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Jan 27, 2010

Movies I watched in the last week

First up is The Invention of Lying starring Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner and a bunch of other cool people like Tina Fey & Rob Lowe.  This movie was funny, the premise was original & it's basically the story of a world that doesn't lie (which in and of itself is funny from the get go) & then Mark (Gervais) has a turning point where he lies the first lie ever & to his benefit of course.  The movie continues on the path of "is lying good or is it bad" and Mark is the only one who can do it & they don't even know what to call it since nobody has ever done it before.  Of course there is a bit of a love story tangled up as well as some enlightenment for the people who can't lie because they only see everything at face value as it is, period.  I certainly would recommend this one & it's not a total chick flick so you might be able to get your man to watch it with you...if you have one.  Enjoy!

Next up is Whip It starring Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis, Eve, and Drew Barrymore & this is also her directorial debut.  So first of all I have to give them all a nod for filming in awesome Detroit!!  Next up I would like to say that I really enjoyed this movie which takes place in Austin, TX & is basically about a girl named Bliss (Page) who does pageants because her mom enjoys them but Bliss could really care less.  Anyway, Bliss goes shopping with her mom & sees some of the derby girls at the store & is intrigued by the flier.  Long story short she goes, loves it, tries out & makes the team.  The movie then goes on to build the "oh-no" dilemma & builds some great characters throughout.  All of the derby names are great (kind of like drag queen names), the cast works great together & I just love Drew in this movie too.  Juliette Lewis really plays the shit out of her character but I will say that when she's wearing a deep V top with no bra she looks like a man.  This is definitely not a chick flick, more of a "this is me, not that" kind of story.  Also I'll save you the brain power...the coach is a Wilson brother, if you close your eyes you would swear it's Owen talking but it's not.

Up last is I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell starring Matt Czuchry and this movie is based on the book with the same title by Tucker Max.  First of all let me say that the book is freaking awesome & I totally recommend it.  Next up let me tell you that this movie sucked & I haven't said that about a movie in over 10 years!  There was a very noticeable lack of music & a background score throughout the entire movie.  The book is so damn funny I would laugh out loud to the point of tears even in public & I laughed once during this movie.  The "shits himself in the hotel lobby" scene is funny but that's about it & that scene is in the last quarter of the movie so you can just fast forward through the rest of it...trust me, you'll thank me later.  I really expected this to be funny since the book was funny but in reality this was a drama with some humor thrown in...boo!  I think that adapting the book for the movie was the issue...the book is a collection of short stories & moving that over to a non-short story script just didn't work at all.  They should have made a movie of short stories & just used the best 5 or 6 stories from the book & maybe set it up like the crew was on vacation for a week & each night this is what happened...or something.  Anyway, I would not recommend that you pay to view this movie for any reason...wait until it is on cable.

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