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Aug 24, 2010

Weekend & then some

 So this past weekend was Sloppy Hoes weekend up north & myself & 4 other ladies headed up to Alger & spent all weekend drinking, eating, lounging, and sleeping & it was a blast!  I'm still trying to remember quite a bit of Saturday night so once the crew sends out their photos hopefully I'll be able to put the pieces together.  

After the weekend of fun we opted to head home early & I think I was in my jammies & lounging on the couch by 5 pm which I was hoping for since yesterday myself & some people from work put in some hours with Habitat For Humanity & spent our day siding a house & doing some window trim work.  It was a long & rough day & my shoulders, back, and arms are beyond sore today but it was totally worth it.  Once I can get some pics from this I'll be sure to post those too!!  I hope you all had an awesome weekend as well because we are running out of good ones...it will be nasty & snowing before you know it :(
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