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Aug 27, 2010

Hogs 4 Dogs wrap up!

Me holding Doug's 50/50 winnings
Last night was the 2nd annual Hogs 4 Dogs at Silky's to support the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter & I'd say by the HUGE crowd that it was a big hit!  The weather was perfect, the burgers & dogs were super yummy, the beer was flowing, the bikers were big softies with their dogs, and almost everyone in my posse won something!  Doug won a 50/50 drawing for $50 & then he also won a $25 gift certificate for New Place which he gave to me & said he wouldn't likely use.  After all of that Megan won a gift certificates for Scoreboards & I won a movie pack which had popcorn (unfortunately not Garrett's) & candy & 4 movie passes in it! Myself & my ladies are going to utilize those passes along with the gift certificate to New Place & take ourselves out for a movie & drinks sometime in the next few weeks.  I do not know how much was raised for the shelter but I know it had to be a lot...they sold a ton of t-shirts & other goodies for the dogs (we got a Harley scarf for Zoey who loved it) and they raised $500 from the 50/50 drawings alone so I'm sure they topped the $2,000 they raised last year.  Hopefully next year the event will be even bigger & you really shouldn't miss it!!!
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