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Aug 30, 2010

The worst of the worst at the 2010 Emmy's

My first major complaint is all about an ugly ass necklace ruining a beautiful woman.  What the hell was Padma Lakshmi thinking when she chose to wear this necklace with that pretty dress?  I was so happy that Top Chef won & that any show finally beat out Amazing Race but I'm wondering if she's regretting wearing that necklace now that her picture is all over the place?  Now that I'm looking at the picture again I'm wondering if she's also regretting not brushing her hair?  She's such a beautiful woman but last night chile she looked a like a shit! 
Next up was our major cooch alert as it appears that a couple ladies thought that this was the VMA's & not the Emmy's.  Now, as for Stephanie (Pratt) I guess I can't really bitch because she's an MTV reality person so dressing for a major Hollywood event isn't really her forte but Lo seemed to manage & while she also wore a shorter dress it wasn't so short that she couldn't sit down, Stephanie really looks like she forgot her leggings.  The other culprit should really know better not to mention that even though Heidi (Klum) is a model with killer legs she's too old to wear a dress that short...that's right, I said it...too old!  Doesn't she ever watch What Not To Wear?  Mini skirts are unacceptable over 35!  I'm really curious if these 2 ladies were even able to sit down all night long or if they had to watch the show standing?
Now it is time for the all inclusive worst of the worst...Rita Wilson wore a white sheath dress with a crystal overlay and chandelier shoes & Tom Hanks apparently didn't have the balls to tell her that she looked like an idiot, either that or he really needs to have his eyes checked!

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