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Oct 14, 2010

Christina Aguilera filed for divorce

Well that trial split lasted all of 5 minutes & I guess it didn't work because Christina filed for divorce from her husband Jordan citing the usual "irreconcilable differences" & requesting joint custody of their son Max.  I have no idea if there were prenups involved or not but both of them do pretty well for themselves so I have a feeling that this might be a quick & easy split.  Nothing has been said as to what actually caused the want to split in the first place but I assume it's just plain boredom & growing apart...especially since her career was on hold for so long right after they had the baby & I think they just spent way too much time alone together & realized that they in fact were not a good match.  This is pretty common because it's really not all that hard to get sick of someone especially when you see them all the damn time!  I still think her choice to be orange played a small role as well. 
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Lonnie Spargo said...

It was said that Christina wasn't happy with the marriage anymore and that she was doing what she think is best for their son. Whichever triggered that feeling, we all know that the son will take the most impact, so it's their responsibility to work out what's best for him. And for them, it's a new chapter to live on with.