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Apr 6, 2009

I Hate Nicole Kidman

And after looking at this pic I hate her even more. She's sooooo overdressed for the CMA's or ACM's or whatever country music awards show was on last night. She really needs to wake up & smell the cocktail dress. Sure some of the ladies wore full length dresses but not that many & those that did weren't all sparkly & blingy...most of the men wore jeans & a sport coat...ok? This also brings me to Kellie Pickler, she is one scary & ugly bitch but this dress she has on makes it 10 times worse! She looks like a fish...for real except she can't pull it off like Anne Hathaway, sorry sister! While I love Le, her dress was cute but the shoes & accessories & lipstick were all a big mess.
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1 comment:

Lynnie said...

I hate Nicole Kidman because she had a baby and was like a size zero the next day. Who really does that???? She makes the rest of us moms look bad!