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Jun 11, 2010

Not smoking update

Ok people, it has now been 5 weeks & 4 days without cigarettes which apparently equals 396 cigarettes that I haven't smoked...how gross is that?  Anyway, the first 2 weeks were rough but now I'd say that only about once a day do I actually want to smoke and that is after dinner.  The funny thing about that is that I take my Chantix after dinner so instead of smoking I just pop a pill instead.  Now, I was taking my Chantix twice a day as prescribed but the nausea got so bad I actually had to go home one day & ended up getting sick & what's the point in taking something if I'm just going to throw it up every time?  There is no point!  I decided to cut it back to just one pill a day after dinner & while I feel a bit funny after I take it I certainly wouldn't call it nauseous so that's a huge plus.  I would definitely suggest to anyone who is on this drug to cut back to one a day if the side effects are becoming unbearable...it's better than just taking yourself off of it completely like I did last time, obviously that didn't work because I started smoking again!  The other side effects that I had that have either disappeared or minimized were not sleeping through the night, having weird ass dreams & getting up to pee in the middle of the night.  I still have some weird dreams but not as weird as before & ever since I stopped taking it twice a day I haven't once gotten up to pee or just woken up in general before my alarm!

So can I just say how nice it is to go out & there not be people smoking in front of me...OMG that is like the biggest hurdle to jump when you are quitting smoking & now I'm totally fine.  Last weekend at the garage sale there were people smoking around me quite a bit & at first it made me want one, probably because I was drinking coffee but after that first round I was all set.  Now like I said it's really nice not having people smoking in bars & restaurants but it is pretty annoying now to be walking into a place & there are people all outside the door smoking...outside smells like cigarettes now & it stinks!  I do not judge smokers, it's a choice so if you want to smoke em go for it I just don't care for the smell of a smoker...not like I ever did but now I really don't because I really notice it.  It's funny to see so many people out & about now though so not smoking inside is getting more people outside which I think could be good for the community!
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Lynnie said...

keep it up kel!

Nancy said...

I remember seeing that you were going to quit on your twitter. Good job on keeping it up.

I'm sure you feel much healthier! Anyway, I stop by here once in awhile and you always got something interesting! I like the honesty. LOL. I'ma link you to my blogroll if you don't mind!



Kel said...

Please do Nancy, thanks!!