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Jan 5, 2010

Office Etiquette, Top 10 for 2010

Listen people, I've worked in all kinds of different environments but there are some standard etiquette basics that pertain to just about any work environment you may be in, granted more so an office environment but I'm sure you can agree with some of these even if you work in retail or a restaurant.  Here is my list of do's & don'ts for working with others in a close environment.

  1. Do not wear more than a spritz of perfume/cologne or overdose on smelly hairspray.
  2. Do wear deodorant & clean clothes or at least clothes that smell clean.
  3. Do not cook fish or other extremely smelly food in the microwave because all foods cooked after that will taste like it.
  4. Do not use speakerphone ever...unless you have your own office or are in a conference room.
  5. Do not leave the ringer on your cell phone jacked up as far as it will go, especially when you often walk away or are on another phone & just let it ring & ring.
  6. If you listen to the radio or watch TV at your desk keep it low or wear headphones because your neighbor might not like Maury.
  7. Unless you have your own office use your low/inside voice during working hours.
  8. Do get your lazy ass up & go speak to the person you need to speak with...don't yell across a sea of cubes to do it.
  9. Don't eat other people's food out of the fridge.
  10. Do not bring your children to work unless it's bring a kid to work day because even though you might enjoy their company I'm going to bet that about 80% of your coworkers really don't appreciate the distraction.
Do you have other office irritants that you would like to stop?  Go ahead, comment & share your do's & don'ts for 2010.

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