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Jun 28, 2010

Weekend with old classmates

So this past weekend myself & some ladies from high school all got together for some fun in Dearborn.  What started off as a couple drinks with the ladies turned into a drunken sweaty mess!  We had snacks & beverages at Bailey's then mozeyd over to The Well & then we headed down to New Place to see one of the gals brothers bands.  The next thing I know I'm drunk, sweaty, and at a friends house dressing up my beer in a little outfit.  Well, it was a beer cozy but still it was a little jersey & super cute :)  Yesterday morning was not as much fun as Saturday night was though...boo to that!  After viewing updates on Facebook I think everyone else was feeling our age yesterday too.  I woke up about 10 & then went back to bed until about 11 & then at noon I took a nap until 2 & after that I still felt like crap.  There was a major storm heading toward Dearborn so I opted to make a run for it & get home to Farmington & of course stopped at McDonald's on the way.  After some coffee, the fast food, a soda, something else, and another nap I finally felt normal at about 5 PM & I took the opportunity to clean my kitchen & unpack from Chicago the weekend before.  All in all the day wasn't a total wash but it was totally worth it to see all of my old peeps!  Way to go class of 95 for keeping the spirit alive :)
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