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Apr 15, 2009

The French Are Always Naked!

So we all know that the French could care less about showing a tit here & there in their magazines while us folks here in the US are just far too conservative for that or actually the people who regulate magazine ad are. Anyway, French Elle's cover this month (April) features 8 women (different covers) who are appearing with no makeup or re-touching of any kind. The women featured are celebs not just fools off the street or anything & I guess it's similar to Star Magazine when they do their celebs without makeup specials except these people actually knew their photos were being taken. Anyway, the women just look like women not celebs & that makes them much more identifiable & real than any of the ladies we have on the cover of our magazines!!!
photo courtesy yahoo shine
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1 comment:

Paul said...

Hmmm...odd that a lot of the wording covers up the breast area.