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Aug 30, 2010

2010 Emmy's fashion

I have to say that even with Jimmy Fallon as host the Emmy's were really good this year but I watch tons and tons of television so it's kind of hard for me not to enjoy the Emmy's.  From the opening number to the closing credits I was entertained for the most part, the people kept their speeches short & I was happy with most of the winners but you can see all of my opinions about the actual awards over at my other blog. It's time now to talk about the important stuff...what everyone looked like!

First up are the guys & really they all looked pretty similar this year, at one point 2 guys came up to present an award & I think they were in the exact same tux except one had a thinner lapel.  Anyway, I didn't really see any guys that made me think "he looks like shit" so I will just say that Ryan Murphy was the worst dressed guy because I'm sure that's what everyone else would say although I really liked his shiny blue Tom Ford tux.  It was a toss up for best dressed guy though, basically just the dude who looks the hottest in his plain old black tux & I think I'm going to go with John Hamm.
John Hamm (Best) & Ryan Murphy (Worst)

Now for the important stuff, the ladies!  Most of the ladies actually looked really good this year & that is so rare!  Tina Fey's dress could have used a different pattern but even she looked really good & that's hard for her to pull off.  Ok so I thought the cast of Glee was a bit of a disaster but (aside from looking eerily thin) Lea Michele looked stunning in Navy.  I also though Julie Benz looked polished & gorgeous in her white gown with her hair simply pulled back, very clean very classy & I'm sure going to miss her on Dexter.  My favorite by far though was Claire Danes in a nude beaded gown with her blond hair & slight kiss of sun on her skin, she just looked classic and effortlessly beautiful.
Claire Danes, Lea Michele, Julie Benz

My worst dressed was by far Rita Wilson but she was dressed so poorly I'll need a completely separate post for that!  Here are the next 3 worst dressed ladies 2 of whom I adore and I feel bad having to put them on this list but they chose to wear it & now I'm saying they should have chose something else!  Jewell...come on sister, the snaggletooth isn't enough? You have to wear a nude doily with little tit support, a bow under the boob, and uneven layers, what were you thinking?  And then my girl Mindy...sister, the hair is awful which makes the dress (which already looks like it was in Romy & Michelle) look even worse even though it needed no assistance in that department.  Last but not least we have January...she looks like she was having some killer sex & then looked at the clock & thought "shit, I've got to go" so threw on her ridiculous dress & ran out the door without doing her hair or makeup.  She looks like a giant walk of shame, not much else to say about it! 

 So that's it for this post...I've got another one related to jewel, crotch, and crystal faux pas!!  So, do my choices match yours?  Do you think the fashion police at E! will agree with me?  I can't wait to find out later!!

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