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Jan 21, 2011

Ignore Sarah Palin? No problem!!!

The week of 2/28/11 - 3/4/11 is "Ignore Sarah Palin Week!" and I know that in reality every week is ignore Sarah Palin week but for this week that means going even further on ignoring here.  It might be hard but you'll have to change the channel, not click on links, not read news stories, not listen to your friends...not even for "God she's so stupid" entertainment.  Please join the crusade to stop this woman from the idiotic popularity she has gained, she's an asshole & should be treated as such & that means...ignoring the bitch.  These are the actual rules:
  • Change the channel if she comes on TV
  • Surf to another page if she pops up on the web
  • Turn to another article if she appears in a newspaper, magazine, comic book, etc.
So click this to learn more & sign the petition to support Ignore Sarah Palin Week, I did!!
Thanks to leftaction.com for the fun pic

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