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Jan 19, 2011

My horoscope this week

Here's a quote from my horoscope this week that just really stands true & it applies to everyone so I wanted to share.

"You can trust the fact that if you do what's right for you your good relationships will only improve and the ones that don't work will disappear."

I don't want to say that this is part of my new years resolution because I didn't really make one but I did vow to only be true to those who are true to me & to stop making excuses for the people in my life who obviously don't care about me.  I spend so much energy trying to maintain relationships with a handful of people that never reciprocate but then I realized that the relationships that really matter just maintain themselves so why am I wasting my time?  Well, I'm not anymore...if they want to be my friend then they can make an effort because I'm done.  Happy 2011 everyone...stay true to you!!
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