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Oct 13, 2010

Rachel & Rodger are having a baby!

We all watched Rachel Zoe on her show this season talking about starting a family with her husband Rodger & the word is out (hush hush of course) that Zoe is pregnant!  Her bump was spotted recently which must mean that she's a few weeks pregnant...considering the fact that she's a toothpick with a lot of hair it won't take long before her pregnancy goes from hush hush to blazingly obvious.  I really hope that due to her size she's able to carry the baby to full term without having to spend too much time on bed rest.  One perk to her having this baby will be that she will add a few pounds to her bony body which she desperately needs...the photo here was taken just this past summer so she obviously needs a little extra meat on her bones & having a baby is a great reason for her to do just that.  A big congrats to Rachel & Rodger & also to Brad who I just heard left Rachel's company (on good terms) to get into being a stylist all on his own & he's very happy about it as I saw something online saying that he's like the only 30 year old assistant so it was really time to get on with his own gig & Rachel couldn't be happier for him!!
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