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Jan 15, 2010

Gaga good times!

Leslie & I went & saw Ms. Lady Gaga on Wednesday night at Joe Louis Arena, we had a great view from the suite & I can say 100% for sure that the people watching at this show was better than Black Sabbath, we saw a couple chicks with no pants on, lots of gold lamay, sequins, wigs, adorable gay boys, and a pair of assless chaps...it doesn't get much better than that.  My only complaint about the whole night was when we arrived to our first set of seats & the woman sitting there says "I guess this must be the mom section" WTF is that all about?  She was old enough to be my mom & just because I'm old enough to be someone's mom doesn't mean I am one nor do I look like a "mom", that was like a big fat slap in the face.  Then again maybe it was a mom section because we got upgraded & she didn't.  Anyway, I took lots of photos & while they look cool to me & Leslie you might not think so but I'm still attaching a couple anyway!

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