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Jan 24, 2011

Tobey Maguire & Jake Gyllenhaal are NOT attractive!

Ok people, I don't get it...I'm always hearing how "hunky" Jake & Tobey are & honestly I've never understood because I wouldn't give either one a second look!  So this weekend I watched Brothers while I was laying around not feeling so hot & I thought that maybe I'd see it when I watched this movie since I've really only seen Tobey in the Spiderman movies & I know Jake best from The Good Girl & Brokeback Mountain & he wasn't attractive in either one.  Well, I watched the movie & it was good but there wasn't even a brief second where I found either one of these guys attractive so seeing Natalie Portman all in love with Tobey & then having iffy feelings for Jake was just so unrealistic to me.  It wasn't so bad that it ruined the movie but I did find myself saying "gross" a couple times when she would be staring longingly into Tobey's eyes.  Tobey looks like a mouse & Jake looks like a goofy sitcom star, there you go, that's my opinion & I'm sticking to it.  It's like this whole Ryan Gosling obsession...he's so ugly & all of these woman fawn over him because he was in The Notebook?  That movie wasn't all that so why should he be?

Anyway, Brothers was good & even though it's kind of a chick flick I think guys would like it too, for the war stuff at least anyway, but there is one scene in that movie that was just horrific but they don't actually show it.
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