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May 7, 2010

Who does that?

It has been some time since I've posted a who does that but I'm very annoyed by people at work & in general lately.  I was talking to a coworker yesterday saying that I just wanted to punch someone (anyone, nobody in particular) in the face & she agreed that she was feeling the same way.  It all stems from noise, the noise of voices basically...people talking when you are working is obnoxious, period.  I live in cubeville like most folks in corporate America and we all know how obnoxious is it listening to people yap on the phone when you are trying to focus & then it always seems that as soon as you get in the zone someone is rap tapping on your cube to ask you something or tell you something that you don't want to deal with either.  For example, this happens often...I'm working my little butt off & hear a knock so I remove my headphones & turn around & then someone either just says "hi" or they tell me they are putting something in my inbox.  You don't need to break my concentration to tell me you are doing something...just do it!
Last year my cube was moved to where it was when I started this job & I love this location because I actually get real daylight if the person in the office next to my cube leaves their door open which they usually do.  So anyway, not too long ago a whole team was moved into our aisle & we were very used to complete quiet where we are & then all of the sudden all of these phones are ringing & people are in and out of our row, mini meetings are being held directly outside my cube & I'm hearing laughter & people yelling from cube to cube & it's quite annoying.  So what this basically brings me to is why do people talk so loud when they get on the phone, particularly a cell phone?  It's not the 80's, you don't have to yell (FYI yelling at a drive-thru is also unnecessary) so take the call in a normal tone of voice so everyone doesn't hear your conversation.  I would also like to know why people think it's ok to yell back & forth down the aisles especially when we have a chat service on our email, I mean really, who does that & doesn't think "hmm, I'll bet everyone else who is always quiet is annoyed by this"?  I mean, use the chat program or get your butt up & walk to the next cube, don't just yell back & forth, it's rude & inappropriate.  It's one thing if you have a quick question or comment but an entire conversation...come on!  So basically what I'm getting at is that people like to get in a zone at work so do your best to be courteous to your neighbors & use your inside voices whenever possible. 
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