has a regular soda in her hand as well.  Sometimes I see her before work & she's shoveling in a McD's breakfast sandwich, sometimes I see her after work carrying her fast food bag which is oddly usually also McD's (and it's not the bag from the morning as I can smell the food).  On the rare occasion that she's not carrying a fast food bag she's then carrying a bag of chips and I just don't get it.  I'm single & I work & I don't really like cooking all that much but how hard is it to have a cereal bar rather than a fast food sandwich?  It's actually easier, you reach in box, remove bar, remove wrapper, eat.  You don't have to stop & waste money on all of those calories to start your day!

There used to be this hugely obese man who drove a van that was always behind me on my way to work so I'm guessing that he got laid off like half of America which is fine by me because seeing him in my rear view mirror every morning was enough to make me puke in my coffee cup.  Every single day there he sat behind me chomping on some huge ass breakfast sandwich from Burger King & he was so obese it just made me sick, I wanted to jump out of the car & run back to him & hand him a banana & then throw his sandwich in the street.

Now, I know that my overweight friends & family must eat like this as well but they don't do it in front of people.  When we go out to dinner they order a normal meal like everyone else, granted they might finish it while the rest of us need boxes but it's not gross.  I can say that yes, there were times after the bar that we would stop at Burger King or McDonald's & my cousin(s) would order a combo meal at 2 am (and I thought it was pretty ridiculous) while I just got a single cheeseburger so I knew that they were eating like absolute pigs when I wasn't looking but I didn't really care because I didn't have to see it.  I think fast food is fine in moderation, some weeks are worse than others & I might get fast food twice while sometimes 3 or 4 weeks will go by before I eat it again.  95% of the time I get it because I'm craving it and only the other 5% is because I'm on the go & don't have time to cook.  I really think people need to put things into perspective & realize that fast food is a fall back choice, not your main source of nutrition.  I mean, if all you eat is fast food you are missing out on the majority of the food groups unless you are getting salads which I'm sure is pretty rare.  I am not a health nut in any sense of the word but there is absolutely no reason to get fatter every single day is there?  I have a friend who eats healthy, exercises daily & is overweight anyway & that sucks big time but everyone else...get your veg & whole grain on, you'll feel better & look better & will stop disgusting those around you & if you must continue being a pig please do it in the privacy of your own home.
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