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Jun 22, 2010

Wisdom from my gyno

So I'm at the Dr. yesterday & she asks me if I'm still smoking & I told her I had quit 7 weeks & 1 day prior & she was very excited.  She said it was great for my health and what not but seemed more excited over the fact that I would now be saving money, she asked that I take a $5 bill out of my wallet every other day & put it in a jar.  She asked what I have been using my extra money for & I told her I just got back from vacation & that I bought a couple purses as well.  She said "purses are a waste of money, you save for a while & buy a really good purse like a Louis Vuitton, well one large & one small, & a quality expensive purse is always in fashion & will last you for many years to come.  You then keep saving your money & retire early because your time is worth more than a bunch of purses."  She said "trust me, you young kids don't see the big picture & you will be 50 before you know it & would probably rather retire than have a new purse".

I would like to take this wisdom to heart but I know myself & I always spend money on stuff I don't need so now I think I will really think about purchases before I make them & see if I can't maybe at least stash away an extra 15-20 bucks a week.  The biggest issue with putting a $5 in a jar every couple days is that I only use debit & I can't very well swipe my card on a piggy bank.  The thing that is most key of course is having a bank that is opaque...if you can see all of those $5's in there they won't last!!  Happy saving kids & here's to an early retirement!!

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