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Apr 3, 2009

Nay Nay Madonna!

So I love Madonna & all but I also think it's pretty humorous that the courts in Malawi will not allow her to adopt the 3 year old kid (Chifundo "Mercy" James) she was trying to get. The judge will not allow her to adopt stating that she needs to live in the country for 18 to 24 months & apparently that is a requirement which was why she had such a hard time adopting David on the first go. I don't see why she doesn't just pick another country, or maybe if she did some good will for the country (not just donating cash) they would overlook her lack of residence. I mean, she just rolls in, buys a kid & goes home, at least Brangelina does good deeds for the countries that they adopt from as well as many others. Yes Mo does give money to support orphans in Malawi which I'm sure is a big help but it's not the same as providing emotional & physical support to those kids which is what they really need. So I assume Madonna will appeal the decision like she did last time & probably win like she did last time too and I'm sure the people will have a field day if they let her slide. When she adopted David they went crazy saying that she used her celebrity status to get what she wanted & a small part of me has to agree. Click here for article in Us.
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